Aug 4th, 2011

Battery life is a hot topic in Android. Ask anyone what they would like to see improved in their Android handset and I guarantee battery life will most likely top that list. Seeing how battery technology is all but moving nowhere, it’s now up to chipset manufacturers to help squeeze more juice out of our power hungry devices. Texas Instruments is just one such manufacturer that seems to be up to the challenge of taking your next smartphone and making it to hit that sweet 12 hour mark. But you may have to wait awhile…

According to TI’s Brian Carlson, he mentioned in an interview that the successor to their upcoming OMAP5 chips (OMAP6?) will be due out in 2013 will use a 20nm process that will provide “true all day computing.” How many hours is that exactly? Well, Carlson didn’t want to put a specific number on those estimates but apparently TI’s focus will be on power effenciency and not so much on processing power. This is in stark contrast with Nvidia who has been pushing the envelop with their quad-core Kal-El mobile processors.

Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of all day battery life since my Sidekick days. I’ve almost grown accustomed to carrying around spare chargers, extra batteries and keeping my phone on its lowest brightness settings. It’s clear we’re facing an uphill battle with battery tech not moving forward, faster data speeds and more “cloud computing.” Even if it is a year away, I’m really hoping TI and other OEM’s can help alleviate this problem.

[Via Fudzilla]