Sony Ericsson: Despite Earlier Reports, Xperia X10 Gingerbread Update Not Quite Ready


Sony Ericsson has issued a statement via their blog that is sure to disappoint at Xperia X10 owners out there. The Android 2.3 update that is supposedly rolling out now is apparently not rolling out at all. The initial announcement was made prematurely, according to a blog post by head of product PR Mattias Holm. Holm states that Sony Ericsson needs “some more days before [they] can push the button” and send out the software update. I suppose this is where we say we knew it was too good to be true, at least for the moment.

[via SonyEricsson]

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  1. God damnit…


  3. its not fake. its on the sony BLOG !

  4. Premature ejabloggation

  5. I used to own this thing and got rid of it for SGS Vibrant instead, crappy screen, slow and the battery life is truly terrible for any smart phone.
    If you aren’t running a custom ROM on this thing it’s not worth it at all….terrible phone and i’m sure as hell not buying another Sony phone ever again no matter how cool they look ( which is all they are good at, making their products look good…)
    My friend had this one too and he’s had to send his in twice because it had problems with it not connecting to network properly.
    Also it’s a joke that in Canada Rogers is still selling this crappy thing for over $400 no contract….the Arc is what this was suppose to be a year ago

  6. its not that it is being delayed… its that people thought it came out already and it didn’t.

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