Facebook Messenger App Resources Show Video Call-Related Images


After Facebook made a pretty big deal about one-on-one video-calling during an announcement a bit over a month ago, we figured it’d come to mobiles. They confirmed that much, but it looks like they’ll be pushing that functionality into their dedicated Messenger app that was released yesterday instead of their main Facebook for Android application. These files were also found in the iOS version, meaning it’s possible that cross-platform chatting (Android-iPhone, Android-Desktop) will come.

With videocalling alongside all of the other features currently present in Facebook messenger, they have the best shot at being the number one messaging protocol with a mobile application, surpassing even Blackberry’s BBM as a more desirable instant messaging service. We hope these resources will be put to good use. [HowTo Arena via ZDNet]

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  1. i hate Facebook! they are really starting to annoy me!

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