Jul 25th, 2011

The HTC Ruby was leaked last week, but we had no information whatsoever on what it was. We didn’t even know if it ran Android and we had no clue who the carrier would be. Now, we have at least a solid on the carrier – T-Mobile. Another leaked image shows a partial T-Mobile logo on the top right bezel. With that, there’s still a bit of cloudiness here as we don’t know if this could be T-Mobile USA and T-Mobile UK.

As for operating system? The camera software we see here has a UI that differs from some of HTC’s other phones – such as the Sensation – so we’re not exactly sure this is Android we’re looking at. That said, this doesn’t exactly look like Brew OS or Windows Phone 7’s camera UI, either. Take that for what it’s worth. [via PocketNow]

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