Samsung’s Dual-core Galaxy R Making Its UK Debut In the Coming Weeks


Looks like our Android brothers overseas are getting another great Samsung phone. What you are looking at is essentially the Galaxy Z we showed you guys a few weeks back, only according to Cnet, it’s being dubbed the Galaxy R. The phone is about as close as you can get to a Galaxy S II just — more like a Galaxy S 1.9.

Screen size on the device is 4.2-inches (just .1-inches shy of the GS2), an SLCD display (as opposed to GS2’s SAMOLED Plus) and a dual-core processor that’s rumored to be an Nvidia Tegra 2 (GS2 is using Samsung’s Exynos). Oh- and on the back you have a 5MP camera capable of shooting at up to 720p (GS2 is packing 8MP with 1080p video recording). The phone is also said to be a smidgen thicker than the Galaxy S II.

It looks like Samsung neatly shaved off the highest specs on their Galaxy S II and I’m assuming it will translate in the phone’s pricing. I definitely wouldn’t call this device a mid-level phone as it clearly shares many of the specs as some of our high-end phones here in the U.S.

Carrier and pricing has yet to be announced so we’ll have to wait and see if the Galaxy R will be significantly cheaper than the Galaxy S II or just a smidgen. Word on the street is you can look forward to this device launching by the end of this month so we might not have to wait very long to find out.

[Via Cnet]

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Russia, powered by Communism. It’s a party.

    1. i lolled

  2. only small differences, i would be happy with either one, 1080p doesnt mean the video quality is good it just means the resolution is high

    1. Yeah, but 1080p is REALLY good on the Galaxy S II (look for samples on YouTube).

      1. There is also NEON and 1080p Adobe Flash (Exynos) vs no NEON and 480p Flash (Tegra 2).

        NEON enhances many multimedia user experiences:
        Watch any video in any format
        Edit and enhance captured videos – video stabilization
        Anti-aliased rendering and compositing
        Game processing
        Process multi-megapixel photos quickly
        Voice recognition
        Powerful multichannel hi-fi audio processing.

  3. Sounds like this is the “can’t produce enough S2 CPU” solution. I feel like they should make it have 1 thing better than the s2, so it’s no just a shittier s2. Like, I dunno…. a big battery or something or make it have some cool music controls or instead of a shitty camera, a better one.

  4. man samsung is just going to make a different version of the galaxy for every letter of the alphabet lol.

  5. Dont see why this should come to the uk.
    Galaxy S II is selling like crazy as it is. Then we also have the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace. Due to the Hummingbird cpu in Galaxy S we don’t need a dummed down version of SGS II for the U.K.

    I’d take Hummingbird 2010 with super amoled then tegra2 2011 anyday. Unless this phone has 1gb ram

    1. That’s because you are a moron.

      This dummed down version already did a ~4000 quadrant. How sad for little Exynos, even clocked higher.

      1. Oi. Watch your language.

        So you’re saying the Galaxy R (which isn’t even out yet) has done 4000+ on QUADRANT? Ok stop there, First of all….lol who’s the retard, quadrant scores tell jack all.
        Secondly have you got a Galaxy R? how did you test this?

        Obviously you’re a hater/troll.
        If you don’t like SGS II and its Exynos CPU don’t bother wasting our time.

        And by the look of your name you don’t even come from the U.K. so really you have no real say regards to this phone which is for the U.K as in the post above.

  6. I assume the article is correct in that this will be in a slightly different section of the marketplace – I suspect that what Samsung want is to have a great device in every bit of the Android space – entry level, mid range, high range and then this – which is for people that want a great phone but can’t quite stump up top dollar. It makes sense, imo.

  7. The UK will have two SGS II options – US: ZERO.


  8. why is it people talk down the Tegra2 so badly, it is an amazing cpu and competes with the Exynos in every catagory and even beats it in a few….

  9. This is great! its what apple should of done a Galaxy S II for every type of person

  10. I wonder if the screen will look as good as the galaxy s2. Compared to the desire hd or even the sensation, galaxy s2’s screen kills it all –> http://www.youtube.com/user/GalaxyRaiders#p/u/1/Dst-Ukx_dm8

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