More Nexus Prime Rumors Swirl as Dummy Support Page Appears


Samsung GT-I9250 might not have the same ring to it as Nexus Prime, but the two are one, and a GT-I9250 support page was recently spied at Samsung’s site. The placeholder page again confirms the existence of the phone, but we already knew that. What we really want to know is just what to expect from the handset, and we may now have a better idea thanks to rumors originating at GSM Arena.

Earlier in the week a leaked User Agent Profile suggested the phone might pack a measly WVGA (480×800) display, but is is looking more and more likely that Samsung simply used the UAP of the Nexus S to fill in the vitals for the so-called Nexus Prime. And while considering the name, these latest rumors suggest neither Droid nor Nexus as part of the final name. Instead, the device is being heralded as the Samsung Galaxy Prime. But back to the screen — it sounds like we indeed will get at least a 720p resolution, and mention of a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display could be on par with the Galaxy Note’s 1280×800 pixels.

This mammoth screen with all of its pixels is said to feature the same contoured design as that found on the Nexus S, and the finished product measures some 8.8mm at its thinnest. The case is said to bypass the plastic casing Samsung has been using as of late in favor of an all-metal build. It will make for a solid-feeling device, though it could get a bit weighty.

The tipster providing these details sticks to the late October release window, which is in line with what we have previously heard and also the recent timeframe given by Eric Schmidt for the release of Ice Cream Sandwich. For now, take these rumors with the proverbial grains of salt, but if the Nexus Prime even flies close to these expectations we should be in for one monster Android smartphone.

[via GSM Arena]

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  1. Rumors or not, I just Ice CREAMED in my pants a little about the build and quality!

      1. LMFAO!

  2. So why is it a UK site??

  3. “contoured design as that found on the Nexus S, and the finished product measures some 8.8mm at its thinnest. The case is said to bypass the plastic casing Samsung has been using as of late in favor of an all-metal build.”

    Things that make me happy

  4. So is this article suggesting that this no Nexus device at all? ie: No vanilla ICS? If so, I will be highly disappointed – though I’d probably still be pretty damn excited about the device given its specs.

  5. I hope this thing also comes with an awesome SOC… Dual core at least 1.5Ghz

    Or I will still wait and get the HTC Vigor

  6. All these rumors! It makes me happy, at the same time very anxious!! =(

    Please wake me up the day prior to Nexus launching on T-mo!

    1. I’m going insane hitting the refresh button X-O

  7. +1 on the all metal body
    -1 on not using Nexus name
    +1 on screen size and resolution
    -1 on this not being in my hands RIGHT NOW!

    Update: Actually, reading the article at GSM Arena, they speculate it would be named the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus”. While I don’t like this as much as the “Nexus Prime” I’m still happy to see the Nexus name staying on Android’s vanilladevices…

    1. If this is true, I’ll be one very, very happy boy. Not that I’m crazy about “Samsung Galaxy Nexus”, but I’d be thrilled that it would indeed be a vanilla ICS device.

      Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Comment removed by user.

    1. Thanks for the clarification.

  9. TOO BIG!

    1. That’s what she(your girlfriend) told me.

  10. I’m hoping since it’s not using the Nexus name it won’t be a Nexus device. I’m thinking this will be more like the original Droid. It will be the first device with ICS, and then Google will release the next Nexus device in December as usual.

    Fingers crossed. :)

  11. “End of October” – so close yet so far away! I like the name though. Samsung Galaxy Prime sounds bad azz. Together we can rule the universe!

  12. I like (amongst other things) the all metal design… I fell in love with the feel and weight of my G2… It just feels like a quality engineered device compared to many others.

  13. 4.65 inches is not mobile. There are some home handsets smaller than this thing. 4 inches on a phone is perfect. If you want something bigger buy a tablet.

    The mobile phone industry is so confused. Firs the trend is smaller phones now it is bigger phones. Soon we will be carrying flat screen TVs in our pockets

    1. The.trend to smaller phones occurred at a time when phones were used just as phones for the most part. Now, if you are still using your smartphone as mostly a phone, then I say you aren’t using it to its full potential.

      Now, to each his own and all, but I think todays phones are multi media miniature computers, and as such the larger displays are great. Yes I think there will be a point where we reach “too big”… But this isn’t it. (imho)

      1. You must be wearing some very baggy pants with very big and/or deep pockets. I’m a minimalist that uses his phone for everything, including online meetings. I’m also a big guy at 6 foot 4. My Sensation at 4.3 inches is just to big. I think I should have got a 4 inch screen. I’m just not happy that soon I won’t have a choice and if I want the top of the line phone it will have to be a big phone that drains the battery within hours.

        1. Well, you can always get a blackberry or iphone.. XP

          Im kidding you, of course. Look, its personal preference. I got the G1 (the real OG O_o ) shortly after it came out, and I was screaming for larger screen size then. I had to wait this long to get what I wanted, and I think eventually the trends will contract, so to speak, and we will have a standard set. In the meantime, I have a G2 Im going to be selling soon, if you want it (3.7 inch screen…right up your alley!)

          1. ha ha.

            I hear you. I’ve had the G1, G2, N1, and now the Sensation. Screen size keeps getting bigger, battery keeps getting worse. They are almost the inverse of each other.

        2. The phone’s screen size will be 4.65in but the phone won’t be any bigger then the Nexus S. Remember the Nexus Prime won’t have physical buttons. All screen, tiny bezel.

          1. GOOD POINT!!!!!

          2. I really, really hope that this is true. Otherwise I may have to pass on what would otherwise be a perfect phone.

    2. But with less bezel you get the same sized device as a Galaxy S

  14. Calling it the Galaxy Prime might be for the best. Calling it Droid Prime would create market confusion if the device comes to other carriers as Verizon has licensed the Droid brand from George Lucas and they would have to change the name. Probably not a huge deal if Verizon has extended exclusivity, which can be assumed as Verizon isn’t carrying the recently released Samsung Galaxy S II.

    Google’s acquisition of Motorola may kill the Nexus brand because it implies favoritism if Motorola ever builds a Nexus branded device. Might still wait and see if Motorola releases an LTE Ice Cream Sandwich device with the pure Google experience.

    1. Mmm…Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich.

  15. “weighty”? Are you fucking kidding me? Go lift some weights.

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