What’s Keeping You on the Android Side?


I won’t lie – as a fan of technology period, it’s easy to be swayed from one platform to another, whether it be in smartphones, desktop computing, gaming or what have you. I’d hate to admit this being a writer for an Android enthusiast site, but I’ve strongly thought about adopting other smartphone platforms before.

iOS wooed me with its buttery-smooth performance and a quality app marketplace. Windows Phone 7 is dangling Xbox Live in my face. WebOS has always had me jealous of its multi-tasking and unique programming language used to develop apps. Meego taps into my inner-geek and BB OS, well, that’s one platform I haven’t had the desire to try out.

But yes, I get antsy and want to try new things. I’ve subdued my iOS itch by grabbing an iPod Touch and will soon grab an iPad. I’m going to jump on the first Windows 8 tablet the first chance I get as it’s the closest I’ll get to a non-phone Windows 7 device. And with a pretty nice deal on the HP TouchPad today, I’m one retail store away from buying the damned thing.

However, even with all of this great technology in the smartphone sector, I can’t bring myself to leave Android. No, it’s not because I fear I might lose my job here (though that’s certainly a good chunk of my deciding factor), but because Android just fits me. I could have jumped on iOS long before we heard of the G1 with the introduction of the first iPhone, but I stuck to my Windows Mobile phone (I was a devout T-Mobile Shadow user up until this point). For some reason, Android was different.

I’m sure it’s because my life  was tied into Google’s services at the time (and still is), but I also like to believe that I was gravitated toward Android because it was rough around the edges. It had that geeky flare that screamed “I’m not perfect, but with time and a lot of elbow grease, I’ll get there”.

I liked having something that not many people had or knew about. And now that Android has become the fastest. most widely-adopted smartphone operating system in the world, I’m proud to be inside the bubble and I don’t foresee myself leaving.

No one gets as excited about phone updates like Android users because Google always provides significant new features and technology that just can’t be had anywhere else.

Sure, such rapid development cycles have contributed to the fragmentation problem we seem to be facing today, but as a technology aficionado I’ll put up with the imperfections of the Android ecosystem simply because I love wondering what’s going to come next.

I want to hear from you all, though. What’s keeping you on board? Have you had urges to jump ship? And do you see yourself having those urges a long time from now when Android eventually becomes the king in overall global market share? Let’s hear it below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Courtesy of Wimm Labs: The World’s Smallest Android (Wear it as a Watch)

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  1. It’s a blast writing apps for the platform.

  2. everything about android!

  3. HTC Sense.

    1. So nothing really because Windows Mobile had HTC Sense before. What if WP7 got HTC Sense would you leave???

      1. No problem.

  4. Not much, to be honest. I started with the G1 and then moved on to the HTC Desire. I loved the Desire as it brought features that you just couldn’t get on the iPhone. Wireless Tethering, file storage, flash, integrated Google services. However the fragmentation and service is starting to grate a little now. Apps on the Android app store are getting progressively worse due to minimum hardware requirements, rogue permissions and the like.

    I bought an iPad for the wife. I already had an iPod Touch. Then I bought the Apple TV. They all work flawlessly together. Have you tried getting Android devices to work together?

    With iOS5 coming out soon, I’m not sure if I’ll stick with Android. As much as I love it, as much as I have defended it, I may jump ship.

    For a while. No doubt I’ll grab another Android device.

    1. everything will get better with ice cream everything will work together

      1. Which flavor of Ice Cream? Moto’s Blur flavor? HTC’s Sense? Will they work across their sub-platforms? Given the current record, I have very serious doubts. Google promises, but the manufacturers/carriers deliver.

        Google should name the next OS version “Sky Pie.”

        1. You say it like the different launchers affect the base OS’s capabilities.


    2. please……………..PLEASE try iOS5. When you come back to Android, make sure to say that too.

      1. Hah! I intend to. I’ll try iOS5 on my iPod Touch first, get everything up and running. If I like it, I’ll switch. I’ve got my eyes set on the HTC Sensation though…

        1. That’s if iOS5 runs on it… when there was the buildup to the big iOS4 release not that long ago in the scheme of things I could not wait and kept hitting refresh till early hours waiting for the release. Then it released, I connected it to iTunes and was informed my device could not support iOS4 … so I’m stuck on 3.x whatever forever on it.
          Same trend is happening on the 3G and I expect 3Gs … don’t really follow Apple news much since then.
          And since I got my Android phone, the Touch which went everywhere with me is now sitting gathering dust.
          The battery only lasted about 1.5hours anyway.Apple want a small fortune to replace it .. pass. I’ve got spare batteries for my phone that cost me less than £3ea … love it :-)

    3. The problem for me is that Google services don’t work real seamlessly with the iPhone. I use Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Google Voice, Maps, GTalk, and Google+ and it all works so well with Android. I tried to get some of that stuff working on my wife’s iPhone and it’s sketchy. There are apps, but it’s not quite the same.

      1. That’s exactly my problem! I’m an avid Google user, my entire life is on Google. Mail, Calendar, Picasa, Docs, Search, Maps. Wow, all my eggs in one basket eh? But it’s worth it. I love the services.

      2. can you explain how google calandar is better on android than iphone or wp7? i dont really see hows its better on android, i like the calandar interface on both iphone and wp7 better than androids

        same thing with the email apps. Your integration argument is weak.

        1. Since when does the native iOS calendar app sync seamlessly with Google Calendar?

    4. Do which android devices work together? I can easily update my contacts calender etc from my PC just by updating my Google account on the web, everything ends up on the phone via the cloud as always. I can sync my music to my phone via my wi-fi connection. And if I want to play it on anything else it runs a very nice DNLA server, which means I can play music and videos from my phone on my PS3, TV, PC and any other ( non-Apple) device using this industry standard, rather than Apple’s proprietary which has no advantages other than that your Apple devices use it. So yes your Apple devices will work very nicely together, but try getting them to communicate with anything else, or even any Apple device that Mr Jobs has decided you bought too long ago for him to care about.

      1. it works the same with other phones. your google calandar can sync with the iphone AND wp7.

        you can sync music wirelessly with both as well.

    5. Just be patient..Android is still a baby!! How many years took the apple to ripe and use MMS bluetooth etc etc??

      1. Well that is true. But, in their defence, they’ve come out with the features once they are fully baked and tested. Android stuff comes out and it can be a little buggy.

        1. And that is admirable! But I prefer to have a new features that work 90% of the time, a few weeks/months earlier, than be the last one to implement.. MMS now is worthless, bluetooth is being replaced by Wifi direct.. What’s the point??

          I don’t like Apple for a reason..They say they are/do/worth more than they actually are/do/worth.. They are cocky!! I am their customer, I need them to be exactly what they advertise! And not false “magical”…

    6. I agree with you. I have been using Apple products for the last 5 years (Computers, Apple TV and iPod) and Apple products allows you to have an experience (albeit the Apple experience) and windows/Android seems to be more flexible, powerful and allows personalization but it comes with a price of “geekiness”. What i mean by that is that you spent more time as a tech guy than experincing the product. I feel with Android and Windows I am always the “Tech Guy” or “Help Desk” guy trying to configure/fix etc… With Apple, you just experience a seamless (for the most part) integration.

      1. Hah! I was about to say this in another reply. I’ve tinkered with my Android phones so much that I think I’m done with it. I’m tired of tinkering in order to get the best experience. I want a phone that just does what it does. Android is almost there, HTC Sense is damn well awesome for that, but there are still problems.

    7. Get the iPhone equivalent Android phone, any Nexus. I hear what your talking about and I bought an iPod touch 4g but over the last few months I don’t even use it anymore since Android has gotten even better. I know that 95% of skinned Android phones aren’t worth it. People will say how this phone is better because of 2 cores, better camera, etc but in the end the most pro reviewers keeping coming back to the Nexus One or S because of how much better they are. I think a lot of it has to do with all the crap that the manufacturers load on their phones and with no way to uninstall it unless your one of the 0.5% of Android users who root their phone. With the iPhone and the Nexus you don’t have to root or jailbreak it to be good. I saw that and I chose to say with Android because without even having to root the Nexus had more features then the iPhone did. I have also been with Android since the G1 (November 2008) and I buy a new phone every year and this I’m eyeing the Nexus 3 or maybe the new iPhone 5 (since it now has a lot of Android features).

      I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with Android and if I do switch I’ll keep my Asus Transformer.

  5. Google integration, but depending on what ip5 looks like, I might switch…for a while

  6. What’s keeping me on the Android side?
    I declare myself a passionate and dedicated Apple hater.

    1. So you hate apple products for the same intangible, unquantifiable reasons that iTards love apple products?

  7. widgets, multitasking, making my phone the way i like… things i hate that there no games like an iphone and the copy and paste suck and there no printing

    1. I don’t know what kind of phone you have, but the Cut/Paste on Gingerbread is *very* similar to iPhone. And printing from your phone is drop-dead simple with Google Cloud Print


  8. I ordered the Droid 3 the day it became avalible on Verizons website. I’ve been a Verizon customer since around 2000. Had the Droid 1 before this. And I kept hearing a lot of people as me if I’d get the iPhone once it came to Verizon. My responce was “probably not.”

    But I couldn’t tell. I have an iPod Touch. I also have an iPad 2. So I wasn’t sure if I would fall for the hype when the iPhone eventually came around. When it did, I barely flinched.

    I like the Android system. It gives me more flexibity. I’ve found that I actually prefer to keep all my apps seperate. I have facebook and twitter and stuff like that on my phone. Its good to have when I need it. But a lot of the other apps that I have on my Touch, and iPad, I don’t need on my phone.

  9. Google Integration, Customization, and probably the biggest is application interoperability: ie, the fact that I can install a 3rd party application (say TweetCaster or FriendCaster) that is allowed to register itself as a sharable target. To iOS users that don’t know about this, this means that anywhere in any application that you have the option to share something, TweetCaster and FriendCaster show up as targets… as opposed to waiting to get the blessing from Jobs to decide to integrate Twitter sharing into the OS.

    1. +1 sir.

      ahhh…see what i did there?

  10. because you know that google will always find ways to make our lives easier and connective without bankrupting our wallets. plus all the free services at our disposal

  11. I am tied to Android for all the obvious reasons (customized interface, amount of apps and amount of DIFFERENT device options) and what sealed the deal is believe it or not Amazon. The free app a day that they give out has given me more games than I care to even play. Of course I refuse to bite into Apple…and Windows is WAY late to the game, as for the others (HP&BB) they just don’t have the apps.

  12. Microsoft and Apple

  13. I have a windows phone but I am fan and avid reader of android. Now, is that crazy? I will buy my next phone with android, as soon as hardware really makes a breakthrough.

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  14. I stay on Android mainly because of the customization features. Even without rooting, I can customize my phone enough to where it can suit my style, and make it different from others. I started out on the myTouch 3g, and dabbled in themes and homescreen replacements. When the EVO 4g launched, I jumped ship simply because T-mobile was taking too long to updated the myTouch, and I hated not having multi-touch.

    I instantly fell in love with the power of my EVO, and when I finally rooted it, my brain exploded. All of a sudden, I had complete control of what went into my phone. I could do away with that damned NASCAR app, and make my phone as lean and slick as I wanted. The Android Community is just amazing, with so many talented developers creating custom ROMs that have something for everyone. Dedicated developers make sure that the phones they support stay up to date with all the updates Google pushes out. I had Gingerbread running on my EVO months before Sprint released an update thanks to the CM7 team. I stay on Android because I really can’t get this anywhere else. Yes, we have problems with fragmentation, manufactures/carriers meddling with out software and updates, but at the end of the day, we have the choice to do away with these “middlemen,” and update the phones ourselves.

  15. Sprint doesnt have iphone

  16. Google keeps me with android. I LOVE how it ties into everything google. Android is NOT as polished as iOS, but I think it still looks nice. Vanilla gingerbread will always hold a special place in my heart. I do get the urge to try a different OS. The iPhone screen is to small. Windows is almost there. WebOS needs better hardware (I would love the tablet). BB just never did it for me. Me sticking with android really depends on ice cream sandwich. ICS has to have the extra flare android has been needing. Only time will tell. Team android for life though. :)

  17. Because android is improving very fast so when it’s time to change i want also to try the latest android version which is not available on my old phone !

  18. I have been with sprint with 4 lines and honestly I would love to have iphone (on Nexus S right now) for its buttery smooth performance. I have ipod, ipad2 and for me if I have to do quick search on the internet or browse something in less than a minute, i get my hands on ipod touch or ipad2 and not my Nexus S phone.. (tried couple times but just does not cut it) why??… (BTW, Nexus S has the latest and greatest android version 2.3.5)
    Can’t move to other carriers for price.. but if iphone 5 does not come to sprint I am seriously thinking of jumping ship for AT&T (get discount at work).

    1. What?? Not as easy?? Add a widget to your home screen and search away!! And you can add/remove places to look for..like web,databases on phone applications…
      If I got straight what you said with quick searching..

    2. Wth are you talking about? I SwipePad from any app on my phone to either G search or voice search (which works surprisingly well) conduct my search of anything on my phone or the web, get my results, share or save or print, and hit the back button twice to return to what I was doing In a snap. I’ve used other platforms, none of them come even close to this… You clearly need a tutor if you can’t search quickly on Android

  19. customizations: i can choose all sorts ways of doing things – like the swiftkey X keyboard or swype

    widgets: ’nuff said

    free stuff: Amazon appstore

    variety of form factors: 3.5″ is just too small; some people may actually like keyboards

    google services: maps with GPS and directions

    being able to choose best-in-class apps: apple doesn’t always let apps that compete with them into their store (i.e. i can’t use amazon’s cloud player on an iphone)

    there’s probably a lot more, but that’s all that came to mind right off the bat

    1. U Sir, aren’t a true android enthusiaist, i can tell from the list of reasons, that u are a new android adopter, but all i can say is welcome. But, like many of us phandroids on the site, who’ve been with androids, since donut and before, can tell an unlimited quantity of reasons describin our loyalty to the little green robot. though i do venture from tech to tech i still bear a green flag on back… LONG LIVE GOOGLE/ANDROID

    2. ”Some people may actually like keyboards”
      Too true, I love a good ol’ qwerty :)

  20. If devs start churning out all the top games on ios and android at the same time I will have zero use for IOS….period.

  21. What I like most about android is the diversity. Not everyone has the exact same phones that do the exact same thing and look exactly alike.

    While the iphone is a great piece of hardware, the hype and snobbyness it instills is what I dislike the most. I love that android allows more customization and a great sense of community.

    A few friends who have iphones always ask me why I stick to android. It is cheaper, more diverse and has such openness. It allows manufacturers to focus more on hardware and give us some amazing phones.

    Interesting how has android has grown…. And it was the first to get 4g from verizon. We don’t know if the next icra….. Iphone will even have 4g.

    My money is bet on android taking over and squeezing juice from the apple.


    From my Droid Incredible!

  22. Simple…..Android lets you do what you want with your phone….you know that phone that you purchased with YOUR money.

    1. can u record your phone call?

      1. Yes you can, just search for it and you’ll see.

      2. Are you serious? Search “Record My Call” in the Market. Not rocket science here

  23. Right now, very little. Android is like democracy: it’s the worst form of mobile operating system, except for all the others.

    I have a Moto Droid X and it’s been a near disaster. A phone should be intuitive, stable, reliable, flexible and capable. The DX is none of these. It reboots itself constantly, and frequently at the worst times. It cannot be customized in any meaningful way without punitive results from the manufacturer and carrier. It hangs too frequently when running even the most simple software. Suspected memory leaks mean it runs smoothly only if I shut it down every night. I avoided early adoption to avoid crap like this, but years into the OS, it still plagues. And MotoRizon keeps its customers at a far distance. Not official word one from either company about a fix.

    Still, apple doesn’t trust me to even change a battery on its devices. I don’t care for the draconian marketplace rules and abominable prices. Windows is, well, Windows. Final straw: All my information is on Google. I converted from the Palm OS a year ago. The experience sucked pretty badly. And now I have a tough enough time administering my device without additional conversion woes.

    So that leaves me in a one year limbo until my current contract drops and I can try some other Droid device. My hopes aren’t high, but then in this volatile mobile market, a year is a long time.

    I strongly suspect that if Google doesn’t put a strong clamp on developers corrupting their OS with Blurry overlays and HTC skins, Android, as we know it, such as it is, will cease to exist. If the past is any indicator, good luck to us all.

  24. I get bored with devices too quickly. Without “tweakability” I would go crazy. I usually try to upgrade about every year, but Verizon’s smartphone lineup has sucked so bad I’m almost to TWO YEARS! Custom ROMs have saved me!

    Also…iOS sucks. It’s just a big app launcher. If I was going to switch I would probably switch to webOS. That is one slick UI.

    1. GawkerRedesignSucks, I’d urge you not to move over to WebOS. I’ve moved over to Android in the last couple of weeks from WebOS and don’t regret it for a second.
      Since moving over to Android I’ve enjoyed applications which open instantaneously, a comparative plethora of applications, connectivity between apps and repositories, stability, etc. I can’t think of a single perk that would tempt me back to WebOS.

      Have you seen any of the youtube clips of the HP Tab trying to open applications? I’ve lost count of the number of clips showing apps taking ages to load up.

      1. You misunderstood. I have no intention of leaving Android. I was just saying IF I left I would go to WebOS and not iOS. I love Android and I can’t wait to get a dual core monster!

  25. iPhone has been smoke and mirrors from the start. It has a great marketing campaign, but lacks substance. The original iPhone lacked features like 3G, Bluetooth, and video recording when these were already standard on feature phones. When they added these already standard features they touted them as “revolutionary” and the appleytes swallowed it hook line and sinker.

    Android, though less mature as a platform, would by it’s very nature more innovate and grow faster. With the latest Gingerbread phones, Android has now surpassed iOS in every aspect. And from what rumors are circulating about the next iOS phone, it sounds like the current (and soon to be released) Android offerings are already better than the next gen iPhones. Now Apple is playing catch up, but because of how Apple works, they can’t move fast enough to keep up.

    iPhones will still have a following, just like Macs have a following, but it will increasingly become a niche market.

    Palm had some good ideas and designs, but didn’t have the muscle to become a major player. As for Blackberry and Nokia, they both sat back on their successes and watched the rest of the world pass them by as they slept. Windows mobile is practically vaporware.

    Android was and is the only smart choice for innovation and up-to-date technology.

    1. +1 you couldn’t have said it better.

      “Android was and is the only smart choice for innovation and up-to-date technology.”

      This is the #1 reason that i love Android so much. Choice and customization are the reason I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Plus it’s Google, and I have always loved Google even before Android was released.

    2. As long as apple have someone like Steve who can hypnotize the average tech-illiterate into believing apple is the leader in this stuff its going to be hard to kill apple….

      1. It’s even worse when they are able to hypnotize people who are tech literate. Most of my friends are tech nerds, and they are still loyal sheep to Apple.

        1. How dare they like something you don’t.

          1. OMG!!! How dare them!

            On a serious note, i could careless if my friends love Apple and choose to use iDevices. The problem is that they don’t care about choice, all they care about is having the latest iDevice to brag and say they own the “best thing” in the universe.

            It’s more of a fashion statement than anything.

      2. I am the sole Win 7, and 1 of 2 Droid2G owners in an office of Mac/iApple users. Daily I am regaled with “you should get a Mac” and “see what the iPhone does”. I remain silent and plod along as there really can be no debate with them. What amazes me even more. Is that in the last 18 months I have worked constantly without a single glitch in my Win 7 machine. (AutoCAD, Maya, Sketchup) Yet, on a daily basis someone has a problem with an Apple machine. It has been an education. What I have discovered is that if a PC has problems Mac users blame the machine. e.g.”PC’s suck/are crap”. But when a Mac breaks, they blame it on THEMSELVES. “Well I was doing/trying to change/installing…blah blah..and I broke it”.

        The assumption the the Apple stuff is unquestionable better is mind boggling. Recently in our office, an apple keyboard died. The tech people did not have a mac replacement and offered another keyboard. The user turned it down because “Mac keyboards are better”. I actually laughed out loud on that one. Better have no keyboard, than a working non-Apple one.

        Strangest thing, yesterday, for some reason, every iPhone in the office could not make a call. I’m sure it was an AT&T problem, but while 8 of them where in a group comparing why their phones weren’t working, I didn’t say a thing. I just made a clear call on my D2G in front of everyone.

        1. i find it hilarious when people show me their iphone and say “watch what this can do” (almost all the time it’s one of those touch the screen and hear a farting noise apps)

          and then i ALWAYS show them my 7 year old TREO 650 (i keep it around without service because its nearly indestructible and i’m waiting for the Thrill 4G) doing the exact same thing

          then i say “ohhh what’s this… physical keyboard bitches!”


    4. I mostly agree with with what you said, especially how the iPhone still only has a 3.5 inch screen and how the iPhone still doesn’t have true 4G speeds.

      However, I disagree with you where you said, “Android has now surpassed iOS in every aspect,” because Android still doesn’t have as many high quality games and because Android’s landscape keyboard mode isn’t as good.

      Android doesn’t have the Unreal Engine, and Gameloft releases their games for Android several months after they release them for the iPhone, almost as if Gameloft is getting a special deal from Apple for doing so.

      With the keyboard, the landscape mode is horrible because of the text box and the keyboard should be shorter. On the iPhone, the landscape keyboard doesn’t take up as much of the screen, and the iPhone doesn’t have the really annoying and pointless textbox that comes up when you use the keyboard in landscape mode.

  26. Because Android is a better platform and an iphone doesnt entice me because its really boring and just screens of icons.

  27. i love the tight integration with Google Services. brilliant.

  28. 1. The community. I love walking around and seeing other people with Android phones and striking up a conversation with them. Sharing tips and tricks. Reading forums just the whole package.

    2. Customization. Being able to change the look and feel of my phone is awesome.

    3. Widgets. I don’t use a ton… but the ones I use I wouldn’t want to be with out.

    4. Google. I know Apple and Google are both large companies and at the end of the day they are both just in it for the $$$ but to me Google just goes about it a different way. I follow a lot of Google people on G+ and they are always doing fun things for ElGoog employees and they are always coming out with new things. Google Maps, GMail, Google Calendar, Google +, Google Music, are all things I use and Google gives them to me for free. They at least make me feel like they want to make the world a better place.

    1. This is very well stated, as is the post just above yours. Apple gets ideas from others, implements it into their OS and devices, proclaims it “revolutionary” and the Apple dudes all say “hallelujah” in unison. But in reality, what Apple is really doing is laying their plans to put more of their follower’s money into their pockets. This year for example, the “latest and greatest” thing? The iCloud. Streaming music… big deal. But guess what? It’ll cost you $25 per year more than you’re already paying. How about MobileMe? $99 per year. And so on… btw, iCloud will keep 58% of the money generated by the end users $25 per year charge. The other 42%? 12% goes to the music makers (recording industry). The other 30% will go to Apple in various other forms (for iTunes integration, etc, etc)(ie. the cost of doing iCloud). They’ll continue to leverage ideas from other OS’s and sell them to their masses…. Until the masses wake up.

    2. Google’s business model is genius. By offering beautiful free products (android, google maps, gmail to name a few) they are essentially dumping diversified markets and destroying the competition. But that’s just one aspect of it. Once consumers – such as ourselves, android users – start to use and fall in love with the wonderful, open source and free, products, google wins our trust. This is where it starts to get interesting. You have to understand that Google’s main revenue (and core business) comes from ads. They have a fantastic ad system which can specifically target us because, with all the free stuff they give out, they collect a whole bunch of information about us. They use this information, and i’m connecting the dots for you here, to make targeted ads. In turn they can make better free products with their new data about how we use their products.

      Google is smart too. Now that they realize that search, from which they get the majority of their ad revenue, is not the future (that’s mobile, and statistics show people use search a tenth of how often they do on computers) they have dumped their Android OS onto the market. They can collect even more data from us users and use this to improve their algorithms to make even more effective ad systems.

      If you’re telling yourself that Google wants to make the world a better place then you really don’t understand the company…

  29. – open hardware specs … usb, hdmi, etc.
    – ability to change system level functions … keyboards, themes, etc.
    – google services integration … Gmail, Google Music, Picasa, Google+, etc.
    – widgets, notifications
    – large selection of choices in hardware.
    – growth potential.

  30. My provider contract. Seriously considering jumping to WPx.

    1. I switched from WM 6.5 to Android. I’m going to buy another Android phone while I give WP7 more burn in time. I’ll reevaluate WP7 again another year from now.

  31. I have had celll phones since the 1st Motorola Clam Shell – these so called smartphones should have the basic ability to “make & receive phone calls” – the iPhone4 fell on it’s face with the death grip which I promptly sent back and bought a Nexus One – the BEST Android phone I ever owned – PURE Google Experience – no crazy skins, prompt Google Firmware updates, etc – now I have Samsung Galaxy S2, unlocked and not in the States just yet – I enjoy being on the bleeding edge of smartphone technology and Sammy finally has a hit with the S2 but I still want the Pure Google Experience – hopefully the Nexus 3 will provide that – Google has let us down with the Nexus S – No expansion, now internal memory, a big disappointment – I enjoy the freedom & openness of Android but there has to be a better way to distribute the latest O/S in a timely fashion – Apple iOS is locked down & Android is too fragmented – but GOOGLE Android & the Pure Google Experience has kept me coming back for more….Can’t wait to see what the Nexus 3 has to offer…

  32. iOS is great until you want to do anything even a little outside the box and then you’re SOL. I love all of the integration on Android. I like being able to work on my computer and have my phone updated whether it’s playlists from Reader or contacts from Gmail or even buying an app. In the end I feel like I have full control of my phone with Android.

  33. Customization. iOS is bland as hell and WP7 is not bland but is too simple, uniform, and no different than the next guys WP7 phone.

    Android on the other hand let’s you make the phone how YOU want it to be.

    And I’m just a huge fan of Google and all the details they are putting into the OS as a whole.

    1. Everything is almost right there, but I don’t get the part with the pizza…

      1. The part with the pizza signifies that Blackberry users see Android as not a serious OS for business, used only by teenagers living in their parents’ basements still working as pizza delivery boys.

        1. In other words the definition for a serious OS for business is a boring OS…

  34. MIUI has certainly been a big factor for me – UI polish and smothness of iOS combined with the openness of Android. I’d certainly have considered leaving had it not been for MIUI.

    Also, I simply like being able to plug my phone into my computer (or anyone else’s) and drag and drop content. Simple. no itunes, nothing.

  35. I’m here for the freebies, they are…?… oh there they are… *walks over to freebie table*

  36. I’m not going to lie…..Apple products like the iphone and ipad are amazing peices of hardware. However, what’s making hate them is their extreme strictness. You need itunes to start it up and you need itunes for everything, like movies,music and pictures. God forbid you try to sync it up on someone else’s computer.

    I bought my parents the ipad2 because my mom has an Android phone and she was completly lost. However, the ipad2 works perfectly for them, especially my dad who knows squat about anything electronic. Trying to be a good son, I uploaded all the family photos as a surprise. When it came to uploading videos of the family, it wouldn’t accept it. Why? Because it only takes mp4’s and the vids were avi and mpegs. This is exactly what I’m talking about when it being stricked.

    On my android phone and tablet, I can use out the box, it’s plug and play, I can upload differrent video formats albiet I need a certain app to watch. I can side load apps when I want, no “jail breaking” required. Flash is very, very very important to me because of the type of live streaming I watch.

    Basically I can almost do whatever I want with my Android product, fragmentation is not an issue to me.

  37. Widgets, choice, competing innovation, 4g LTE, not patent trolls, best sounding updates, bigger screens, ICS is right around the corner and that should start eliminating fragmentation

    1. But sadly it probably will take Atleast 6 months to get on majority of phones . I wish they would push it all at once to eliminate fragmentation.

  38. The reason I’m sticking around? Android is an (mostly) open system which leads to rapid and organic innovation and development (from Google and developers), whereas Apple, being a close system, tends to stifle this. Yes, this can lead to problems (e.g., Malware, Fragmentation, etc.) but it’s well worth the trade-off.

    Google continues to add new features to Android (and the apps they’ve published), while Apple is leveraging ideas from Android into their newer builds of iOS. On top of it all, the dev community is awesome. I see the carriers, with the tiered data plans, bloatware and skins as the biggest detriment to Android, but that’s a small knock.

  39. The ability to tether for free with T-Mobile … which will go away after the att merger. After that all bets are off. Win7Phone does a good job at tying into googles services which is all I’m really looking for.

  40. Feature request: Add engadget’s exclude feature.

  41. I really just want Android to improve its user experience. Hardware acceleration for buttery smooth graphics and animations throughout the OS. Updates that improve everything with the phone, not improve one thing and break another. Google working closer with the manufacturers to make sure their skins aren’t making the phone buggy, laggy or glitchy.

    1. Get rid of all widgets, don’t run any background apps, and run in the program bar. Then it’s faster than the Iphone. Those are the things you like about Android, but it’s not entirely fair to compare. It’s like bitching about the speed of Windows 7 because DOS moves so much faster.

  42. I am sure for a lot of people price is a deciding factor, especially in the developing world.
    Samsung android phones are a case in point.
    Other biggest factor is offcourse the customization options available with android…people think of their phones as accessories and want it to look and behave like they want and not like some maker decided for them!!

  43. I’ve tried Blackberry, and I don’t really like it. Android… the customizability gives me one of those feelings you get. The kind when you’ve found your true love.

  44. C H O I C E

    of phones,
    of customizing like crazy out the box or not,
    of how I wanna see the web,
    of carriers..

    C H O I C E

    And I’m a fan of widgets. Didnt really use them on the old Win Mo, they are almost a need on Android.

  45. Google = You tell us how you want to use it.
    Apple = We’ll tell you how you should use it.

    1. Bingo! That formula encompasses every comment above that I hit the “like” button for

    2. ^/only answer that is really needed

    3. Apple don’t say what you “should” do, they tell you what you “have to do”.

      1. Imagine the mobile space, if Apple hadn’t created the iPhone? Imagine the tablet space, if Apple hadn’t created the iPad? Imagine the MP3 player space, if Apple hadn’t created the iPod? Going further back, imagine the desktop space, if Apple hadn’t created the Macintosh? Shudder!!!
        We all have opinions and have all chosen sides, but I’m glad for Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak. 

        1. Yea, apple is totally the most important because microsoft came out with the first tablet pc. We totally need apple…

          1. I didn’t say they invented it, but with all the Apple hating going on, it’s nice to acknowledge how their presence has changed technology for the better. Just think about how all the things I mentioned in my first post were before Apple came along. Even Android would have looked a lot different if Eric Schmidt hadn’t been on Apple’s board and got an early look at the iPhone. The early versions Android looked like the Blackberry. Imagine that!

            We all know the state of the Tablet PC before the iPad. Microsoft tried for years and it went nowhere. On a side note, the Newton, released in the early 90s, is considered Apple’s first tablet. Anyway, enjoy your Android device, but think how different it would be if not for the iPhone.

          2. Actually many manufacturers were on the right tracks, well, that was before Apple completely raped the phone market with their shit..

          3. i love android, but this guys right, without apples lies…. err i mean marketing technology wouldn’t have grown so quick to compete

          4. Did you ever use a Microsoft tablet PC? Yep, I thought not.

        2. Actually they didn’t invent the first touch screen phone either. That was Palm. What Apple did was add apps and take away a stylus and a keyboard.

          1. Actually, Apple created the first production gesture based multi-touch UI for a touchscreen device.

            All those swipes, pinches, and flicks. Originally invented by FingerWorks, which was acquired by Apple in 2004. The FingerWorks folks continued to work feverishly at Apple perfecting the hardware and low level code to enable the technology. Then, Apple’s UI guys turned that tech into an awesome new UI paradigm.

          2. No. You are clearly wrong. If you check your facts, you will see that HTC brought out a finger-touch phone before Apple. (It was introduced several months before the iPhone in Europe), as a Windows based smartphone. The HTC Touch.

            “All those swipes, pinches, and flicks,” were already in production by HTC before the iPhone was released in the U.S. So the precious Apple iPhone was not the first to bring gesture-based touch to the phone. HTC was: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Touch

            The bottom line is that Apple “invents” virtually nothing. Apple makes better that which already exists.

        3. Your entire comment showed your ignorance, but it really shown through when you got to the ‘desktop space’ bit.

          Let’s just go back to 86 or so, and I’ll show you my Amiga next to your pathetic Macintosh. Now there was a desktop.

          1. It’s cool that you had an Amiga. My first computer was the Commadore 64. I have fond memories using it to write BASIC programs. The Amiga was great for video, but was in no way for the everyday user. I liken it to Sony’s BetaMax. It had advantages over VHS, but ultimately was relegated to the niche pro market. The Amiga suffered a similar fate and became the choice for video pros if memory serves me right. Heck, I even remember Next, Sun Solaris Sparc and SGI Silicon Valley Graphics Indigo workstations. These machines occupied a niche market and were not for everyday users. The Mac was. Its UI made it user friendly and easy to use.

    4. Google = You tell us how you want to use it.
      Apple = We’ll tell you how you want to use it.

      Apple = We’ll tell you how to hold your phone. Or alternately, you can cut off the last two fingers of your phone hand.

      What I have said before is:

      Google: partner with everyone, sue no one.
      Apple: partner with no one, sue everyone.

      1. Google = Use it however you want. We really don’t care about the user experience, we just want you to use Android so we can collect web analytics and sell ads.

        Apple = We’ve thought hard about the problem and we think this way works best. We won’t waste resources adding unnecessary customization features. If you don’t like it, buy something else.

        Let me translate your follow on comment:

        Google: copy patented inventions from anyone who has a good idea and give the half-baked copy away to anyone who wants it. Since we’re giving it away as open source, it’s not wrong to steal. We’re not evil, we’re like Robin Hood, right?

        Apple: Invent cool stuff. This time around, don’t let sleazy copycats get away with stealing said inventions and commoditizing a half-baked version of them.

        1. Apple: Steve Jobs tells you what you like, and if you don’t like what Jobs likes, hit the road.

          Apple buys patents and then sues even though it hasn’t invented the process. Apple copies the process (like touch, pinch-to-zoom) and then claims it was the inventor and files a patent. Then it sues anyone who already had the process. (HTC, Samsung).

          Apple copies and makes better what is already invented. Then Apple patents and sues the original inventors.

          Google: Customize to your heart’s content. Google doesn’t tell you what to like. Google makes it easier to decide what you like and then implement it.

          Google has plenty of patents to protect the process that was already devised. “Let Apple sue us,” is the Google position. But oddly enough, Apple hasn’t sued Google.

        2. You assume bad patents are a good thing. Very few things deserve patents. Apple is exploiting that the system is severely broken. Apple was strongly against patents in the early 1990’s. (I know because I was a longtime Mac developer in the classic Mac days — ever hear of Timbuktu?)

          I won’t even dignify the nonsense about stealing. Hypocrite much? Apple has infringed many, many patents as well. Those thieves! Apple should simply NOT be allowed to use Motorola’s and Nokia’s basic patents on GSM technology. And Apple is being sued over this.

          Android was under development long before the first iPhone was released.

          If you think Google’s OS is half baked, then why are you so concerned about it? It will die on its own if it is really so bad.

          I have no problem with Apple inventing cool stuff. I also have no problem with their choice to build an integrated product and not license it to anyone else. There are also great and expensive sports cars that are a work of art. There are also products in many other categories that are a work of art. Meanwhile, that doesn’t stop the bulk of people from having great everyday products that are highly functional and at much lower prices than the “boutique” products.

          Apple seems to think they can have it both ways. Make a great product. Nobody else can make any product. (Although IMO Android is actually better, but my opinion on that is irrelevant here.) Apple should be made to pay for the patents they are infringing — and however it works should work both ways — maybe Apple products should be impounded and destroyed.

          Oh, and HTC bought S3. Apple Macintosh computers infringe on S3’s graphics patents. HTC wants Macs impounded and destroyed — and I think they should get their wish given how Apple is playing. After all, Apple just wants to steal and copy other people technology.

          Live by the broken patent system, die by the broken patent system. Poetic justice.

  46. .I own android and used an iphone once and where they have android beat is how in tandem the hardware works with the software. With android and all the skins I feel that is hurting android since it causes more delays with updated and also seems at times to take away from what the phone could really do. I feel the nexus line blows iphone away and google should be more strict with how oem change or add to android. Apple never needed dual core and wp7 is the same google should reevaluate what it let’s manufacturers to do if it ever wants to really unseat apple and software/hardware optimization is the big area android needs work on and yes phones are getting better.

  47. It’s funny because I only use apple computers and I have an ipod touch but I choose android for the same reason I order my shoes off the internet, I don’t want something that looks just like what everyone else has. Everyone in my office with the exception of three android users (1 being me) has an iphone with a black otterbox…. so boring.

    1. It’s interesting because in my office, at least in my department, the majority is Android. There are probably like 3-5 iPhone users, maybe 5-10 dumbphone users and the rest are Android.

      1. I bet the Android users in your office doesn’t use the same Android phone

  48. I like having the [misguided?] thought that this device/phone/tablet is mine and I’m free to customize it [or brick it] to my heart’s delight.
    I could easily be on the “I hate every iDevice” bandwagon, but to be honest, that company makes a good product — I don’t personally own any (my other half does… bless her heart). You can’t hate a good product though… but my dislike(?) of that company and their products lies in the closed nature of their product(s). The very openess of Android is what makes me like it.
    It’s not perfect, but what is?

  49. I own apple devices, but I just looked at the andriod phones vs the apple phones and felt andriod was doing more innovating things. After I got my andriod I started following all the google vs apple patent stuff, and I am glad I went with andriod, I don’t like how apple is trying to “compete”.

  50. The g1 was my first smartphone. And I have owned 4 other android phones and a nook color. For me I live the openness and freedom. My love for android has been spread to my family, and co workers. My nephew is now a crack flasher as well.

  51. What a good article. I decided to go for Android OS rather than any of the others because it seemed to be different and I didn’t want to follow the crowd. What’s keeping me with Android now? My contract, plain and simple, I’m stuck with it and can’t get away for another 18 months. Next time it will be Apple or Blackberry, I am totally disappointed and disillusioned with Android/Google. To many handsets, no customer loyalty, poor update management.

    I have 2x HTC handsets and Samsung Galaxy Tablet, all will be replaced and would be replaced now if possible. Roll on contract ends.

  52. I stay with Android because for as many bumps as there are along the road, I feel like Android is always actively trying to improve and is on the cutting edge of technology (e.g. 4G LTE, dual core, etc) and as a person who loves technology, I don’t know if I could wait every year for a new iOS product. I will say my first few weeks with a Honeycomb tablet (Samsung Tab 10.1) made me strongly consider getting an iPad, but I waited for the TouchWiz update and now I’m happier.

    I will also add that I do have a MacBook Pro because for as much as I hate iOS, I have Windows that much more. I don’t know enough about Linux to strongly consider that, so presently, Apple does make the best retail laptop. If Google made a fully functioning OS to compete with OS X and Windows (not a Chrome Netbook, a true laptop) I would probably end up purchasing it.

  53. At this point, the only things keeping me on Android are: 1) the fact that I’m still 9 months out from my upgrade date, and 2) the fact that we just had a kid and I can’t justify purchasing a new phone from the secondary market / buying phones off Craig’s List is kind of scary.

    I’m a huge fan of the concept of Android. I think my primary issue is with the device that I currently use. I have a Samsung Fascinate. It is super buggy, prone to crashing, laggy, lacks RAM, has been horribly slow with upgrades and has weird slowness issues related to the UI. Also, it has recently developed an issue, post update intended to fix call quality, where it no longer plays nice with Google Voice, so I can no longer receive calls on my GV account. It is really unfortunate that though I’ve been very bullish on Android as a platform / conceptually, my bad experiences with this one device have soured me on getting a new Android device. I know that other people don’t have these problems on other devices, but my personal experience has been poor.

    This all is also in the context that I was an iPod Touch user prior to getting my first smartphone. I’m also a heavy podcast and audio book listener. I would say that these are actually the main things that I use my device for. There are some good apps for Android in the podcast space, but I always feel like these are secondary functions on my phone. On my iPod, which I still use, podcast downloading is annoying (have to plug in to download, no OTA), but it is still a much more pleasant experience. I can listen away and it doesn’t crash or bog down my device, as with my phone.

    I think there are a couple of lessons here. First, a bad device can sour one’s experience with the platform overall… something Google needs to be mindful of. Second, if you have one primary thing you like to do with a device, make sure the device you use is optimal for performing that function.

    1. You know what? I can’t argue with you. The iPod Touch is a wonderful music and game player. If that’s what you want, I think that’s your platform.

  54. Brief story: I handed a friend my phone. Showed him how to use SwipePad, make a call, and explore through folder organizer, then showed him 2 widgets for good measure. While blown away, I took it from him and handed him my wife’s. He tinkered with it for a moment, then asked “what phone is this?”… My wife and I both own Evo’s.
    Choice, and individuality… Every other Platform fails to recognize, we are not all the same.

  55. Mostly I like Android because it is made by Google, they are the most ethical company ever, even with all the FUD dished at them daily and the nexus option is available, I actually want a 600$ phone to be able to do things, like be able to use a file manager. I think Android is very rough around the edges and as a designer I really hope it improves in the UX/UI category. I would never ever consider WP7, for ethical reasons and because I’m not retarded, iOS looks nice but so constricting, great apps though, WebOS is fairly good, Blackberry, ughhh, QNX shows promise though. I’m buying an Nokia N9 though, Meego Harmattan looks amazing, terminal, root, need I saw more.

  56. The customizability, the possibilities, the live wallpapers and the integration with google services

    what I don’t like are custom UI skins….thank god for the nexus line and rooting

  57. For me it’s the customization. I use my phone so much and I sometimes get bored with it’s layout, look and feel, and/or general usability. I love that I can swap out a launcher or ROM and have a completely different experience. It’s like getting a new phone all over again. I have had my Droid X for about a year and have gone from Launcher Pro, to APEX 1.3.1, to APEX 2.0 RC2 and now I am using MIUI and love it. I might get bored in a month and try my hands at CM7. Or I might even pick up a SGSII device and try my hands at TouchWiz. Point is, I have options, each with their pluses and negatives, but they all work for my phone!

    Why would I ever need to try another platform when I have a solid phone OS with infinite customization possibilities?

  58. What keeps me with Android is the openness… The huge support groups… The fact that I am not stuck with what Apple tells me; what I can and can not do. The fact that Android pushes innovation and technology and keeps improving on greatness.

  59. Oh boy, let’s see…

    1) I boycott Microsoft, and in general they tend to turn out turds frequently. Even if I didn’t mind funding them, I’m highly skeptical of how polished their mobile OS will be. IMO, the only thing they have that’s decent is XBLA.

    2) Apple’s products are highly proprietary. Two words: no thanks.

    3) I hold little trust for Google. Yeah, they make great products, but they’ve shown that they’re not interested in respecting our privacy. However, I learned the hard way that all the apps are on Android and all the best phones ate on Android, so that leaves me with little choice.

    4) I tried Maemo with the N900. While the OS was nice, the experience as a smartphone user was painful.

    Until something better comes along and gains a larger market share, I’m going to stick with android.

  60. Vertical marketing is never good, and Apple is the King of VM. Advances in technology suffers for Apple’s profit. Android started as a safe-haven for folks with a passion for technology and now has gone mainstream, I couldn’t be more proud.

  61. I have nothing against other platforms..Android is just my cup of tea. My girlfriend has the iPhone and she loves it. I bought her Apple TV and the Airplay technology is really cool. But she is not tech savvy and just wants a solution she can use without much head scratching…but she doesn’t even know much of what the iPhone can do so having an Android in her hand would be a waste. I still have the OG Droid and I love the whole rooting/rom/overclock tinkering but those days are fading because pure Android experience devices are so scarce and the OG Droid’s hardware is at it’s limit when loading new OS’s. I still think Android has so much potential and can’t wait to see new versions. I just wish the manufactures would adopt more of the development side to be utilized by the common user. For example, Moto has it’s Blur interface. Wouldn’t be cool if Moto provided several versions of Blur that users good go install and try out? All the while allowing users to just use plain Android even without root access? Just my two cents.

  62. I’m an Android guy because of the integration. Like something on google maps? Put a star on it and when you go to Android navigation. . .there it is! New contact in your address book, and it appears on your Android on the next refresh.

    But, I do also like iOS. You have to admire how well their whole operation is executed. Not flawless, but pretty damn near close to it.

  63. /me notices that the comments here are surprisingly troll-free.

    I’m on android ‘cos i wanted a nice new phone that was fancy-pants that wasn’t hindered by the things iphones are. iphone4 on OS5 is a large step forward, and i do like the look of winpho7’s gui but, frankly, it seems like android gets all the manufacturer attention.

    Seamless integration into Google’s world, notifications and having any app as a ‘share’ recipient and htc sense are all key too.

  64. If the iphone supported flash i would consider getting one,but they don’t. like you i live in a google world too,and i don’t want to change everything i am used too.

  65. I am leaving. Fragmentation is rampant. This app only works on this phone or this version. Its insane. I have my eye on wp7. I know apparently are limited but the interface is smooth and simple. I am also not I interested in rooting my phone just to get an app or the latest version of android. Its OK that people do that, that’s fine but I don’t want to. Also annoying is how glitchy these phones are and there is a newer better phone every week. I like how streamlined wp7 is. How apps are incorporated into the OS. Adding to the functionality of the OS. One stop for all the messaging services I use, not having to open seperate apps. Plus Xbox support.

  66. Funny little story. When i had first bought my droid 1 i was really interested in it. I want to be different like you and not get an iphone but i was considering on returning my droid and dropping my contract(back in the good old days when we had 30 days) and going to the iphone. I was really close then i found open home and all the themes associated with it and i was in love. I loved the customization and all the themes. it won me over. The funny thing is before android and the droid 1 i had a crappy feature phone so i didnt really know much about the difference between android or iphone nor was i much of a techno geek( i did love games though). I just knew my friends had a 3gs and it was nice. Then its kinda of a blur to me but somehow slowly but surely(i wish i could remember) i started becoming more knowledgeable about my phone starting with rooting and from was a techno geek keeping up with the updates,knowing what each one brought, flashing roms to the latest build etc.

  67. I’m with android because it seemed to be a head of it time. I had a windows 6.5 phone and it was a brick with no new technology. But android they pushing the limits for every phone company to step up. If it wasn’t for android we would still be on windows 6.5 and ios 4 lol

  68. The reason I will leave android when my renewal is ready is:

    EVERY time google updates, some aspect that worked flawlessly before suddenly does not and I have to spend countless hours trying to fix what wasn’t broken.

  69. I truly loved my iPhones (yep, I’m an Apple fan and have a lot of Apple products but I’m also an Android fan / contrary to popular belief you can enjoy products for what they are regardless of who makes them).

    That being said my reason is a very simple one… The UI on Android IMHO is MUCH nicer, more intuitive and I don’t have to root (aka jailbreak in iPhone terms) my phone to customize it to suit my needs. iOs5 is going to correct some of these lacking issues that should have been available since the inception of the iPhone but I plan on sticking with my DX.

    When I made the switch last year and dug deep into the Android OS my first thought was WOW, this looks like something Apple should have done. The notifications totally BLOW AWAY anything else, the ability to add widgets, customize icons, etc. are absolutely genius.

    My only issues with Android are few, but I feel the fact that you cannot make a full phone backup without rooting / nandroid(ing) is step backward. Yes my iPhone crashed on occasion but running a stock DX I get more crashes, (random reboots) / random bugs like double texts, etc. The crashes and spontaneous reboots are not that frequent so it’s not a huge issue.

    I just wish Google would make an actual desktop app for the market that allowed you to backup your phone’s settings / apps / app pref’s, etc.

    iOs really shines in some areas but Android (once again IMO) edges Apple out for the win.

    Oh, and I’ve also converted my wife… She’s the proud owner of a moto Atrix and loves it. And for anybody on the fence about purchasing an Android device because you have Mac’s don’t hesitate at all. It’s just as easy to sync your iCal and adress book using Google / and very easy to sync your iTunes and iPhoto using various apps ;)

  70. My grandmother has an iPhone and uses Facebook. I am an user of neither product.

  71. The LG GW620.

    Because no one else bothered to make a good phone with a good keyboard and OS. If Nokia made a Meego phone with a good keyboard, I’d be easily tempted.

  72. I’m on Android’s side simply because this is the first phone that I got where you can literally do whatever you want to it. Don’t like something? Change it. It’s simple. Very little restrictions, highly customizable, cutting-edge technology, and competitive prices. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s what a smartphone should be

  73. What had attracted me to Android originally and still has me using it as my preferred handset/portable OS of choice is it’s open source roots.

    What Android has going for it that iOS never will is the OEM manufacturer’s willingness to make SDK’s and bootloaders available to the public. The ability to customize your device to your taste and style is very appealing.

    As long as Android stays on the path it is going, I am a lifelong convert …. with the backing of a monolith such as Google and the integration of all of it’s resources and services, it’s almost foolish not to use or at least give Android a fair turn.

  74. Theirs a lot of things that keep me on Andriod, but I come from a different background at some point I’ve used all 4 major platforms
    My First smartphone was an iPhone 3GS, I loved the phone but felt very constrained by the app store restrictions, once jailbroken, the lack of an open platform still prevents any major departures from stock apple imho, I simply outgrew the platform, but still recommend it to less technical users.
    Blackberry (my first work phone) I just plain despised, slow with a 1995 looking UI,
    Windows 7 phone (current work phone) – I know it may not have all the features needed for business, but for my needs it works great as an work phone, quick and easy access to emails, voicemail and office documents, I think windows 7 phone could really steal more market share from BB, but as a personal phone it’s even more restrictive than an iOS device.

    Android is perfect for my personal smartphone, thanks to Androids open source nature, the fringe custom rom ecosystem is vibrant and very compelling. Even without rooting the OS is by nature open to customization, the app store is open, and even when google bends to pressure to remove certain apps, you can always get them from another app store. and while it may have a slightly harder learning curve, once you get used to Android you really can put together a UI that works perfectly for you
    Personally, AOSP (CM7) and Go Launcher makes a personal device that is far superior to any of the other OS’s and I know if I get bored I can change it up.

  75. I like Android because it started out as a geeky platform that it obviously far behind iOS but has so much potential. I love being part of the community, contributing the development of Android by leaving feedback to the wonderful individual and Google developers I communicate to online (I’m no talented dev myself). I feel like I’m part of building Android up, and it’s massive growth spurt doesn’t disappoint. Using iOS, I feel detached from its development because Apple doesn’t care what I think. Granted they make good devices but I don’t feel like I’m part of its growth. Android gives me that feeling no other platform does.

  76. The main thing that keeps me on Android is probably a combination of how much I like and enjoy the Google specific services and apps (gmail, maps, etc.), and some of the hardware options. I originally switched from an iPhone 3GS to an EVO 4G on Sprint, mainly because I was unhappy with AT&T and wanted to move to 4G. More recently I switched to Verizon to get grandfathered in (and because I haven’t been happy with WiMax), and I went with a Droid Charge because I wanted 4G LTE, and also loved the Super AMOLED Plus screen (I specifically didn’t consider some of the other options because I don’t like those pentile matrix displays with the visual pixels).

    So yeah, when I switched to Verizon, I wouldn’t have been able to get that specific screen or LTE with an iPhone, so it wasn’t a consideration.

    I will say though, I still miss things about how things worked when I had an iPhone – there are still annoyances with Android and Android apps, but I’ve generally learned to deal with them. App quality used to be a big issue for me, but I’ve found more and more Android apps that I use that are at least generally on par with what I had on the iPhone that I can’t really complain.

  77. There are lots of great things about Android and iOS, but seriously, Swype is the #1 difference-maker for me.

    1. I hadn’t even considered that until I tried to use my iPod Touch the other day. Having to use the iOS keyboard drove me crazy.

  78. I first got my Moto Droid because it seemed like the best smart phone Verizon had at the time. From there I really liked how you could customize it, and found some good apps that weren’t available on iIO (some games, the live wall paper). After a year or so, I also tried one-click root and now also enjoy the benefits of that.

    Its also nice to easily be able to side load music, pictures, videos on/off the phone without having to go through itunes. I wouldn’t switch OSes now, not just because I like Android, but also because I don’t want to lose my apps, or progress in some of the games I play.

    I probably won’t go with Motorola anymore though because of the locked boot loader issue, I’m hoping Verizon gets a Nexus phone, since I like the stock Android UI.

  79. It’s actually a simple answer-Root Access

  80. I stay with android because of the Droid…solid, bold looking phone and amazed me with the dev community and custom roms…I also can’t image me not having a phone without the DROOOOOIIIIDDDD ringtone. <3

  81. Too many things that iPhone just doesn’t do well or doesn’t do at all.

    #1 being integration with all things Google, not with craplet web apps but with real, live apps. Sync? Pssh…we don’t need no stinkin’ SYNC. Just leave your contacts, email, music, tasks, docs in the G-Cloud. Fire up any brand new Android and your stuff is just THERE. It just works. No computer hookup or synching required.

    #2 automation – Tasker, Lookout’s Plan B, Locale, and installation direct from the Android Market without touching your phone simply do not have peers in the iOS world. Plenty of pretenders though, but nothing that can, for instance, read my grocery list to me as I pass by the grocery store.

    #3 Widgets – yes, widgets, I don’t want to have to scroll through 90 million pages just to glance at the Mets score.

    #4 ROMS – have an old Android phone? Don’t feel like running to the store to replace a phone that’s only 6 months old like SOME people do? Flash a ROM on it. Run Gingerbread on your end of life Droid Incredible or Nexus One.

  82. I’m in the “Sprint doesn’t have an iPhone” crew as well. Although I’m really happy with my current phone too – the much-maligned Kyocera Echo. Aside from Monday’s little bricking mishap it’s been the best phone I’ve owned.

  83. Features keeping me on android are: 4’3″ screen size – could never go smaller; widgets – great time savers for turning on/off bluetooth, etc.; customizations I.e. swapping out keyboards etc; and ability to use apps like timeriffic which customizes my settings thru time triggers (best money ever spent!). If apple ever implements these features I’d jump ship in a heartbeat! Otherwise I’m staying with android.

  84. I jumped after getting my iPad. Next chance I have to upgrade, it’ll be to iOS. Android has great features and customizations but I have been disappointed far too often by bugs, freezing, and simple malfunctions. What I dislike most of all, though, is the incredible unpredictable upgrade cycle due to androids fragmentation.

    I have a droid x, and only recently got the gingerbread update. On top of that, reports are this will be the last OS update I can expect. Really?! Apple is upgrading iOS on 3and 4 year old iPhones and iPod touches. What a joke. I can run all my google stuff on my iPad and leave the underperforming hardware and buggy software. Happily, as soon as apple releases a 4g iPhone android will no longer be a part of my tech life. Android is a poster child for unrealized potential.

  85. I jumped after getting my iPad. Next chance I have to upgrade, it’ll be to iOS. Android has great features and customizations but I have been disappointed far too often by bugs, freezing, and simple malfunctions. What I dislike most of all, though, is the incredible unpredictable upgrade cycle due to androids fragmentation.

    I have a droid x, and only recently got the gingerbread update. On top of that, reports are this will be the last OS update I can expect. Really?! Apple is upgrading iOS on 3and 4 year old iPhones and iPod touches. What a joke. I can run all my google stuff on my iPad and leave the underperforming hardware and buggy software. Happily, as soon as apple releases a 4g iPhone android will no longer be a part of my tech life. Android is a poster child for unrealized potential.

  86. few things keep me on Android

    1) 4.3″ form factor – I have the evo and love the screen size; could never go back to 3.5″

    2) Widgets – love being able to toggle bluetooth, wifi, gps, etc. without having to dig thru menus; as well as weather widgets and other data interactive widgets.

    3) customization – love being able to swipe out the keyboards etc.; also love being able to use apps such as Timeriffic (which configures your phone based on time triggers i.e. I get to work at 7 o’clock so Timeriffic automatically lowers the volume, turns off wifi; at 3:30 it automatically raises ringer/notification volume to 100%; i’m home by 4:30 so it turns wifi on lowers ringer/notification volume to 50%; then at 10 o’clock I go to bed so it silences the phone and lowers the brightness (cause it blinds me when I pick it up to turn off the alarm); at 5:45 I’ve hit snooze a few times and am out of bed so it raises the brightness back to 100% and raises ringer/notifi volume to 100% —- love it love it love it! My gf is always cursing her iphone cause she forgets to silence or un-silence her phone. I never give it a second thought (set it and forget it!)

    If apple ever implements the 4.3 form factor and implements the other software features I’d jump ship in a heartbeat but until then I’m staying with Android

  87. Android is neither Apple nor Microsoft. That’s what keeps me.

  88. Customisation
    Accessories are not overpriced
    Less restriction on syncing and applications

    I do accept the fact that ios interface looks better out of the box.

  89. I love the fact that Android comes in different shapes and sizes. I love customization. Android fits me and I’m not leaving.

  90. It was never really much of a choice. Im not the kind of person that likes apple stuff, never been inpressed by their look-at-me flash. I dont like Windows, I dont even use it on my computer. The amount of Blackberrys that I see that are wonky, doing w/e they want with no input from the user, I think Ill pass. Plus I love Google, Gmail rocks, Google Search is the best out there. It was really a no brainer.

  91. Android FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$

  92. Android is unlimited and captures the imagination of people everywhere. Apple delivers buttery smooth reproductions of the notions of a few people. I prefer Android, but understand those who like butter.

  93. Yes I have had the urge to leave my wonderful android device behind for iOS. The thing is that like you Android just fits me well. I love flashing Cyanogenmod 7 onto my Droid 2 Global and nook color. iOS is just way to locked down for me i cant take it. Altho I do have an ipod touch just for my little needs for smoothness haha.

  94. Because I like to own my phone, not borrow one from Steve. He’s a D Nozzle.

  95. my hate of apple keeps me here i really liked web os but hp has there heads up there ass and crappy phones so cant go there windows looks okay but no apps and outdated phones so Android is the only place to be plus all the roms are fun to play with had evo 4g lg g2x now evo 3d im sticking with android and Htc

  96. My hate of Apple keeps me on Android, but it’s getting really difficult to say no to Apple anymore with Google STILL not implementing hardware acceleration. iOS and WP7 are buttery smooth, it’s an absolute joke that Android doesn’t use hardware acceleration still. It would help battery life too, I remember in one of phandroid’s other posts talking about battery life and how it sucks on Android. Plus it would draw soo many more customers. A lot of people won’t give up their iphone because Android is nowhere near as smooth and crisp as iOS. Everyone needs to Google search “issue 6914” and flag, star, and comment on the issue and let Google know you want hardware acceleration and to make it a top priory.

  97. Total Mac head, but would never use the iPhone. Android is a FAR better phone for many reasons we all already know.

  98. The Dell Venue Pro wasn’t sold by Tmobile. Couple that with shipping delays and a few issues here and there i went with the phone i wanted before that the G2.

    Tablet wise im getting an Ipad due to more apps I want and more support from third parties.

    As far as the next phone i may have to get when The Merger goes down I’ll see when the next batch of phones are. Ice Cream Sandwhich will have to be real good Because the N9 with Mango is tempting.

  99. I stick with Android because I can make my device my own. Locked boot loader or bloat can be dealt with or hidden. Choice is the best quality of this ecosystem.

  100. Honestly? Not much. The only thing keeping me interested is Sense 3.0 on my Sensation. I honestly haven’t even found a single Android-only app I couldn’t live without. At this point, widgets aren’t even a big deal to me, either. Luckily this phone has pretty stable performance, unlike my old Vibrant and myTouch 3G. I’ve been playing around with iOS 5 beta on my iPad 2 and with the Android-like notifications and the overall performance and app quality, I might just jump ship if the iPhone 5 comes to T-Mobile like the rumors suggest. Rooting never did a thing for me, and open source doesn’t mean a thing to me like I thought it would. I hate to say it, but I think I’ve fallen out of love with Android. The only thing keeping me hanging on is HTC.

  101. I had the iPhone 4 with Verizon. Before long I missed my Droid incredible terribly for these reasons.

    GPS-Driving: My Android had the best navigation, yes google nav. The iphone would still be driving down the highway when in actuality i had taken the exit, yes I have purchased and tried all of the apps, including the talked about motion X (wonderful interface fyi).

    GPS-Workout: programs on iOS will not track the exact route when the screen is off, also known as draining battery as I am not staring at my device while I run. Android on the other hand works well with the screen off.

    Notification system: I love the android notification system. Yes I know the iOS 5 update is coming but come on they hired a Jailbreaking Developer, who did a good job, but still copied Android’s notification system.

    I love the Windows 7 interface and it is way fast. But I love to customize once in a while and so android is still king.

    Web OS needs more apps and more presence in more carriers.

    I actually switched to Sprint and love it, also considering the unlimited data, and unthrottled, and am using the Nexus S 4G … honestly it is rooted running the MIUI 1.8.5 Rom which I love. Also installed are The following launchers:

    * Zeam Launcher
    * Launcher Pro
    * ADW Launcher EX
    * Go Launcher
    * Launcher 7 – Donated Version (The absolute best windows 7 launcher for Android)

    So I can make it look like any system I want.

    One other note is any “Premium” app that I used on iOS I also own on Android and have not missed anything more than 2 things.

    Screen resolution on the iPhone. Build Quality. Apple does great on that.

    But I like my bigger screen with close to resolution and I am not worried it will shatter if it slips out of my hand.

    Again my current device is:

    Manufacturer: Samsung
    Model: Nexus S 4G
    Rom Version: MIUI 1.8.5
    Android Version: 2.3.5

    FYI – I agree with the above. Apple and Microsoft are sue happy recently and Apple’s new iOS is very much catching up and not as innovative as before.

    And in response to “If it weren’t for the iPhone” guy.

    Actually if it weren’t for Windows CE and their clamshell devices their may not have been Pocket PC’s. If not for Pocket PC’s and the Palm Devices their may not have been the iPhone (original). And then if not for iPhone there may not have been Android, Web OS, Windows Phone 7, etc.

    The fact is iPhone was not the first but an iteration of what was there and CHANGED NOT INVENTED the way mobile phones and the such are used today.

    I love innovation and love the different devices in their own way. I am not a fan boy of any one specific device. I wish I had them all. But this is why I currently love Android and will stick with them for a while.

    One Request: People stop thinking that one company is the reason for all tech. It’s a combination of all!

  102. The never ending amount of New hardware that comes out due to android. I love buying new and selling old phones, constantly switching through brands. its awesome. I started with a nexus one sold that to get a vibrant. Then I sold the vibrant got a mytouch 4g sold it right away, then I purchased a htc g2 and a nexus s for my second line had that set up for a while now I currently use my nexus s and htc sensation. Best combo so far.

  103. My distaste for how Steve Jobs and Apple conduct themselves and my appreciation for how Google does business. Though if Phone 7 gets a nice amount of steam under it’s belt (it won’t, but if it does) I’d really consider switching for the combination of my Zune account and phone.

  104. Because my Atrix 4g can handle Firefox 4 via HDMI and I hate iOS Because it looks always the same.
    But I own a Ipod for games like 1-Bit Ninja.
    If Android can get the Apps from iOS, nobody would buy an Iphone.
    Android need more developers and great Apps.
    I can find everyday an great Game Apps but on Android I have to search long…

  105. I stay on android because I don’t need help from the Apple store to set up my E-mail..

  106. I stick with android because I can have a phone with a physical keyboard. Its so nice to have different manufacturers making devices for one platform rather than having only one manufacturer decide for me what I need. It gives me so many options in hardware.

  107. I bought an iPhone for my wife; I spent a couple hours messing with it. After having a Droid for a year the iPhone OS seems like it’s dumbed-down and designed for the technically challenged. It’s slick but leaves out a lot of levels of control that I’m used to having in my Droid.
    Would I ever use Apple? No. Will I look at Mango when it’s available at Verizon? Absolutely.

  108. i am soo tired of how unreliable android shit is! stuff doesn’t work well on android as good as they work on ios..and you all know its true! netflix streams movies real clear
    over 3g on iphone and they suck on the evo,,they look all pixel out! i bought the complete competitor to iphone the nexus s 4g and it still runs lousy compared to ios.
    i too thought that freedom to change home screens and launchers was way better but whats it worth if the other stuff runs like crap! come this october im going back to the GREAT IPHONE!!!!!!! so what if apple controls the software..it works sooooo good! you dont need to fuck with it!

  109. I’m now an android converte, I bought a nexus s as it is supposedly the best and I love the customisation of it and that it has no bloatware. However, I still can not believe it still doesn’t have an text client that manages to send bulk mail or even reliable texting. Cunt believable don’t you think? I still use the stock SMS, handcent and SMS are truly diabolical, the complaints in the Market fully back this up. Apparently its more important to have a flowery back ground than to get a text sent to the person you want it to go to instead of someone completely random in your address book.

  110. I just appreciate the customization. Apple’s interface is definitely enticing, but I hate limits. Android allows zero limits, which I love. Great customization, plus I’m not tied down to one device. I can have options, as opposed to one iPhone.

  111. CHOICES! I can choose the phone and price point I want and still get Android. If I want a physical keyboard or all touch screen; if I want to pay for the high end and get my daughter a reasonable prices midrange phone we can still have Android. If I want more storage, I can just upgrade my Micro SD. The Android platform is definitely not one size fits all, we have way more choices than just how many gigs do you want. And come on, how awesome is GOOGLE! Why wouldn’t I stick with Android?

  112. Honestly I think the only reason I stick with Android is the way it integrates real time with my Google stuff (Gmail, Docs etc) I hate POPing email and if iOs had a direct link to Google I would probably jump ship in a heart beat. Why? Not as much because of Android but because manufactures cant seem to put together a quality piece of hardware that is stable and worth buying. I’ve gone through more Android phones in the last 2 1/2 years then I went through phones my entire life prior. Motorola, HTC, Samsung… Theyre all CRAP!

  113. Of course you can thank Apple not only for a lot of Android’s look & feel but also Android’s success by keeping iPhone off Verizon for so long. Verizon and the 0other carriers, and all the phone makers all had a big non-iPhone problem which Android phones solved.

    As for me, I never liked the Mac or the iPod. I couldn’t stand the iPod because I couldn’t access the file system and just put folders of music on it like I wanted. I don’t like syncing to a specific computer, and iTunes software on Windows is a hairball. Plus I’ve been on Sprint since having a cell phone, and used smartphones since ’02 with the Treo 300. When iPhone was around I was using the Treo 755p which I loved and could do more with than an iPhone. I got the HTC Hero on day one and almost didn’t keep it because I was attached to the UI and keyboard of the Treo. After about a day, however, i was hooked on Android. Then my son & I both got the HTC Evo on day one of launching, and since then I have made it my challenge to use this device and nothing else for everything possible from morning to night — too much to list here, and far more than is possible with an iPhone. For example it works as a WiMAX modem all day on my office desktop PC while I access the SD card storage and use the phone and apps. My Evo will be in service for years to come, until it can’t run the latest ROMS. Even newer, more powerful devices don’t really have any new uses (except maybe webtop devices like the Moto Photon). Also, my life is on Google as a reseller of Google Apps for Business, so there’s that. You will never get me off of Android in this lifetime. Plus don’t you think it’s actually cooler than having an iPhone these days?

    – HTC Evo with CM7 and Launcher 7

  114. I don’t like this topic. We are Phandroidians. Why wouldn’t we stay with Android?

    I’m with Android because it works very well, it’s customize-able, and no entity tells me what I can or cannot do with it. Android is free, which reduces the price of the hardware, and is far more impressive than any other competitor.

  115. The google apps are way better on android, and most of the app people use are google such as Maps, Navigation, Youtube, Gmail, Google Voice, Google Goggles, etc.
    Also, when you go Android, you are free from all the stupid lock-in, proprietary crap, and small upgrades. I’m still pissed when I got my iPhone 3GS over my iPhone 1st gen, that it’s not twice the speed, and that it allows video recording which should’ve been there in the first place…

  116. I’m not a TURBO tech geek, but I have my moments, like reading Phandroid at 11:00 at night, but I’ve only even heard of Blackberry, WebOS, IOS, Android, and Nokia. I don’t know what BB or Meego is.

    Blackberry seems cool, but it took them 5 additional years just to implicate the touch-screen! And I don’t like QWERTY upright button keyboards.

    Windows Phone seems really neat, but none are on Verizon, it’s a lot of hoops to go through, and it’s an awkward layout with interesting, but impractical menus. I just never got into it.

    When I first saw the smartphone rave, I was getting more and more pissed with apple for ruining the music of my childhood already, by making MP3s impossible to manage, and losing my music. I thought the iPod Touch was an AWESOME idea, but as I noticed their monopoly was ending, as I was just starting high school, I realized that their desperation was more twisted and deep-rooted than I’d previously thought. Trying to own the world, and use coined phrases to gain control of the elderly when an iPad (Genuinely good idea, terrible practicality w/ iPad 1) or a new mac OS came out, like “magical,” or “fastest iMac yet, therefore brightest and best computer in the world,” it came to my attention that Apple and Steve Jobs were in it to steal from Microsoft, or Sony, or Google, because they came out with iPhone first. They think cheap, overly-polished aluminium, backwards cursors with inability to maneuver, and trend-setting with inefficient habits, in order to gain quarterly values, is ok. They think keeping their consumers ignorant, blissful, and clicking a ten-page contract every month in order to listen to music, then charging three hundred dollars extra for a brand name is helpful to society. They take no risks. The same company that makes an OS manufactures the monopolized phone for it, keeping everything closed-source, no rooting, and neat, but EXTREMELY limited. Amazon loses money off of Kindles. Android loses money in suites from Microsoft, so they can let users have a proper notifications bar. Apple implements one into the iPhone OS 5, after seeing how many people are switching, because of the lack of one, after android had it since G1. I loathe everything with a white fruit and a semicircular bite from its upper right-hand corner. iTunes was uninstalled a year ago.

    The real reason I stuck with Android, is because it takes the best of every OS, puts the Google logo on it, a name I always trust for security and fair products not made in labor camps in Taiwan, and adds some neat things you don’t see elsewhere. For example, I can play all of Angry Birds, for free. I can make the lights around my phone into an energy-saving notification bar. I can easily free-write, or proactively design my own, unpublished app, for free, without a contract. I can also find processors more powerful than my computer’s, and still have a stylish device with neat features like VoIP and an Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode Display, without contracts, hoops, trusts, or monopolies. And this is without having to be nerdy and to actually know what BB is. Android takes the internet, my child-like sense of wonder and dreams about the future of mobile computing, and puts it in a 4.3 inch display with HDMI and DLNA with a webcam. I was hooked when I saw the possibilities…

  117. My first smartphone was the G1. I have to admit that back then, I had Iphone jealousy as it was such a slick device. But at the same time, I was not a fan of Apple and really hated the Apple fans as I have always been a PC gamer who likes to fiddle with PC tech. I also owned many Ipods which I thought were inferior to my old Creative Zen Vision M. Anyway, I loved my G1 but realized that it wasn’t nearly as smooth and intuitive as an Iphone. It didn’t have pinch to zoom. The browser was a little choppy. It always ran out of memory for apps. But I loved the keyboard, and I loved the promise of Android. My phone was rooted and everything.

    Over time, the lack of speed on the G1 became more apparent. Even rooted with a speedy rom, the phone was sloooow and it took forever to open even simple apps like the dialer. I was frustrated and almost ready to concede to the superiority of iOS. All the iphones that I played with, just seemed so much nicer and the browser was silky smooth. But then came Verizon’s Droid and its huge media campaign, which gave me hope that faster and better Android phones were coming.

    Sure enough, Google announced their first “superphone” the Nexus One just a couple months later, and this boosted my interest in Android. I eventually broke my G1 later that spring, before my 2 year contract was up, so I went on ebay and bought a mint Nexus One for a whopping $500. I know, I know, I could’ve just bought it brand new from Google for $30 more, but then I would also have to pay tax and stuff, and I really didn’t want to spend more than $500.

    I loved my Nexus One. It was fast and slick, and still held it’s own against the mighty Iphone 4 which came out later. I missed the keyboard on my old G1, but the N1 was just so much faster and better in every other way. One of my favorite, most underrated features, was the glowing multicolor trackball for notifications. The N1 still wasn’t perfect, as some apps were buggy, and the multitouch wasn’t great(it could do pinch to zoom but not rotation). Battery life still sucked.

    My 2 year contract with Tmobile finally ended at the beginning of this year, and I managed to get a Mytouch 4G for free. The Mytouch is very similar to the N1 but with a few improvements: better touchscreen, more memory for apps, better battery…..but it lacks a multicolor led for notifications like the N1. Android still isn’t as slick and smooth as iOS but I still love it and what it offers. I’ve also owned an ipod touch(which broke) and now an iphone 3G(which I found), so I get to play around with iOS a lot too. In the end, I acknowledge that iOS is a great OS too and offers much better apps and a slickness that Android can’t match yet. But I love the customization and features of Android, and I’ll be sticking around. Now I just need to get my hands on a dual core device.

  118. I cant stand the control freak steve jobs. I don’t care if the iPhone came with a gift certificate to the local massage parlor, I wouldn’t buy anything apple.

  119. I think it’s definitely customization and for the wide community. I’ve made many online contacts (dare I say friends?)for just owning an Android device I’ve decided to root. And the extreme capability to customize pretty much every aspect of the device isn’t bad either.

    I also stay for the extremely talented developers on Rootzwiki, XDA, and (of course) the folks on the CyanogenMod Team. The devs’ hard work allows me to explore several options for UIs and experiences with Android, and I love having options.

    I think I’m an Android fan for life.

  120. Well I have an iPod Touch 4G, so there’s that, but HTC phones are better phones overall, iPhones just have better apps. If HTC stepped their app game up, there would be no competition.

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