Verizon 4G LTE Coming to 15 New Cities, Expanding in 10 Existing Ones Tomorrow


Verizon’s 4G LTE rollout is moving a lot faster than anyone could have anticipated, and we’re certainly not mad at that. Tomorrow, August 18th, 15 new cities will be getting LTE and 10 existing LTE cities will be getting expansions to cover more people in the smaller surrounding markets. Highlights for new cities include Tucson, AZ; Worcester, MA; Albany, Syrcaus and Ithaca, NY; and Memphis, Tennessee. With this rollout, Verizon is covering 160 million Americans with 4G, more than half the country’s population. They are well on track to bring 4G LTE to their entire coverage network by the end of 2013, I’d say. Read on for the full list of new and expansion cities.

Tucson, Ariz.; Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers, Ark.; Bakersfield and Salinas/Monterey/Seaside, Calif.; Fort Collins, Colo.; Frederick, Md.; Worcester, Mass.; Omaha, Neb./Council Bluffs, Iowa; Albany, Ithaca and Syracuse, N.Y.; Altoona and Johnstown, Pa.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Provo, Utah.  The company is also expanding its 4G LTE network on Thursday in Washington, D.C.; Tampa, Fla.; Atlanta, Ga.; Baltimore, Md.; Boston, Mass.; Lansing, Mich.; New York, N.Y.; Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; and Salt Lake City-Ogden, Utah.

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  1. my city is on there! Sadly my SGSII is not here yet :(

  2. They need to send a nuke’s worth of LTE to central Eastern NJ, possibly situated around Freehold. It would hit another 100k people easily, many of whom are wealthy enough to afford these services in the first place.

    1. Agreed, I’m in monmouth county NJ waiting for LTE as well

      1. Same here. The waiting is killing me..

  3. Wish it would make it to Warner Robins GA lol

  4. Great, more 4G networks and no good phones for them.

    1. patience grasshoppa

    2. My Thunderbolt begs to differ!

  5. What about Austin, Texas?

    1. seriously. how have we been left out this long? Especially when they’ve already got a lot of Southeast Austin covered due to ABIA

    2. Agreed! Austin is such a tech-centric city…

  6. I’d love to see more expansion in Northern Jersey 1/3 of my town is covered.. the side I dont live on </3

  7. I wish it would make it to Erie, PA. :(

    1. According to their press releases and the current coverage map on their website, Erie, PA, does have 4G coverage, I believe since that huge early July expansion. I live about halfway between Pittsburgh and Erie, so I’ve been following the expansion in western PA pretty closely.


  8. I’m disappoointed, VZ. Please get to Little Rock next month. You failed to arrive by 2Q of this year as promised.

  9. Wtf where’s Santa Barbara? SB and Montecito should have this by now lol, we can pay for it. Oprah herself can pay for all of us.

  10. Danbury, CT NEEDS 4G we are the 27th biggest tweeting city in the nation!

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