OpenAI debuts its next-gen ChatGPT-4o AI


Google I/O 2024 is kicking off today. As part of the event, we expect that Google will probably have some AI-related news and announcements to make. But ahead of the event, it seems that OpenAI is hoping to draw some of that spotlight onto themselves with the announcement of its new ChatGPT-4o AI.

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT-4o is the latest iteration of its GPT-4 model. The company claims that this new version will be faster than ever and offers improvements over existing text, voice, and vision related features. The best part is that this upgraded model will be available to all users. This includes those on the free plan, albeit with some usage limits.

This new model will be natively multimodal. This means that it can generate content and understand commands in various mediums, such as text, images, or voice. It is also capable of supporting 50 different languages, thus expanding its accessibility. OpenAI also announced a new UI that makes interacting with its AI feel more conversational.

What’s interesting about this upgrade is also the ability for users to interrupt the AI when you don’t need it to finish. It can also apparently pick up on your emotions, which sounds cool but also feels kind of scary. Ultimately, ChatGPT-4o sounds like a pretty decent AI upgrade and you can check it out if you’re interested.

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