ZTE To Introduce Direct Sales Model in the UK – Looks To Increase Brand Recognition


I know what some of you are thinking, “Who is ZTE?” Well, it’s brand recognition that the company is looking to change and one of the reasons why the company recently signed a deal with Brightpoint to sell directly to customers starting with the UK.

ZTE, is commonly overseas for providing mid-end, budget priced Android handsets to customers on Orange’s network like the Orange San Francisco and the upcoming Orange Monte Carlo. ZTE will be offering these devices direct under their original names as the Blade and Skate. This means you can get your hands on a fairly equipped Android device, SIM free.

Following the success of HTC, ZTE is wants to increase brand awareness and to make ZTE a household name in the mobile market. Only problem is networks are fast moving onto dual-core equipped devices and with the single-core ZTE Skate due out by the end of the year, ZTE might be a little late to this Android party.

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  1. Why doesn’t ZTE bring some of these sexy handsets over the pond?

    1. I think they will once/if they start doing well in the UK.

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