Update: Samsung Function Was a MisIdentified Motorola Xoom


We reported earlier today on how some users from our AndroidForums stumbled upon a mysterious Samsung device named the Function on the speedtest site, Well, it looks like we have confirmation from Geekaphone themselves, via their Twitter, that the Samsung Function was merely misidentified Motorola Xoom users.

So, while we were off imagining a speedy new Samsung device in the works, it looks like it’s just business as usual. Bummer.

Thanks tehsusenoh!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Sorry everyone.
    -OP tehsusenoh

  2. So far the Within is the only confirmed device. I <3 Sprint. :D

  3. Why is the LG Ally one of the fastest phones? That piece of crap is slow as molasses. =_=

    1. Its a network speed test.

  4. While I totally didnt believe it and knew deep down that it was too good to be true, I am every bit as let down as if I didnt see it coming.
    Bummer city.

  5. #^$&^$&^$&^$!!!!!!!!!

  6. How does one misidentify a tablet as a phone?

    1. When the site doesn’t figure out what device you are using, it shows a list of devices so you can choose yours. The first on the list was the Function, so people who didn’t know what they were doing just picked the first on the list.

  7. I thought the Samsung Function was the Samsung Galaxy II on Verizon.

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