Sep 8th, 2011

[Update]: Thanks to our gracious readers, we’ve found the source of the photo. Can’t say we’ve ever seen it or heard of the site that is hosting it. But whoever HanTech’s webmaster is, they may want to be informed that this is likely fake. In any case, I wouldn’t be mad if it did indeed turn out to look that way. [Thanks PimpStrong, Kashif!]

Before we begin, let me say that we’re extremely skeptical here and acknowledge that it’s very possible this could be fake. In fact, I thought I saw this photo before, and saw it be promptly debunked (if any of you remember seeing this before, please feel free). My 30 minute search for this didn’t come up with anything.

With that said, some retailer named HandTec in the UK has apparently listed the Nexus Prime as for sale following rumors that the device will instead be called the Samsung Galaxy Prime. There was no price at all listed on the product page, but they left behind the photo you see above.

The device pictured looks similar to what recent rumors have described – it looks like it’ll have a huge screen (4.65 inches is the current belief) with an HD resolution. The lack of capacitive buttons make room for virtual on-screen navigation buttons that we see on current Honeycomb tablets. Also, the chassis pictured may represent the metallic nature that new rumors have pegged it to be. Here are the specs on the listing:

Android 4.0, 4.6-inch Super AMOLED, 1.5GHz Processor, 5MP Camera + F 1MP, 1080p HD Video, WiFi, GPS

Android version 4.0 is what they’re calling it. And the 1.5GHz processor is interesting, as well. We expect Samsung to put the Exynos processor – that has proven to be very powerful on the Galaxy S II – inside.

If you remember a while back, Samsung was rumored to be increasing the clock speed of the Exynos processors in later iterations of the Galaxy S II from 1.2GHz to 1.4GHz. Perhaps they went a step above that for this offering. Odd here are the weaker camera sensors compared to their Galaxy S II line, but we all know megapixels mean nothing.

We don’t want to put too much stock into this finding, but there it is anyway. If any of you have seen this before and can claim it to be a photoshop, please let us know. Otherwise, we may have gotten a quick first glimpse of the Samsung Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Prime, or whatever). [Thanks, Molo!]