“LG Marquee” Could be the LG Optimus Black for Sprint [Video]


Radio Shack had quite the time showing off the exclusive they have on Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D, but for us Android enthusiasts who excrete little excitement for an alternate color of a device that’s already released, a phone called the “LG Marquee” stole the show. Our friends at Android Central point out that it looks a lot like the LG Optimus Black. And if you don’t remember, Sprint was rumored to be launching that phone after one “Optimus B” made a quick cameo in Sprint’s “Employee Packs” section for Sprint ID. We’re glad to see Sprint hasn’t given up on that one because we were absolutely in love with the display on that thing when we last saw it. Let’s hope they get this one on store shelves sooner than soon. 14 second mark in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The SGSII has already been announced. Why would anyone care about this?

    1. It will be nice when these Galaxy II’s are finally released and the hype and fantasy finally is replaced with real world reality.. I’m am sure it will be a nice phone, but seriously it’s getting old with the “why would you” comparisons to the SII.. Doesn’t mean that other phones are not nice as well.

  2. there’s one problem with this device… it’s made by LG. I was one that purchased the LG optimus 2x, known as the T-Mobile G2x for T-Mobile, and I think that even though the performance is nice, it has horrible reception. Also, they took away the nice camera UI when they updated the phone. Now the camera is garbage. Stay away from LG.

  3. The Optimus Black I believe is supposed to be using the Omap 4 dual core processor as well as LG’s new NOVA display. It should be very decent on the hardware front. A nice competitor to the GS2, albeit with a much smaller display, it may not even cross shop with people looking at the “Epic 4G touch.” Conversely, it may find quite a few takers since the screen size is only 4.0 inches.

    1. Nope it uses a single-core OMAP

  4. the poster should of just put up an image of the phone from the video. the rest of the video is irrelevant to this whole post. or the other way around the marquee is irrelevant to this whole white evo 3d video

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