Samsung Launching Galaxy Tab 10.1 Software Update August 3rd, Debuting at Media Event


Invites have just gone out for an August 3rd press event where Samsung will debut a software update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. At the event, Samsung reps will sideloading the update directly onto the Tab’s of media personnel with a short presentation on the features of the new software version. The update will be the debut of Samsung’s new Honeycomb TouchWiz UX interface along with a re-designed Media Hub and some additional apps and enterprise solutions.

The best part about the event is that it almost guarantees the update will arrive on time. We say almost because Samsung has pulled the old event switcheroo on us in the past, though they never cease to be generous and accommodating hosts. Oh, and after the media event Regular Joe Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners can head over to the Samsung Experience in New York City to have the new software sideloaded to their own devices between 1 and 6PM.


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  1. Now I’m glad the one I bought had a screen defect and I returned it… I want stock the stock Android UI, not TouchWiz

  2. One would guess that this means CISCO AnyConnect compatibility. Finally!

  3. Touchwiz UI is actually pretty functional and looks quite nice

  4. yea glad I got a galaxy tab just what I want touch wiz


  5. Any chance honeycomb 3.2 might slip through along with this?

  6. make it compatitle with the xbox 360 remote cause it dont work

  7. Why would I want TouchWiz? Hope it is optional.

  8. Actually, I have TouchWiz loaded on my GTab and I’m here to tell you it is frickin sweet. It blows stock Honeycomb away in both performance and feature set. All the lag of stock 3.1 is gone. It shocked me as well, but………its fantastic.

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