Amazon Appstore’s “Free Paid App of The Day” is WiFi File Explorer Pro – Better Hurry!


Just realized Amazon’s “free app of the day” is one of my personal favorite apps and I felt like I should share it with you all. It’s called WiFi File Explorer Pro and essentially what this app does is allows you to use your computer’s web browser to move around and/or transfer files to your phone’s sd card using nothing but your WiFi. This can come in handy if you ever leave your USB cable at the office or if you’re simply too lazy to get up and grab it from another room (guilty!). WiFi File Explorer Pro is super easy to use, super useful and super FREE right now through the Amazon Appstore. Better hurry! The deal is only good until the end of the day (6 hours left).

Don’t have the Amazon Appstore installed on your phone? Don’t worry. You can download and install it from this link.

[Via Amazon]

Chris Chavez
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  2. Or you can use “SwiFTP” which creates an FTP server for your phone. And it’s free.

    1. I’m a simple man… I have no idea what this “FTP” is you speak of.. =/

      1. Basically, with the app, you can enter “ftp://_______” into your Windows file explorer and you’ll see your phone’s entire file system as if it was connected via USB. Where “________” is, you would put whatever address the app would assign your phone to. It’s really useful, and I’m sure it’s better than this app. However, I’m still gonna check this out. Thanks btw haha.

      2. FTP stands for file transfer protocol which allows users to transfer documents from one device to another. It is useful in hosting a website or simply transferring files from a computer to another device with the use of wifi. It is similar to the app, but does not require the browser for usage.

        1. yep.. FTP is older than browsers as far as the Internet is concerned.. As a matter of fact I downloaded my first Netscape browser using FTP on a 14.4 dial up modem, Windows 3.11 with Trumpet winsock.. If you know what all that means.. your an old geek.

          1. I recognize it all except the Trumpet winsock. I guess that saves me from being an old geek since I’m only 26, right?

          2. You would have been 8 or 9 when these where cutting edge.

    2. Agree, SwiFTP is far superior compared to this app. This app also does not make it very easy to quit the service, meaning you could leave it on for hackers to exploit your phone. SwiFTP’s interface is far better and allows you to quit the file sharing service visibly. I’d much rather use SwiFTP than this crappy app.

    3. Awesome.. Installed and browsing the phone in like 10 minutes, which included download an FTP client.. also works fine with firefox, although opening some folders with it required reentering in username and pass again.. client is probably better suited for me.. cool stuff, thanks.

  3. I tested this out earlier, it’s truly an epic app. One of my favorites now. Pick it up while you can!

  4. Not bad, but with File Expert (free) I can do this (http transfer), REAL ftp file transfers (using any ftp client on my laptop) or SMB file transfers (for easy windows file transfers). http file transfer is sloooow compared to ftp. This app is a one trick pony that does a 2nd rate trick when you can do much faster and better file transfers using ftp with a free app that does many tricks well (including root enabled file browsing and management!). It’s no contest–File Expert wins hands down.

    1. I have no idea what you just said but I think I’m going to take it as disrespect o_O

      1. Sorry, no disrespect meant. I suppose for the less technically inclined, this app could fit the bill just fine.

        1. Haha! No worries! Yeah, I’m pretty noobie when it comes to this stuff. I think I’ll give that app you mentioned a try though. Can’t promised I’ll figure it out =p

  5. Dloaded…….Noice!!!

  6. This is also built into MIUI, which Chris always talks about :P.

    But thanks for the app.

  7. Doesn’t Samba do the same thing?

  8. Yea, I bought this app about a.year ago.and went right back to http://FTP... Too terribly slow!

  9. As others have said, swiFTP is <3.

    Don't know about other OSs, but windows' file explorer can open up FTP directories, so just type in the address bar whatever IP address swiFTP gives you (with the ftp://___ in the beginning), and you're set.

    I know I'm one day late with this comment, but whatever :p

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