Updated Android Market Now Being Pushed to Handsets


A couple weeks back Google announced that a new version of the Android Market would be making its way to devices running Android 2.2 and higher, and delivering on their word the update is now starting to appear on handsets around the US. Love it or hate it, the update should be delivered to all handsets soon enough. The new-look Market adds support for movie rentals and book purchases alongside apps and games, all packaged in redone tiled UI. You’ll find new top charts and access to editors’ picks. Of course, if you can’t practice a bit of patience the APK has been available for some time now, and you can go ahead and install it right away.

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  1. Nice, I was really starting to hate how unorganized the previous version of the marketplace was.

  2. I’ve been using the new market since you guys first put up a link to the APK a few weeks ago, and I love it. So much more organized. I recommend it to all Android users who can’t find what they want.

  3. I dont like it.
    Like the old one.
    This one feels Cluttered.

    1. It’s taken me some time to get used to it and actually like it.

  4. I hate it. Stuff is all over the place – I can’t find what I want and the layout looks like a damn drunken ape came up with it.

    Downgrade me pls!

    1. stuff all over the place? you have all the app categories on the left and advertisements for the more popular downloaded stuff IE. movies, books, and apps on the right. get your eyes checked.

  5. This market place is a god send for android. Its nice that Google finally made a significant change to the marketplace. it looks better and more organized then Amazons Market Place. The only thing is it takes a lil while to load up on the phone and show images. I have to tilt the phone from portrait to landscape to get it to load.

  6. It is much more sluggish than previous version. The interface is more congested and look a lot like a Metro UI

    1. Totally agree with both sluggishness and the Metro look.

      Once you get used to it the dual columns make browsing faster, but the first two layers of UI – seemingly dedicated to attracting merchandising revenues – are off-putting enough that I will be exploring less.

    2. I don’t know what you are talking about, the new Market runs twice as fast on my Nexus S. I’m having no problems at all, and i absolutely love the new design.

    3. “look a lot like a Metro UI”

      What an idiot.

  7. I have also been using the app for a couple of weeks now. I am happy with it. I did not like the new ui at first but after some time figuring the ins and outs, i really like it. It does force close on ms sometimes, maybe once or twice a week which never happened to me with the old market place.

    All in all, I am happy with it.

  8. Love the new market.

  9. Good, I was hesitant to install the apk myself and have been anxiously awaiting the official push. I’m looking forward to the new top charts

  10. Looks better, but takes a LOT longer to load/open…..Hope it will open faster on my next phone, then again I hardly ever browse the android market. All the good apps either get their post on phandroid, engadget or some other tech blog/site.
    Besides looking specifically for those apps, I only use the market for updating apps and sometimes for looking for a new live wallpaper.

    Also…anyone else here not seeing the firstpage? The page where you can select apps, games, movies or books…..When I open the market it goes straight to apps and no way to browse the book and movie pages…..I think it is because I don’t live in the U.S, but I want to make it is that and not something else.
    Anyone that can help out?

  11. Better organized, but ugly as sin and slow.

  12. I hope they ironed some of the bugs out. The leaked version always crashes while trying to do multiple updates.

  13. Yeah I really like the new UI but optimizations are definitely in order as it is much slower than the old.

  14. what devices and what carriers are you guys on that got the update? i have a Sprint EVO and no update yet. thanks!

    1. Nexus One on AT&T. Got it yesterday.

  15. No push to my Thunderbolt

  16. Looks kinda like WP7 interface to me. Mine has not updated yet (EVO) so I may just download the APK to start playing with it. Not sure about doing movie rentals, would rather just use Redbox or Pay Per View instead.

  17. My Droid Incredible kept crashing after I installed it. Shame. Loved the new interface—especially the separate Updates information—but hated my phone constantly restarting.

  18. they are pushing 3.0.27 not .26. update your link pls. http://www.androidsim.net

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