[Update: Probably Not]: Is This the Nexus Prime? [Photo]


[Update]: Thanks to our gracious readers, we’ve found the source of the photo. Can’t say we’ve ever seen it or heard of the site that is hosting it. But whoever HanTech’s webmaster is, they may want to be informed that this is likely fake. In any case, I wouldn’t be mad if it did indeed turn out to look that way. [Thanks PimpStrong, Kashif!]

Before we begin, let me say that we’re extremely skeptical here and acknowledge that it’s very possible this could be fake. In fact, I thought I saw this photo before, and saw it be promptly debunked (if any of you remember seeing this before, please feel free). My 30 minute search for this didn’t come up with anything.

With that said, some retailer named HandTec in the UK has apparently listed the Nexus Prime as for sale following rumors that the device will instead be called the Samsung Galaxy Prime. There was no price at all listed on the product page, but they left behind the photo you see above.

The device pictured looks similar to what recent rumors have described – it looks like it’ll have a huge screen (4.65 inches is the current belief) with an HD resolution. The lack of capacitive buttons make room for virtual on-screen navigation buttons that we see on current Honeycomb tablets. Also, the chassis pictured may represent the metallic nature that new rumors have pegged it to be. Here are the specs on the listing:

Android 4.0, 4.6-inch Super AMOLED, 1.5GHz Processor, 5MP Camera + F 1MP, 1080p HD Video, WiFi, GPS

Android version 4.0 is what they’re calling it. And the 1.5GHz processor is interesting, as well. We expect Samsung to put the Exynos processor – that has proven to be very powerful on the Galaxy S II – inside.

If you remember a while back, Samsung was rumored to be increasing the clock speed of the Exynos processors in later iterations of the Galaxy S II from 1.2GHz to 1.4GHz. Perhaps they went a step above that for this offering. Odd here are the weaker camera sensors compared to their Galaxy S II line, but we all know megapixels mean nothing.

We don’t want to put too much stock into this finding, but there it is anyway. If any of you have seen this before and can claim it to be a photoshop, please let us know. Otherwise, we may have gotten a quick first glimpse of the Samsung Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Prime, or whatever). [Thanks, Molo!]

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  1. Wow… That is sleek looking. I hope that’s actually metal and not a shiny-plastic. The no-buttons design looks amazing. 4.6″ seems a bit big though. At least it’ll have the resolution to still look fantastic on that size of a screen unlike some other 4.5″/4.3″ phones that still use WVGA and look horrible.

    1. Agreed. Too big.

      1. I like big. :-P

        1. Obligatory that’s what she said

      2. Nah its perfect XP

    2. I’m pretty sure that anything past the 4in mark will be for the on screen buttons so really it is a 4in screen.

    3. If it’s Samsung it’s plastic.

      1. Galaxy tab 7.7 has aluminum.

  2. that looks like an htc phone not a samsung one, fake.

    1. I think it’s fake but no way that looks like an HTC phone.

      1. Well, similar.form factor to the Nexus One, which was made by…HTC. So, yeah…

  3. Spectacle? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    1. Obviously meant skeptical, lol.

      1. I figured. I just wanted to throw a Princess Bride reference in there.

  4. Whatever it is, I want it.

  5. This is the same fake picture I saw on the FAKE Samsungnexus-prime website I found and posted here the other day.

    1. Which post did you link that on, PimpStrong? And where was it deemed to be fake?

        1. After you posted that link, the site went inactive, and redirected me to godaddy.com

          Same author had up http://www.googlenexus-s.com/

          I had sent this in a week or so ago via the “Tips Us” on phandroid, never heard back from anyone so I figured it was old news :P

  6. you are extremely spectacle or sceptical??lol that looks awesome tho, i saw this picture ages ago on the http://theprimesmartphone.com/ website

  7. http://theprimesmartphone.com/

    LOL they had to change it! If anybody saw it the other day it looked real as all hell and did not say UNOFFICIAL at all.

  8. “Before we begin, let me say that we’re extremely spectacle here…”

    FYI, I think the word you meant to put in there was “skeptical”.

    Grammar nazi-ism aside, I certainly hope that is what the prime will look like. I’m not a fan of plastic phones, and that looks like it has some substance to it.

  9. I LOVE the elegance, i.e., simplicity! Definitely a phone worthy of replacing my Nexus One! Hoping this is real. Hoping the rez is 960×540. If this is real then yay, they reduced bezel enough to keep the phone relatively small for having such a huge screen. This might just be my dream phone! Oh and wouldn’t it be cool if the camera actually has a “next gen” sensor, superior to current generation [crappy] cell phone cameras?

    1. The Galaxy Note has a higher resolution than that at a similar screen size.

    2. It’ll have 1280×800 resolution, from the new super amoled hd displays

  10. Why do they always have to call it an Iphone killer? Who cares…its not going to kill the Iphone. The Iphone has a following same as the Droid….So why call it that? Really.

  11. It’s skeptical

  12. this phone is nice looking but it has to be fake. if you look closely, you can see what looks like two speaker grilles at the top of the phone.

  13. “We expect Samsung to put the Exynos processor – that has proven to be very powerful on the Galaxy S II – inside.”

    Weird. Isn’t TI’s OMAP the chipset of choice for ICS? I know Phandroid posted an article about this and if your search toolbar had any functionality to it I would link the article.

    1. Only rumour and only Motorola uses OMAP so it doesn’t quite make sense if nexus prime is a Samsung

      1. Welll last two phones released in the US (Droid Bionic and LG Thrill) both use OMAP processors. Maybe it is standardization for less fragmentation? Not sure tbh, just found it interesting.

    2. Far as I know OMAP gives better battery life and very good video play back

    3. I don’t know where he got Exynos info. Most other sources on Prime are saying it has 1.5ghz OMAP4. Plus Google chose OMAP4 as reference chipset for ICS, so no way it has Exynos in Nexus Prime.

  14. If that was the actual phone i would sell everything i could to buy it, that looks amazing. too bad its not real

  15. Spectacle?! Lol

  16. I would not be upset at all if that’s what it ended up looking like. Especially if it’s metal instead of plastic. That’s a pretty sexy phone.

  17. That is a sexy looking phone, fake or not.

  18. It actually looks kind of evil.

  19. 4.6″ screen NO 4.2″ screen yes please i bet this is samsumg pushing this massive screen 4″ to 4.3 are the best ny bigger and its not one handed use.

  20. I can deal with a 4.6″ screen if it takes up the whole of the front of the device, but add *any* bezel onto it and it just becomes too big. My Atrix is 5″ diagonal, and I really don’t want a phone any bigger – by all means replace the hardware buttons and make it a 4.3-4.5″ device in the same 5″ case, but no bigger, please!

  21. “some retailer named Handtec” come one probably the biggest exporter to Australia and UK

  22. [Update: Probably]: Is This a shooped Nexus One? [Photo]

  23. Either way, I wants it!

  24. Fake, look at the text by the camera: 12 Mp Carl Zeiss http://technytt.se/2011/09/ar-detta-nexus-prime/
    It´s from a Nokia phone!

  25. Fake! It´s from a Nokia phone: The camera says Carl Zeiss, 12 mp http://technytt.se/2011/09/ar-detta-nexus-prime/

  26. that ugly thing needs a trackball like N1

  27. guys it’s fake here is the original Images:


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