The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal – Now Available In The Android Market


It was only a few weeks ago I told you guys about a hidden object game on the Android Market by the name of Paranormal Agency. After having so much fun with that title I was happy to see that G5 Entertainment is at it again, this time with the same hidden object fun wrapped up in a whole new story. The Mystery of The Crystal Portal is centered around a journalist searching around the globe to find her father and uncover the truth behind the Crystal Portal (insert ominous music here). Gameplay is similar to that of Paranormal Agency with players attempting to identify hidden objects within a given time frame in order to progress throughout the 22 levels and mini-games.

With fun, story driven gameplay and great looking visuals, The Mystery of The Crystal Portal is definitely one to check out. You can find it for free right now in the Android Market.

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. …what’s a cystal portal?

    1. Holy crap. Good eye. HAHAHA

  2. The chick in the picture is like: “There’s a huge glowing portal thing in front of me, but f&*k that, I’m just gonna stand here and read this book.”

  3. this game borked my phone. it’s the only thing i can think of that did it. i DL the game, started it up and it said it was downloading game data. then the phone started acting funny, hours later still “downloading game data”.. uninstall, still “downloading game data” in my notification bar. now my phone is calling numbers from my contact list randomly while i’m trying to record video.

    like i said this is the only thing i can think of that could have done it, it’s the only thing i’ve added that’s acted funny from the get go and none of these things happened before i got this game.

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