Latest Droid Bionic Pictures Show Phone Won’t Win Any Awards for Thinness


While some of today’s hottest handsets pride themselves on their slim waistlines (here’s looking at you, Galaxy S II), the Motorola Droid Bionic looks to make no such claims. In the latest batch of pre-release imagery the shows off all of its angles, shouting proudly, “big is beautiful.” While the handset’s 4.3 screen size and sizable hump accommodating its camera and other internals smack of the Droid X2, the Bionic remains relatively thick throughout its profile. A definite plus for those looking for a nice, solid feeling handset like those we’ve seen offered by Motorola in the past. Not so much a plus for anyone looking for something a bit more sleek and sexy. Also shown: the Bionic’s backside complete with 4G LTE logo. More images at the source link below.

[via GottaBeMobile]

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  1. Jeez, what a fatso. >____>

  2. Bionic needs to be on The Biggest Loser!!

  3. As someone who values a sturdier phone (but doesn’t want that crappy Casio gZone), I do appreciate that Moto continues to stay “thick”. The only phones I’ve ever owned that lasted in excess of a year have all been Moto phones, from the old-school pre-flip Motorola I had from 2001 until 2004 to the RAZR to the KRZR to the D1.

  4. That’s a huge bitch!

  5. This is no surprise, as we are probably about a year or more away until we see LTE devices as thin as the GSII.

  6. sell your moto mobility stock, this company is header for the pooper again.

    1. lets see about that

    2. I completely agree. Motorola had a comeback with the Droid. But no other phone by Motorola after even came close to it.

  7. Wow! That is bionically huge!

  8. ಠ_ಠ

  9. I like a little meat eith my potatos.

  10. I would sure like to own one, size means nothing to me. I currently have a dx with a 3200 mAH extended battery in a trident cyclops case. It’s huge, just a little shy of an inch thick. But I get awesome battery life and the size does not bother me in the least.

    1. I agree.

      They should add the Droid 3 physical qwerty keyboard to this, and it would be nearly perfect.

      (Add the Droid 3 keyboard and replace the Pentile screen with RGB stripe or Super AMOLED, and it would be absolutely perfect…)

      After all, would you rather go into battle with this?


      Or that?


  11. Big phones need love too.. Just not from me.

  12. Won’t win any awards for thinness? Won’t have to. I love phones that feel wonderfully solid.

    It’s funny cause the tester is using a task killer on 2.3. Hah!

    It also says “With Google.” No Bing! Wonderful!

    1. Motorola would never stoop as low using bing

      1. us moto fans are everywhere im the one that has been dissing the haters of motorolla on droidlife lol

    2. the task killer that moto created it its not the same as the ones you download on the market read the help to educate yourself with it

      1. The screenshot shows Advanced Task Killer Free. By Motorola? No.

        1. Moto use a task manager not task killer

          1. Android has a task manager built in.

  13. ugh, starting to think I’ve been waiting anxiously for a pile of shit, officially.

    1. NA it won’t be the Lte radio is just too big.anylte phone will be bigger until the second Gen lte radios are put into production

      1. Doesn’t the Galaxy Tab 10.1 have a LTE radio? It’s pretty thin.

  14. If people are expecting LTE devices to be as thin as the iPhone or GSII then they will be very dissapointed.

  15. Wow, this phone has slowly turned into the biggest pile of crap ever. At least build quality will be good. ….I mean, unless they F’d that up too.

    I’ll stick with my sexy droid charge with a crappy plastic scratched up battery cover, slow software and all its overheating madness in the car dock.

    At least down the road samsung wont update my phone with a broke a$$ version of gingerbread like moto did on my DX1. that was a terrible experience. 2-5 second typing lag is not acceptable!!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry to hear about your Gingerbread experience. It’s amazingly snappy on my X2.

      1. x2 its a nice phone i got it because i complained with the gingerbread on droid x if you use the task manager of motorola wisely you will make your droid x even snappier

    2. charge its good i wont diss it but droid x2 its better and droid 3 its the best phone in verizon right now

    3. I hated on Motorola and got a million idiots replying to me. But anyway, everyone knows Motorola is terrible.

  16. Well the name implies size right? Who knows what this thing is going to be like when it finally sees the light of day. I’ll stick with my Droid X2 for now.

  17. Remember that YouTube video? Don’t pick on the big kid.

  18. is this really the bionic I though it would be 4.5 thats kinda big for a 4.3 lol

    1. 4.5 its nice but 4.3 its cool too

  19. Yup. Will be an awesome phone, and MMI isn’t going anywhere. Best made phones out there. Can’t wait to get me my bionic!

  20. Why does Verizon hate me

  21. The photo is distorted, look at the micro HDMI and micro USB port. The Bionic won’t look that thick, at least I hope not!

  22. I now have droid charge and have the crappy data conection problem. First phone for me that is not a motorola. I had LOTS of problems with all of my motorolas. 2-startac, 4-razr v3, 1-razr v3m, 2-droid1. Had to try something else. Don’t think I’ll be wasting any more money on motorola devices.

  23. Maybe he has small hands…lol

  24. I don’t know why people are so excited for this phone. It’s just another Motorola pile of garbage. After owning the original droid I’m never buying another Motorola phone.

    1. Thats like saying “I hate pontiac because my 69 GTO didn’tcome with gps and a dvd player.” The Moto droid, although outdated, was a very good phone, it just happened to be the early days of android.

      1. What? I could easily just install a GPS and DVD player. You can’t fix Motorola’s ever increasingly crappier build qualities and their atrocious pentile screens


    2. Maybe because you having bad luck with a two year old phone means absolutely nothing to other people? I’ve had my Droid X for a year and it still works fine.

      1. All I mentioned was that I owned the original droid. You have no idea about my history with Motorola and all of my friends and familys history. They’re a terrible phone manufacturer just like they’ve always been. And Verizon is becoming a terrible carrier.

        1. But I don’t care about your past. My point is that you’re questioning why people OTHER than you care about this, acting as if your troubles with Motorola are somehow fact. The Droid X is a fantastic phone.

          And please, Verizon is becoming a “terrible carrier” in the same ways that all the others are. A lot of stuff is changing at all the carriers. A lot of it sucks for the consumers. It isn’t just Verizon.

          1. You obviously care if you keep replying. But my past does serve as fact because everyone I know has had terrible experiences. Just because you’re a fanboy doesn’t mean you’re right. And no, the only carriers changing are AT&T and Verizon

          2. you are a fan troll ignorant

          3. No, sorry. Please don’t throw 12-year-old logic at me in an argument. Me replying to you doesn’t mean I care about your past. The two aren’t related.

            And please, get over yourself with the “fanboy” shit. If I were a fanboy, I would stick up for the original Droid. But I had many problems with it.

            However, the Droid X, X2, and Droid 3 are all very solid phones.

            And LOL @ AT&T and Verizon are the only ones changing. You actually believe that sentence? Wow.

          4. @ZeoVGM
            You’re not even making sense anymore. And it seems you’re getting mad over my 12 year old logic. But it’s okay, I’m here to help your fanboyism and lack of knowledge. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

        2. you are stupid

  25. Isn’t that with the inductive case? There was a slight hump to the phone (like the DX) but you lose that when you equip the inductive battery case.

  26. Could someone please explain to me why we’re now saying the phone is 4.3″ when pictures that compared the screen to the Charge made it look 4.5″?

  27. It’s not fat, it’s just big boned. D:

  28. cant be the same back on both of those images, if you look at the first image it appears to have writing where the hump is.

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