New Upgraded Motorola Atrix for AT&T Caught On Camera – Possible Sequel?


Those Chinese are at it again! This time they’ve managed to snap a few quick pics of this Moto Atrix looking device complete with AT&T branding and the new version of MotoBlur. At a quick glance you would mistake it for a regular ‘ol Atrix but upon closer inspection you’ll notice a few minor tweaks and enhancements.

First thing you may notice is the screen size seems to be slightly larger and I’m going to go ahead and call it 4.3-inches (original Atrix is 4-inches). Also, the device appears to have some kind of contoured glass ala LG’s G2X or Samsung Nexus S. Probably the most notable improvement would be the 8MP camera gracing the back of the device complete with dedicated camera button found along the side of the phone. Oddly enough, the original Atrix fingerprint reader is missing from this device.

Unless this device is packing some kind of quad-core processor I don’t see how this could be a true sequel to the Atrix but then again, it wouldn’t be the first time Motorola has slightly upgraded a device (cough — DroidX2 — cough). I love a good mystery so I’m curious to see what you guys think. Could this be a real Atrix successor or could we be looking at a scrapped Bionic prototype?

**Update: Our readers have mentioned that the device clearly has some kind of print along the top of the glass that reads, “Sony Ericsson V611” and are dismissing the photo’s as fakes. Not sure why the glass reads that or exactly what it implies. The source of these pics came from some sort of Sony Ericsson blog or forum (can’t read Chinese) so maybe that has something to do with the branding on the phone’s glass. (Shrugs)

If you notice,there is evident Motorola branding throughout the device and also some print along the right side of the glass that reads “Motorola Restricted Property Not For Resale.” Also, some are saying this could be the leaked Motorola HD we found out about a few weeks ago with a 1280×720 (720p) screen. Adding further speculation that maybe Motorola is turning to Sony Ericsson for their displays. The plot thickens…

[Via Unwired View, ePrice and sebbs.it168]

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  1. this thing is going to have citrix???

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking it could be… Will probably be renamed to the Atrix2 once it hits AT&T.

      1. come on chris it’s fake check out droid-life they have a pic where you can clearly see the Sony Ericson Logo.

        1. Posted the photo in question. But your’e saying it’s a Sony Ericsson phone? o_O Doesn’t make sense.
          I could see if this phone had an upside down Moto logo or backwards Nike symbol. Lol

  2. It looks more similar to the HTC Sensation to me.

    But I’m finally starting to like Motorola’s design now. Especially the Droid 3, Photon, and now this.

  3. is this the phone where you adjust the contrast you see “Sony Ericsson” between the moto and att logos?

    1. Not sure but maybe Motorola is outsourcing their screens from Sony Ericsson? Could be SLCD

  4. Phone is fake… Could c Sony Ericson at the top in one of the og pics

    1. Agree check out droid life they have more pics and you can clearly make out the SE logo

      1. Still doesn’t explain anything.. So it’s a Sony Ericsson device built to look like a modified Atrix? I mean, I guess it could be. I’ve seen weirder things come out of China but still…

        I’m thinking this is the Moto HD and Motorola is using SLCD screens from Sony. Who knows.

        1. It will be called the shapeshifter, so that when you get mad with moto you can change it to SE and vice versa lmao.

        2. Wasn’t the moto hd supposed to be a droid

        3. It’s a watermark. The photos originated from a Sony Ericsson forum.

          1. This – you can see the watermark on the notification bar too.

  5. It is a fake people but I beleive the Sony Ericsson etchings are the fake and not vice versa . Think about it. Have you EVER seen a S.E phone that looked like this…No. Have you ever seen a Motorola Phone that looked like this …Yes case solved. Watch you’ll see I”m right.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re saying, but I think I agree… :p

  6. Isn’t that a fingerprint reader on the back of the phone, on the lower left?

      1. No, I’m pretty sure it is a fingerprint reader… lol

        1. Shut it, Crook. Lol

  7. Also email and url in this picture are written in font which uses Sony Ericsson on their advertisements, web etc.

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