Canada’s HTC EVO 3D to Have Unlocked Bootloader? Roger(s) that


Like many Android handset manufacturers, HTC has promised unlocked bootloaders on future devices. Much to the dismay of many, the HTC EVO 3D launched on Sprint with its bootloader still under lock and key. Recently, HTC gave us an update on the timeline for when to expect an update to the handset that will grant users the ability to easily lock and unlock said bootloader, but it looks like Canadians planning to get their hands on the device when it launches on Rogers are in for a treat. While those in the US will have to wait until early September, the carrier has confirmed that the EVO 3D arrive in Canada with the unlockable bootloader every has been clamoring for. Commence rejoicing now.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. It’s great to see my friends over in Canada getting it straight out the box the way it should be. I am just extremely satisfied with this device I can wait for my update no problem…

  2. It makes me wonder is it HTC or sprint that locks the bootloader.

    1. LOL it’s not Sprint. The Epic and the Evo had unlocked bootloaders.

  3. MMM SPAM. die troll die

  4. Oh sweet!!! :D Finally we get something exciting first!!! lol

  5. Can we use this 3d phone in nepal???

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