[Update] DROID Incredible Not Receiving Gingerbread After All?


Despite receiving several leaks of an Android 2.3 build, the original HTC DROID Incredible might not be receiving Android 2.3. This was revealed by a supposed email response from a customer service rep who was addressed by a member wondering when a final build was coming. Unfortunately, the rep allegedly had this to say:

Thank you for taking the time to contact HTC in regards to Operating System upgrades to your Droid Incredible, XXXX.

Our goal is to give every customer the best possible experience on every phone. Every HTC phone is a combination of a unique HTC hardware and software experience and a core operating system. We only update our phones if it will provide an overall improved user experience as we balance features, performance and usability. Because of this, we will only be updating certain phones to Gingerbread. At this time, the Droid Incredible is not on that list.

To be fair, HTC only said that every phone released in 2011 would receive Gingerbread 2.3. The DROID Incredible does not fit that criteria. There were reports of customer service representatives confirming Gingerbread earlier, but as with any reports of these kinds, take it all with a grain of salt. Customer service representatives are oft-mistaken, and it’s quite easy to fake an “email” from a rep.

We’re still leaning toward the belief that the DROID Incredible will get Gingerbread – it’s just as capable as phones like the HTC EVO 4G and the MyTouch 4G and they have all gotten the update. The only reason we think Verizon or HTC would have to deny the phone its update is because it didn’t do as well as other phones commercially and resources need to be diverted to bigger userbases, but that’s hardly an excuse at all. The fact remains that no official word from HTC nor Verizon has been given, so it’s still up in the air. [Droid-Life]

[Update]: There was a link in the original email (that didn’t translate into our source’s post) that linked to HTC Canada’s support page – we’re not so sure we should be trusting anything from a Canadian representative regarding US devices. Again, take it all with a grain of salt and await official word from Verizon or HTC spokespersons. [AndroidForums.com, Thanks Michael!]

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  1. Android ownz. Only Google can release you from the tyranny of receiving updates a little over a year since the phone was released.


    1. Your sarcasm has been noted. But, it is not in the least bit factual. You can now go back to your ifan sites.

  2. 1 email from a random HTC rep means precisely dick

  3. Droiddddddd!


  4. I just don’t understand how this is news. I read this E-mail in the gingerbread speculation forum for the Dinc last night. How about making a news story when there is official word whether or not we are getting. Either way I am running cyanogenmod gingerbread and loving it!

  5. I finally rooted my incredible last night and flashed it with cyanogen rom…I’m so glad I did! :)

    1. Try Synergy instead

    2. I’ve been flip-flopping between CM7 and Sense 3 ROMS ever since, when I first got the Inc back in March I stuck with Sense ROMS since it was my first HTC device. After a few weeks I decided to run CM7.0 but it ran like crap and felt like I was stil using my OG Droid. After a few months of becoming bored with all the Sense ROMS (since they’re generally the same) I started using the CM7 Nightlies (just flashed 160 today) and it runs great. I’ve tried Synergy before and wasn’t too impressed with it, but then again that was about a month or so ago.

  6. Didn’t do so well? Wasn’t it sold out for months?

  7. When will people stop listening to customer service reps?

    Secondly, why do people care about Gingerbread on the Incredible? Gingerbread looks exactly the same on Evo, and I’m sure it would be the same on the Incredible.

    1. Don’t care about looks, do care about performance improvements. garbage collection being one of them.

  8. Exactly why I am getting an iPhone 5

    1. You like wasting your time on Android related websites?

      Or you don’t want your phone to be obsolete? Which is funny, actually, because the hardware in the Incredible and the iPhone 4 are roughly the same. If you have minor technical abilities you could have had 2.3 on your Incredible for months now. Then again your lack thereof is probably why you’re getting an iPhone.

  9. that’s why my phone is rooted MIUI 1.8.5 running android 2.3.5!!!!

  10. Wasn’t the Dinc close to the desire in regards to the internal?
    If so the reason that they can’t make the update is really simple.

    The desire had some problems because HTC almost couldn’t fit the whole gingerbread + sense in the internal memory.
    But whit the dinc being a verizon device, they have to put gingerbread + sense + bloatware into the internal memory, and that is way to much,

    So blame verizon and the bloatware for not receiving a update.

    1. The Desire -is- the Incredible with a crappier body. The EVO, Incredible, Desire, and a couple others (I think) are all the same phones with different radios. If the Desire could do it, so should the Inc.

  11. Your wrong in one aspect, the mytouch 4g. Is a much more capable and powerful device than the Evo 4g our the incredible.. First gen snapdragon chip set opposed to second.

  12. No sweat. Unrevoked makes rooting and flashing a Gingerbread custom rom simple.

  13. I figure it’s a simple marketing move from Verizon more than HTC. Simply put why upgrade an old device when a customer can renew there contract for a “new shinier hipper” device and keep said cust another couple of years (more $$$, stock holders happy). In the end we have to remember..it’s all business. Were just smarter than the average bear and know we can Root, Rom Manager, Install CyanogenMod or other capable stable rom..VIOLA! New phone again! :D

    1. I’ll go one step further and forget all this shit when I get an iPhone 5 and throw my Incredible in the trash

      1. Root now and forget that fruity talk. Don’t wait for Apple or HTC to dictate your software. Take control of your device.

  14. This was the phone that made me want to ditch my old iPhone 3G for Android. Oh & AT&T’s crappy service with lack of 3G where I live but I digress. Unfortunately the day we went to get them they were sold out or on back order because of the screen issue. My wife & me wound up with Fascinate’s instead which is another adventure unto itself. So I’ll always have a soft spot for this phone & it’s drop dead sexy looks. Getting rid of our Fascinate’s & deciding on replacement phones was a hard choice between the Dinc2 & Droid X2. Ultimately went with the X2 & have no complaints. It was this phone, & it’s successor, that made that such a hard choice.

  15. “We only update our phones if it will provide an overall improved user experience as we balance features, performance and usability.”

    That’s complete BS, I’ve had GB on my Inc ever since I got it back in March and it definitely increases performance. I currently have CM7.1 (2.3.5) and this thing flies like never before. HTC just doesn’t want to continue supporting a “dead” device, same thing with the OG Droid.

  16. I’m going to go ahead and assume this means they’re okay with me rooting my phone.


  17. If you read the ORIGINAL email posted on AndroidForums (http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-incredible/219412-gingerbread-2-3-speculation-rumor-discussion-thread-24.html#post3059501), and follow the link it takes you to HTC’s CANADIAN support page. Since the Incredible is a US only phone, why they H$## are you posted an email from HTC Canada? Have Phandroid’s “journalists” ever heard of due diligence?

  18. Root, and flash Cyanogenmod 7 problem solved.

  19. People still use the stock ROM? That’s like using the stock image that Dell puts on your PC.

    If Gingerbread means that much to you, load CyanogenMod 7. I’ve been running Gingerbread on my Incredible for a while now. Runs beautifully.

    1. Do any of the cooked ROMs support the 720p camera mode featured in stock?

  20. Doesn’t really matter what HTC says. I’ve had Gingerbread with Sense 3.0 (something that HTC said the Incredible couldn’t handle) on my Incredible for a while now and it runs faster and smoother than when it was stock!

    For anyone dumping this or any Android based phone for an iphone, I have only one question. Are you dumb or stupid?

  21. More of a reason to root the Incredible. Seriously, it takes about 10 minutes and anyone can do it. MIUI, OMFGB, CM7, and the Kingdom ROMs all had Gingerbread and all ran great.

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