In Another Dimension, the HP TouchPad Runs Android 3.0 [HUMOR]


And that other dimension would be Canada. Best Buy, Canada to be exact. One of the advertising wizards behind their weekly flyer has the HP TouchPad curiously listed as running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Right…but the TouchPad actually runs webOS 3.0. We understand getting the 3.0 part confused, but a quick glance at the other side of the page clearly states webOS. Somebody didn’t double check before sending this one to print.

[via PreCentral]

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  1. how does this slip by smh

  2. I wish I could have the job of the people that make these advertisements and employee news. They’re all written by complete morons who can’t spell and don’t even have a basic understanding of the English language. It’s so disappointing.

  3. “And that other dimension would be Canada. Best Buy, Canada to be exact.”

  4. Maybe this will help it move more units. I suspect a conspiracy o_O

  5. Shit, if it ran Honeycomb I might actually buy one. Solid design, good company, HORRIBLE OS!!! it’s the age old combination, these companies just can’t get it right.

    1. You ever use webOS? You sound so ignorant.

  6. So what if someone bought it because they thought it ran Android. Would they be able to get their money back due to false advertising? Heh heh…

  7. I once saw an advertisement by Best Buy for Black Friday. A large TV was on sale for $299.99, normally “$19.99”. They wouldn’t let us take it at normal price -_-

  8. i saw this and laughed, should help sell more tho

  9. I would be willing to buy one if it could run honeycomb with some work, Cyanogenmod sounds good as an alternative. anyone want to start a fund?

  10. you’d be amazed at how often this occurs on flyers and posters alike! employees on the floor are usually the only who notice, which means the posters have hit the floor and surpassed all approval. More often then not its the brand logos and specs on the advertisements that get swapped!

  11. And I got herpes from this tan senorita in Tijuana for $5. Do not believe every deal you see.

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