T-Mobile Roadmap Hints High-Profile Launch by End of October, Tells of One New Tablet


Our friends at TmoNews have got their hands on another leaked roadmap for T-Mobile. It tells of a high-profile device coming October 15th. We know of at least two Android devices – the HTC Ruby and Samsung Galaxy S II – that could fit that description.

Don’t forget that T-Mobile is also expected to carry Apple’s iPhone 5 which is expected to launch this October. It also mention  one tablet near the end of the same month, but again, Apple putting the iPhone on magenta probably makes way for the iPad 2. Clearly we aren’t trying to get our hopes up, but we certainly aren’t ruling it out to be one of the two mentioned above. [TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nexus Prime please

  2. Nexus Prime it is!

  3. For months I wanted the Hercules but it no longer makes sense to buy an outdated superphone just weeks or days even before the Nexus drops.

    Nexus Prime please for me too!

    1. Outdated? It hasn’t even come out yet. If you’re really considering an unannounced, unlaunched product as “outdated,” then you’re never going to find what you’re looking for. You’ll always be holding out for the “next phone.”

      1. Except he said he wanted the Nexus Prime

        1. And what exactly are the specs of the Nexus Prime?

          People forget that last year the Nexus S was rumored to be dual-core and ended up being single-core.

          So I doubt the Nexus Prime is going to be all it’s hyped up to be.

          1. You gotta be kidding.

          2. How am I kidding? For telling the truth?

            All these rumors are what you guys wish the phone came with.

            I want the Nexus Prime just as much as you, but people exaggerate stuff way too much.

      2. What phone is outdated when compared to any Nexus? The GS2 is better than the Nexus S and Nexus One but aren’t both at a higher version number and if so doesn’t that mean that it is kinda outdated in one way or another.

        Also who doubts that type of stuff with the Nexus line haven’t Google proved themselves after 20 months.

      3. Galaxy S II will be 6 months old by the the time it reaches T-Mobile. And it WILL be considered outdated if the Nexus Prime drops days or weeks later with an HD screen and Android 4.0

        Also, I never said the Hercules was a poor choice and when you have been sitting on a full upgrade since June, the next couple of months is well worth the wait.

  4. Icecream sandwich flavored nexus prime.

  5. This website made my heart skip a beat


    1. Dang! What is that?!?

      1. A damn good fake ass official site. Best I’ve seen lol

        1. Looks like you created enough traffic where the site went offline :P . I get redirected to godaddy.com when I click on it, saying the listing is free, uh oh!

    2. That mock up Nexus….. Wow.

    3. Looks like that person got creative and has been doing it all along:


  6. I’m gonna guess that Oct. 15 is the iPhone 5. Rumors show the Hercules and Ruby for end of October. Rumors also say Nexus Prime end of November or early December.

  7. Oh…? Did Tmo just say the Nexus Prime will be coming this October? Oh how kind of them to tell us this. I can get the Nexus Prime and I can get a Samsung Phone (Camera and screen) and stock Android with fast updates and easy root. And knowing Samsung, I KNOW there won’t be any locked bootloaders. So ready for this.

  8. Ooo!! You know you lying since you don’t get no 1-day shipping and the iPad2 always goes up to prices like $500 before it’s sold. So getcho face!!

  9. why do you have two first names..

  10. I have a feeling this is going to be the iPhone 5, and not the Nexus Prime. Everything’s pointing to two things: a mid-October launch for the next iPhone, and a launch on the big 4 US carriers. I’d surprised if T-Mobile even offered the Prime in stores seeing as it never sold either Nexus device before. They just used the their network. I doubt it’s a Nexus.

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