Texas Instruments Promises All Day Battery Life For Upcoming OMAP Processors


Battery life is a hot topic in Android. Ask anyone what they would like to see improved in their Android handset and I guarantee battery life will most likely top that list. Seeing how battery technology is all but moving nowhere, it’s now up to chipset manufacturers to help squeeze more juice out of our power hungry devices. Texas Instruments is just one such manufacturer that seems to be up to the challenge of taking your next smartphone and making it to hit that sweet 12 hour mark. But you may have to wait awhile…

According to TI’s Brian Carlson, he mentioned in an interview that the successor to their upcoming OMAP5 chips (OMAP6?) will be due out in 2013 will use a 20nm process that will provide “true all day computing.” How many hours is that exactly? Well, Carlson didn’t want to put a specific number on those estimates but apparently TI’s focus will be on power effenciency and not so much on processing power. This is in stark contrast with Nvidia who has been pushing the envelop with their quad-core Kal-El mobile processors.

Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of all day battery life since my Sidekick days. I’ve almost grown accustomed to carrying around spare chargers, extra batteries and keeping my phone on its lowest brightness settings. It’s clear we’re facing an uphill battle with battery tech not moving forward, faster data speeds and more “cloud computing.” Even if it is a year away, I’m really hoping TI and other OEM’s can help alleviate this problem.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Over a day and still holding strong with 35% left on my GSII :P

    1. That seems to be the one device I’ve seen people report a constant 12 hours of battery life. We’ll see how it does on Sprint’s CDMA network… =p

      1. Yea. Hopefully you guys don’t need to wait much longer for it… :)

      2. Ever since I took the SIM card out, I can get 12-20 hours out of my Droid 3, depending on my usage. Battery life seems to be either terrible or great for Droid 3 users. I’ve heard the same about the GS2. Some say it makes it 2 days, others say they can’t make it more than 10 hours.

        1. Wait- 10 hours is BAD? Since when?!?! Lol

          1. Since my Fascinate could easily make it 2 days :P

          2. I have a friend that has a Fascinate and there is no way he get 2 day it is up to the user mainly.

          3. not a chance in hell, unless its off most the time.

          4. It won’t let me directly reply to you two, but I had it undervolted by 100mv and underclocked to 800mhz, and was on a debloated TW ROM. That’s how I could get 2 days out of it. I also never had my brightness above 25 percent and had GPS and BT off.

          5. Chris, it’s cause people like you and I have been using HTC for our past few phones. I blame qualcomm’s shitty low preforming unefficient processors

      3. cant wait to see that SGS2 on Sprint. My annual upgraded is waiting for this thing. (10 yr customer here!)

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    1. +1

  3. In 2013 ? Lol it better, and the article states next omap not omap 5 fyi.

  4. 12 hours? I have no problems getting well past that now. Unless of course I’m watching movies. But I wouldn’t expect this little battery to get that kind of life. My laptop can’t even do that. I think some of you are wanting the impossible.

    1. I’d hate to say this but…. you ever seen an iPhone? Those guys go 12 hours easy =/

      1. My 3G dont get 12 hours

        1. Your 3 year old phone doesn’t have good battery life anymore? Wow what a surprise.

      2. You’re in la la land.

        1. The iphone do get about that much. That phone has better battery because iOS don’t have the date sync and multitasking like Android.

          1. Wrong. The iPhone does have data sync and multitasking. The reason why iPhone has better battery life is that their multitasking achieves the same thing as Android, but in a much more efficient way.

          2. Multi-tasking on the iPhone was basically non-existent when I tried it a month ago.

            For example, I got an audiobook app(I don’t care about Pandora) that shut down the moment u left the app screen to check an email or whatever.

          3. This is in response to TheMan.

            Were you using the iPhone3GS? iPhone4 does have multitasking but it’s very limited and not really ‘full’ or ‘real’ multitasking like Android. Which means I can’t leave some apps in the background ‘indefinitely’. I believe multitasking goes up to 8 or so apps.

      3. Maybe that should be my next upgrade? ;)

    2. What the hell kind of phone do you use?

      1. i get that with cm7 with setCPU with 4g on, bluetooth on. i browse occasionally, email and text constantly, update google reader constantly, and listen to music occasionally…get 25% by 12 hrs

      2. On my EVO 3D, I easily get about 16 hrs on avg. The longest I have gone on battery was 22 hours without a charge. It was left at 5% battery (no power saver on) – That’s a damn good battery if you ask me.

  5. I’m waiting for multiple days off of my android phone! Battery tech hasn’t progressed really at all lately.

  6. Pfft. A load of tripe. If I’m using my phone lightly, I get over 24 hours (Desire HD). If I’m not, the the display takes up 75%+ of the battery anyway and the processor counts for zip.

  7. I dont care if I have to strap a car battery to my back, I just what to get rid of this 3G and get the S2 already

    1. LOL

    2. Good Idea

  8. I think for now phones are powerful enough to handle most mobile usage. Focusing on battery life is a very good move on Texas Instruments’ part. Now if only we could get some more efficient screens.

  9. if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is

  10. Software defines the consumption, not the chipset. Before I upgraded my SE X10 to Gingerbread, I could hardly squeeze a day out of it. Now, on the same hardware I get 24-30 hours in regular use, and steady 12 hours if I happen to play games here and there.

  11. well it’s nice to see that cpu manufacturers are looking after battery life, but most of the battery usage is from the screen.

  12. an apple gambit. I.consistently get 12-24 hours (depending on use) on ky OG EVO.and 2-3 days on CM7 with undervolting and reg use. On my 3D I can go a full 24 hrs unrooted. Learn how to.use a phone. Ny iPhone would never compare. I hate all this battery bullshit.

  13. I wonder how the iPhone 4 gets such good battery life.

    1. The software is designed with the hardware. All Apple products have tremendous battery life. Look at the MBP, the Air and iOS devices and compare them to similar products.

  14. my phone rarely runs out of battery when it starts the day out at 100%….and I charge it every night, while I sleep, so it is good so far (then again, when I download a new game and play that a lot, that is when it runs out, but luckily I don’t game much on my phone)

    But better battery life is something I want too

  15. I’m no Engineer nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I always assumed the biggest drain on the battery was screen size and screen technology.

  16. I get ‘all day’ battery life from my HTC Incredible. Just get an extended battery and use the 2x Battery app.

  17. -sigh- gotta love a black man with with a love for tech specs….. /swoon.

  18. I have almost no complaints on battery, and Im using an overclocked (1.15ghz) Evo 4g, and never turn brightness below 25% (Usually keep it at 50%). And I easily get 18hours out of my phone. And thats with heavy to moderate texting and internet usage. Apps and video streaming will drop that time drastically, but I rarely do that, so its not a huge deal to me. I did purchase a 1100mah external battery, but thats really only so I can use the GPS on roadtrips.

  19. It’s getting really difficult to say no to Apple anymore with Google STILL not implementing hardware acceleration. iOS and WP7 are buttery smooth, it’s an absolute joke that Android doesn’t use hardware acceleration still. It would help battery life too, as the GPU would be shopping what it’s supposed to instead of the CPU doing all the work. Having HA would draw sooo many more customers to Android as well. A lot of people won’t give up their iphone because Android is nowhere near as smooth and crisp as iOS. Everyone needs to Google search “issue 6914” and flag, star, and comment on the issue and let Google know you want hardware acceleration and to make it a top priority.

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