HTC Making a Major News Announcement Tomorrow


This just popped into our (and seemingly every body else’s) inbox – HTC says they’ll be making a “major news announcement” tomorrow morning during an 11:30am (eastern) teleconference. That was it – no hints, no nothing. A device? A new HTC media store? A unicorn? Whatever it is, we’ll be here to report it all tomorrow. What do you guys think it’ll be?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update] DROID Incredible Not Receiving Gingerbread After All?

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  1. Number Juan!

    1. What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball?

      Juan on Juan

      1. Juan on Juan?

        Sounds like Mexican gay porn.

      2. What did the Mexican firefighter name his two sons?

        Jose and Jos-b

  2. 11am Taiwan time? if so, what time is that here in the states?

    1. Sorry, 11:30am Eastern (8:30am pacific)

    2. It says 11:30 Eastern. Where the hell did you get Taiwan time???

  3. I’m pulling for the Unicorn!

  4. Perhaps it’s that tablet that’s been popping up around the web recently.

  5. How about all three? http://i.imgur.com/xdV68.png

  6. I’m hoping for a dual-core super phone destined for AT&T. And then maybe an awesome octo-core tablet slated (get it? slated. it’s a tablet, oh never mind) for this time in 2012 just before the world ends.

  7. Puccini and Vigor? I can wish

  8. They will be making the nexus prime
    They will sue apple and ban iphones and ipads from sale in the US
    They will buy apple and put android on iphones
    They have found the cure for a form of masochism in which affected buy iphones
    They will release an app that will unlock ANY android device
    They will offer free upgrades for N1 owners to the Nexus Prime
    They found Waldo
    They will enforce a patent system redesign
    They will announce an announcement app, whose price is yet to be announced
    They will release their timetraveling app
    They will announce their new phone, the Nexus Chuck Norris
    They have been bought by Google

    Am I close?

    1. LMAO that just made my day, especially the announcement app hahaha

    2. im pretty sure they found big foot

    3. This. All of this.

      (but mainly I want the nexus prime. With no buttons, and Ice Cream Sandwich.)

  9. I think htc is going to announce that they are going to be the manufacturer for the new Google Nexus Prime.

  10. Three guesses:
    1. HTC will be the OEM for the Nexus Prime.
    2. HTC has licensed WebOS.
    3. HTC is the OEM for the Amazon tablets.

  11. The bootloader unlock site goes live.

    Edit: Or the Puccini?

  12. For the people in Europe, it will be at 13:30 if my converting is right.

  13. Rumors running rampant that HTC is being forced to drop Android over the next 12 months in favor of WP7. Developing . . . (I’m being dead serious, BTW)

    1. source?

      1. It actually kinda makes sense since they already have to pay microsoft for each phone they sell.

        1. Not really considering how poorly wp7 sells. Even paying microsoft they are making a killing.

    2. Right after having record profits month after month they’re all of a sudden going to drop Android.

      1. I know, right? LOL!!

    3. aren’t you an iphone fan?

  14. They’re going to become a carrier or buy T-Mobile nah neither of those are likely

  15. I bet it will be that they are turning up the number of phones produced just to give Apple a nice middle finger :)

  16. I’m betting on a HTC Puccini (Tablet) announcement or a response to the patent lawsuit.

  17. Tablet announcement, or the announcement that they’re halting development of Android devices due to denial of access to key markets by intense legal pressure.

    1. this.

  18. Well the HTCDev (pen-sdk) site went live Monday (and to my dismay everything pen related seems to be Droid 3+ specific) – so presume Puccini getting launched with Droid 3+ os inclusive with pen. Not sure what that means for the 2+ based EVO 4G View or the Flyer…

  19. Skynet, it went live August 11, 2011 at 11:30

  20. definitely a unicorn

  21. probably to inform everyone that they have found a way not to get sued — from now on, their phones will not have an OS. you can download the OS on your own and if apple or oracle decides to sue, they will look for the users instead… :)

  22. They are coming out of the closet.


  23. I think Steve J. found some loose change is his couch cushions, and purchased HTC.

  24. What about Loch Ness? Or maybe thawing out Walt Disney? You know Dick Clark has a suspension capsule next to him. They thaw him out every new year to do the new year show!

  25. Beats audio epic fail

    1. Agreed. Not very good headphones.

  26. Beats by Dre blog officially announces partnership with HTC

  27. source code for thunderbolt

  28. I hope the Bootloader unlock website is going live.

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