ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Gets a Quick Maintenance Update (Netflix Works)


The ASUS Transformer has gotten itself a pretty decent OTA update. Version is said to have allowed people to use Netflix to its full capabilities, however it’s not going to show up in the market. You’ll need to grab the Netflix APK, but from there you should be on your way to streaming all your favorite content. The great part is that root isn’t required so everyone can get in on the fun. PS: those of you with docks should hook your tablets up to it as it too has gotten a bit of love in this update (though we’re not exactly sure what sort of love that is). [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Grabbed both updates and am now a very happy TF owner. Netflix was the missing piece of the puzzle.

  2. If you would have rooted your TF101, you would have been happy 2 months ago.

    1. And I would have been extremely unhappy a month ago when I had to send my TF in for a warranty issue.

      1. Or you could have just unrooted it…

        1. Nah. Too much hassle. As we can see, being patient worked just fine.

  3. Argh… Got the update earlier today (love you too ASUS!). But still no NetFlix love. I deleted all the cache/user data, then uninstalled the APK, then re-installed the APK. Same error 1101: “problem contacting netflix servers”.

    Maybe next time, sniff. :)

  4. This is why I love my transformer…

  5. this upload site linked for the Netflix apk sucks. Can’t get it to work on my Transformer?

  6. downloaded and no problem watching … thank you ASUS … that’s why I heart you

  7. My Transformer Rocks!!! Discounts for Police – Fire – Military

  8. This update made a huge difference… I now have Netflix, YEA!!! The typing on the keyboard is greatly enhanced. The changing of the pointer from the keyboard is a blessing. I am so happy with my ASUS… They are rocking this one right…

  9. Netflix users – can you only stream on the TF or is it possible to bring the movie to the tablet for short-term storage? ie – “rent” some tv shows/movies for a plane ride.

    1. Netflix doesn’t allow saving content for later viewing. Live streaming or nothing (in this context). Google video has the “pinning” ability on rentals but it is on a movie by movie basis, whether the rights holder decides to allow you that “right”.

      For location shifting I netflix the DVD, rip it, copy the resulting file to the tablet, and then delete the file and return the DVD when I’m done. Clean and within the spirit of fair-use rights. FYI.

  10. Didn’t even have to reinstall the app-It works great!
    How long will it be before I actually see another tablet that tempts me from my Transformer?
    Even if quad core was close to market (which it isn’t-you’ll see) the price won’t be low enough for the benefits of upgrading for probably another 12 months after release. All the meanwhile the price on the TF keyboard is dropping…

  11. I like the netflix and I appreciate it, but i really want hulu plus and crackle to work.

  12. Update: I had to reboot (odd for stock android), but Netflix flowed over me like honey last evening! The GalaxyTab 10.1 is sexy, but I’m 100% happy with my transformer and ASUS support. Although my wandering eye is eyeing the Lenovo Tab +4G for the scribe support…

  13. Netflix now works on stock unrooted Asus Transformer tablets……… there is no longer a reason to root this tablet……… Hooray for Asus……….. ASUS keep up the good work, and you will receive a huge following of people purchasing your android tablets, giving support like this to a product is what keeps it a winner

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