Aug 5th, 2011

We’ve seen some pretty small Androids, but they’re just big enough to be considered phones and to be considered usable. Apparently, the industry hasn’t gone small enough. Wimm Labs took it upon themselves to squeeze Android onto a device so small you could wear it as a watch. It has a 1.4 inch display, a 667MHz processor, a microSD card slot that holds up to 32GB of storage and an accelerometer.

There’s obviously an issue with a device this small – market applications would be very hard to use on it. Instead, the company is relying on “micro apps”, a term for the platform that’ll allow developers to create applications adapted for the tiny screen and tap into the device’s internal hardware to provide extended functionality. At the start, you can count on the usuals such as a world clock, a calendar, weater, SMS preview, and more.

I’m not too keen on watches period, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having a functional Android phone sitting on my wrist. Wimm Labs eventually wants to use Android as a basis for their own smartphone platform, though they didn’t indicate whether or not that OS would be contained within the “tiny” realm of devices like the one detailed here. [Know Your Mobile]