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Okay, this is what irks me when studies like this one from ComScore are released. Yes, we all know Android owns the marketshare when it comes to smartphone OS’s. But to be fair, in the Android vs. iPhone debate there are probably more low-end Android devices and tablets than there are high-end ones that can match the iPhone. So let’s compare “apples to apples.” It’s either Android vs. iOS, a specific handset vs. the iPhone, or a specific smartphone manufacturer vs. Apple. Following those lines, exactly which manufacturer’s cuisine reigns supreme? Well, it’s Apple.

According to the IDC research firm, Apple is the world’s leading manufacturer when it comes to smartphones. That’s pretty impressive given the fact the company only makes ONE specific smartphone every year and they’ve already seen a growth of 142% since last year. Following closely behind Apple is Samsung which may give us more insight as to why Apple has focused their legal efforts on them. So, even if Android had a 99% marketshare that number doesn’t sound so impressive if most of those devices are low-end smartphones from multiple no-name manufacturers in China.

Why is this info important? Because this means we have yet to see one Android manufacturer (or Android device) that has been able to take the top spot from Apple. Samsung is doing a good job but they release a plethora of low to high end phones with the only real threat to the iPhone being their Galaxy S II line. I remember when the Nexus One was released it was going to take the smartphone world by storm. It was to be the “new iPhone” only with more power, more open and available for every carrier. Things didn’t exactly pan out for that device, so I’m now rooting for the Nexus Three (Prime). Here’s to hoping that device will capture the hearts (and wallets) of the world like the iPhone has and become Android’s breakout star.

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