Samsung’s Smart Cover Knock Off Isn’t Helping their Case


OK, so the whole Apple vs. Samsung thing is beginning to wear out its welcome, and though we all think Steve Jobs and company need to chill on the negative vibes and lawsuits they keep throwing at Android manufacturers, it sure isn’t helping when a product like the above pictured Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows up on store shelves. While not actually made by Samsung, the iPad 2 Smart Cover knock off made by Anymode, a “key accessories supplier” with a “strong affiliation” with Samsung, is being featured in the manufacturer’s stores throughout its native Korea. We don’t expect the Smart Case to make its way outside the country, but it still looks like Samsung is poking the ol’ hornet’s nest with this one.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. OK, first of all, the Apple cover is a cute idea that offers no protection whatsoever. Like most things Apple, its all flash and no substance. And it’s not Samsung copying this cover, so who really cares. Is this even worthy of a post? Nope, not worthy of my comment either, but what the hell!

    1. It’s the stand that’s the great part about it. And it does cover the screen when folded over, so there’s some scratch protection for you.

      1. AnyMode are actually a Samsung branch. Samsung are the largest corporate throb in the world. In Korea, they own pretty much everything. AnyMode are just one of their ‘no name’ outlets and have far greater ties to Samsung than to anyone else.

        It is like a father to a son. That’s the sort of ties they have: blood.

  2. “smart” cover. lol :)

  3. Does it make use of the magnets like the iPad Smart Cover? While I’m pretty sure this is heavily influenced by the Smart Cover, there were plenty of covers like that already in existence before Apple’s.

  4. “While not actually made by Samsung”

    End of story.

  5. That;s 2 really odd posts here today. “Stop complaining about HTC breaking the licence terms of android” and now this which looks noting like the Apple one. In fact if you look on ebay there are hundreds like this one.

    1. ‘I’m guessing u r the only one who knows about eBay….. so it seems

  6. facepalm…

  7. So when you say “Samsung’s Smart Cover,” what you realy mean is “A 3rd party accessory compatible with a Samsung product.” But I guess that just didn’t have much of a ring to it?

    Anyway, I want one.

  8. its a freakin cover. there’s nothing ripped off. This design would work on any tablet. Is there something “Wrong” with using the apple version on a non-apple? No.

    This has nothing to do with the case, either.

    1. its wrong if they make profit on something that isnt their idea. yeah its a cover like any other cover but its pretty blatant that its an attempt at a copy

      1. Except that Apple “borrowed” that folding cover design themselves.

        1. A copy of a copy…

          I love Inception…

      2. my laptop has a “cover”, does targus need to pay someone for that “idea”?

  9. I feel like this is just Samsung leveraging said strong ties to poke fun at Apple now.

  10. LOL…. stir the pot, I say. This is fun to watch. New mental image = steve jobs in hornet outfit running around on stage buzzing angrily. LMAO!!!

    1. This made me LOL

  11. lol, I wonder what Apple will say to this one. I am still at awe over this entire matter. Apple really just needed to step their game up and come up with a new revolutionary phone/tablet. Instead they have to fight in court, basically sending me the message that if I dont want an Iphone I dont get to have any phone!

    1. No, patenting and protecting intellectual property does not send out that message.

      Only idiot, insecure, and blind fanboys think they do. Go read a book and educate yourself.

  12. If Samsung is going to copy something, they shouldnt copy something so stupid. Those smart covers are the silliest thing Ive seen. Useless.

  13. This reminded me of that post on here about Goople or Gapple or something like that. The iDroid 4. LoL!!

  14. DOES IT LOCK AND UNLOCK THE SAMSUNG? The ipad one does…

  15. If your product can be easily imitated, then it doesn’t deserve a patent. Furthermore, Apple, you can’t patent ideas…. YOU CAN NOT PATENT I D E A S.

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