Samsung Epic 4G Receiving Gingerbread this Month?


With leaks dating all the way back to April, you would think the Android 2.3 update for the Samsung Epic 4G would be nearing its rollout date. If we go off of new rumors reported today by SprintFeed, it might be right around the corner. According to their sources (who have been pretty accurate as of late), Gingerbread for the Epic 4G will be rolling out later this month. They point to a July 24th date as the earliest it would happen.

We most recently saw a Gingerbread build leak for the handset back in June, but it was said that the version in question wasn’t even the most recent for the Epic. TouchWiz was pointed to as the reason for the holdup in getting the new Android version ready for public consumption. The stars are aligning for the Epic to be the first US Galaxy S device to receive Gingerbread, and not a moment too soon. Rumor has it the Samsung Epic 2 will be launching late summer/early fall.

[via SprintFeed]

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  1. Willl this fix the antenna? I’m tired of my GPS not working because of that… uggh..!

    1. When I’m running Frozen 1.2, with a decent kernel, my GPS works wonderfully. I recently did a 7 hour road trip and lived off the GPS in NW Arkansas for 6 days while sightseeing all over the place. I didn’t have data a lot of the time (Would load my destination from the WiFi in the hotel) but the GPS was rock solid.

  2. im running the ef02 leak. it fixed my gps. it locks on fast and is accurate

  3. if it true I will switch to Sprint right now.
    I am waiting for the GS2, but the Epic is still EPIC!!!

  4. I’m running the EF02 leak as well. It’s pretty good, but if you’re in an area with no signal for a few hours, it will crash your modem. That’s only if you’re running the EF02 modem, though, not the EF10 modem.


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