Apps of the Day: Hooked & Ravid


Here’s a quick app of the day for you guys with two apps that really caught my attention. Both are free and both are sure to be useful for many so make no delay in checking them out.

Hooked – This one’s a pretty nice candidate for apps of the day simply because it can lead to you finding more good apps or games. It’s called Hook and it takes your gaming interests and uses it to find games in the Android market that may interest you. There are many apps and games discovery apps, but one that actually goes by what you like and not just what’s most popular is one I’ve really been waiting to see. Go ahead and find the free download at the link ahead. [Market]

Ravid – There will never, ever be too many options when it comes to video apps. Ravid isn’t so much on the video chatting side of things, but they do bring easy and fast video messaging to the masses. You don’t have to sign up to any service and your friends don’t have to have the app in order to receive the video messages. What more needs to be said for $0? [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Good apps, especially Ravid!

  2. What is different about Ravid than old fashioned vid mail? Not being difficult, I just dont see the point.

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