Aug 12th, 2011

atlp99 over on XDA was able to get a hold of the official Android 2.3.4 update for the G2 straight from those SD cards HTC sent out to T-Mobile stores to manually update customers. If human interaction makes you nervous or you’re simply too busy this weekend to drop by a store you can get your official Gingerbread fix by manually updating yourself!

Oh – and for those of you that jumped the gun and flashed (installed) the leaked 2.3.3 update that made its way around the Android forums not too long ago, you should be able to update to this official version with no problems. Here are the installation instructions via T-Mobile support forums:

  1. Download the 2.3.4 update for the G2 here.
  2. Once downloaded, place it on the root of your SD card (not in any folders). DO NOT rename it. Its name should be “PC10IMG” with .zip being the extension.
  3. This will completely wipe your phone (factory reset) so back up any data that is important to you. SMS, Contacts, etc. All apps will be deleted so back them up if you must.
  4. Turn off your phone and boot into bootloader (press and hold the power button and volume down at the same time).
  5. Once the bootloader is up you should see the “PC10IMG” being scanned.
  6. Wait for the phone to finish scanning the file. If done correctly the phone will ask if you want to update.
  7. Press volume up to confirm. The update process should begin after that.
  8. Give it a few minutes and make sure you don’t have a low battery. Shutting the phone down or pulling out the battery during an update process can potentially brick it (trust me, people do this all the time).
  9. Once the update has been successfully installed, the phone will ask to press the power button to reboot.
  10. The phone will reboot and you have a freshly baked 2.3.4 Gingerbread update!

As always, make sure you have a full 100% charged battery before attempting to update and Phandroid cannot be held responsible should you brick your device. We’re just the messenger, guys. Let us know in the comments if you successfully updated!

[Via XDA]

Thanks, Avneet!

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