Cut Down on Greasy Fingerprints with the Logitech Tablet Mouse


Maybe you are a bit OCD about smudging up that tablet display. Maybe you are that uses your tablet docked to a keyboard. Either way, the Logitech Tablet Mouse wants to be your best friend. The mouse is compatible with Android tablets running Honeycomb v3.1 or higher and pairs via Bluetooth with a 30 foot range. Sure, it sort of takes away from the whole touchscreen aspect of using a tablet — you know, the main design feature which makes them unique from a laptop or netbook — but for $49.99 you will get a portable companion for wireless navigation of the Honeycomb interface. Here’s the catch: there seems to be nothing inherently Android about this mouse, and there is no reason to believe any other Bluetooth mouse couldn’t do the job just as well. Check it out over at Logitech’s site.

[via Androinica]

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  1. I use an old Microsoft bluetooth mouse, and it works just fine.

  2. Lame. Where is the portability than you have to carry a stupid keyboard and mouse etc. No wonder logitech does makes bigger better things it’s alway keyborads, mouse, web cams etc..

  3. The highlight of the article: “no reason to believe any other Bluetooth mouse couldn’t do the job just as well.” and I also like that you called attention to the fact that using a mouse on a Tab kinda kills the touch aspect.

  4. Pretty soon they’ll sell tablets with a foldable keyboard attached so you can rest it on your lap. Maybe they can call it a “laptop?”

    1. This is such a good idea that i think you should get a patent on it. :-) It’s innovation. You should be able to protect your valuable idea.

  5. As with all new technology you will get people who want to hold on to the “old way” of doing things; stationary computing. These people are stubborn to the new fangled witchery of touch screens are the same ones who still have a CRT TV, Feature Phones, and a 12year old PC as well. It’s the same in any industry, manufacturing companies want to squeeze the last dime out of you before they/their equipment is no longer relevant. This is why you see “AMAZING SALES” for EOL tech every year (iPhone for $50 anyone?). This is also the same reason why you can still purchase VHS/DVD Player Combos. Now if you will excuse me I have a VCR that needs cleaned… by candle light… after I ride my horse to the 5 and Dime… uphill both ways… barefoot…. in the snow…. playing Tetris on my Gameboy the entire way.

  6. So how does this work? Does it work just like the D-pad on the Droid and highlight icons and links? I tried looking for a video but it’s too new. I’d love to see a demo of this in use.

    1. It works pretty much exactly like a mouse on a PC… you have a pointer on the screen, and you can move it around and click on stuff. On the Honeycomb tablets I’ve tried, you can also use the scroll wheel to scroll the page.

      The only thing that’s different than a PC is that you don’t have a context menu; instead, the right mouse button acts like the back button.

      1. So it must come with some software to emulate a mouse pointer, right? Is there an app you download to enable the pointer? I doubt that functionality is built into Honeycomb.

        1. You can use a mouse with any Honeycomb device. It also worked with a tablet running Android 2.2 without any extra software.

  7. They should just focus on getting 3.1 onto the Revue instead.

  8. It may sound stupid, but i could really see this being helpful if you are using the tablet as a host for an remote session to a PC.

  9. If any bluetooth mouse works, I may check it out. I will admit, if I am typing up a document or working in an excel document, I like the workstation aspect. Throw it on the stand to charge and make it so it isn’t on your lap and staring down at it. Then you get a keyboard for easy typing, then you need a mouse as it can be annoying to touch and type on a keyboard. I don’t bring those things with me ever, they stay at home. It isn’t holding onto the old ways, it is just comfort of not having to hunch over the thing for easy typing.

  10. This is something that will come in handy when I want to type something quickly and I am also snacking or eating. My tablet sometimes looks disgusting with all my greasy finger prints on it.

  11. I have the keyboard… It does cut down on mobility, but the keyboard is purpose built for me. If I am going to a meeting where I will be typing notes, nothing beats the speed of the keyboard… but if i am walking the floor or am using it for content consumption no need for the keyboard…. i think the mouse would be the same way, i would find it immensely helpful for Remote Controlling a Win7 PC which is not optimized for touch interfaces…

  12. There is an advantage to the touch interface and there is also times when a keyboard and mouse is the best method of entering information. The beauty of this situation is there is choice.

  13. the mouse seems rather useless pretty much in any situation… touchscreen display, after all.

  14. Any bluetooth mouse works if you have a usb port. I just Pluged mine into my thrive and it worked.

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