HTC Ruby Confirmed for T-Mobile, Details Still Scant


After the device’s image has leaked twice, you would think we might know a little bit about the HTC Ruby. In reality, we know little more than we initially gathered when the handset’s image was reflected upon the glass of an HTC Flyer. The most we can gather from our first full-frontal look at the phone is that it will indeed be headed to T-Mobile, as was inferred from the last image to surface of the Ruby. From the looks of things, we are feeling this one will be your fairly standard upper mid-range offering, but take that as simple speculation for now.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Looks like the Sensation 2. :O

  2. looks nice even if only upper-mid range. but yea it DOES look an awful lot like my Sensation, hmmm…

  3. i’d say it’s a new mytouch. it even has the same speaker grille

  4. Let’s hope it runs better then the Sensation what a piece o crap..

  5. Sensation in white? They do it for a lot of their other phones.

  6. Why T Mobile always get these cool names n phones from HTC? And i still have my old Atrix.

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