Jun 21st, 2011

Google has just added 2 new phones to their Phone Gallery in which they showcase some of the best (and worst) Android has to offer. Normally, I try to avoid posts on Android powered phones from non-English speaking countries like Korea but these 2 Pantech devices look so nice, I had to think twice. The Pantech Sky Vega Racer IM-A770K (KT) and IM-A760S (SK Telecom) are two Android powered superphones we talked about back in May, but never followed up on.

As far as I can tell (my Korean isn’t the best) both devices feature the same internals but with a slightly different body styles. The thing that really gets me is how nice both models look (particularly the A770K) and the custom UI they’re using on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Both phones feature Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual-core processors and 1GB of RAM for running plenty of apps in your background. They have front facing cameras and an 8MP camera capable of shooting up to 1080p full HD. Also, interesting is the fact that they feature stereo speakers (something I would like to see becoming a trend in more devices) and some kind of “Dual Mode Smart LCD” on their 4.3-inch screen for privacy in crowded situations. Wow.

Well, I’m done drooling over here. Both of these devices should already be available in Korea and with Pantech jumping in the Android scene here in the states, I’m crossing my fingers they can bring these dual-core devices with them and not just that budget qwerty slider.

[Sky Vega Racer IM-A770K and IM-A760S]

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