GetJar Gold Jumps Out of Beta


Some time ago, we reported on GetJar Gold, a service that would be comparable to Amazon’s free paid apps of the day. There was a twist, however – they would offer more than one free paid game at a time. There are 50 free paid apps in their Gold store right now and they say more will be added every day.

GetJar aims to cut the legs from beneath Amazon by offering a model far more desirable for developers. Instead of paying developers a portion of the revenue from a sale after a user buys an app, GetJar will pay the developers for each download. Developers get more downloads and more money because users aren’t being asked to open their wallets. That’s probably why developers of 50 different paid apps were eager to jump on and why GetJar’s got lots more lined up.

GetJar’s pockets are lined up with developers who pay for their apps to surface to the top of listings. Sponsored listings will cost $1.50-$2.00. I’m not exactly sure how that’ll work out in the long run for GetJar (say they have to pay 5$ to a developer after giving them a premium listing for less than half that amount), but they must know what they’re doing. Users can get in on the GetJar Gold gravy train over at their website starting today.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sweet, I’ll check out some of these.

  2. hmmm, what else is it installing when you install these apps? Spyware maybe?

  3. Woooooo! I’m going app crazy!!!! xD

  4. GetJar was great back on old flip phones but I don’t really see the purpose of yet another app store that doesn’t seem to offer anything uniquely different than Google’s built in or Amazon’s

    1. The purpose is to give paid apps away for free, which Android Market does not do, and Amazon only has one per day.

  5. They’ve got some really nice apps for free there. Paper Camera and Swiftkey X are both stellar. It will take some crazy good keyboard app for me to ever get rid of Swiftkey.

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