Leaked Roadmap Outs Launch Dates for Some of AT&T’s Finest


A leaked roadmap found itself on PocketNow outing some vague release dates for some of AT&T’s finest. The more notable out of the bunch are the Samsung SGH-i777 (Attain) which will be AT&T’s version of the Galaxy S II and its qwerty keyboard cousin, the Gidim SGH-i927. Both of these devices are slated for a Q3 release.

Also leaked in this doc was the Motorola Fauth MB865 which popped up not too long ago as the mysterious sequel to the Motorola Atrix. Oh — and don’t forget the pair of Pantech devices namely, the Nuli p9060 which recently passed FCC certification packing an 800×600 resolution display. Looks like Pantech will be stepping out of the kiddie pool with some higher end Android devices this year. Let’s hope one of these devices is the North American debut of the Pantech Vega Racer we saw released earlier this year in Korea.

You may have noticed left out of this leak was the HTC Holiday and the Sony Ericsson Xperia play. Both those device are also due to hit AT&T later this year. So tell me guys, which of these are you most looking forward to?

[Via PocketNow]

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  1. sammy

    1. Source for this information?

      Not to mention why a thinner less powerful and less featured phone would be better by just being thinner?

      1. “less powerful” yea exactly, wp7 doesnt need 20 cores to be lag-free unlike another OS i know. This allows signfiicant battery life savings.

        less featured? android doesnt have native visual voicemail, gpu acceleration, gaming network, music player comparable to zune/ipod, and a UI that is more than static icons.

        1. No android needs 20 cores to be lag-free manufacturers just either have to use only stock android or improve their software.

          Also when you have devices that are completely the same inside, that would be the reason wP7 is lag -free also not to mention all it has to do is refresh tiles. thats it its not like there are a bunch of transitions going on.

          Some Androids has some lag due to being built upon different hardware/software. Android 2.3 was optimized for the hummingbird processor. Im sure you are just like wha? Also android DOES have visul voicemail whether its built into the os is a non matter. The only pro of a WP7 is XBL and Office. I don’t even own an xbox because ps3 is so much better. For everything else you listed we have an app for that.

          The Tiles UI sucks.

    2. Try playing a 1080p mkv on that wp7’s msm8255 and tell us how it goes…

      Exynos > all

  2. no ICS, no interest

    1. I wouldn’t want AT&T to control my Nexus anyways.

  3. Why such a low resolution listed for the GSII?

    1. that’s pretty much been samsungs standard resolution for a while. they’re moving up to 1024(?) x 720 for the next line of phones starting reportedly with the next Nexus device.

    2. With Super Amoled it doesn’t really matter for the numbers of resolutions

      1. Resolution always matters. From app and UI design to the user’s own preferences to the resolution of the videos that you watch on that screen, resolution matters.

  4. Motorola Fuath? That’s a low end phone I’m guessing.

      1. The sequel doesn’t look very impressive… I am very happy with my Atrix right now.

        They need to step it up for Atrix!! I love its screen size, because I can’t stand to have huge phone in my pocket…

  5. Why is the Samsung Galaxy S II code named Samsung Gidim?

    1. The gidim is the QWERTY slider caught in blurry cams awhile ago…

  6. LOL @ the Blackberry 9360 specs

    1. That huawei phone has 256 MB ram and a screen with less resolution than that blackberry

      1. Huawei makes shitty little phones that are usually straight to Prepaid.

  7. Waiting for the HTC Holiday. Checking online for new info every day. It would be awesome if you amazing people at Phandroid could keep really close tabs on it and/or try to get more info. :)

  8. Am I the only one seeing >1024 on the Samsung phone’s memory??
    Sounds like a recipe for a FAST Android experience. Even with a Snapdragon that phone would zip around.

  9. It’s AT&T TURN TO SHOW SOME OF ITSown DROID LINE UP i meant Android.

  10. No android 4.0 phones?

  11. Did anyone else notice that the Galaxy S2 equivalent SGH-i777 has a 1500mha battery, smaller than the battery found in the i9000 (1650mha)? One of the big plusses for the S2 is better battery life than the captivate which has a 1500mha battery as well. For those of us needing better battery life, wondering if we’ll have to go to the slider version instead with its 1650mha battery. (www.appuware.com)

  12. No Nexus Prime? =/

  13. Hmm no Nexus Prime on this list? I was under the impression that the Nexus Prime hits in October, it would be pushed to all carriers at once (instead of the staggered flights in prior Nexus’ phones). Did I read that wrong or make it up in my head? :(

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