HTCSense.com Now Listing EVO 4G+, Inspire HD


If you head over to HTCSense.com and elect to register for a new account, you’ll find a few curious phones listed as options in the device drop-down menu. The HTC EVO+ and HTC Inspire HD are clearly listed among a collection of currently available devices, but we’re scratching our heads over what handsets the names might refer to. The obvious conclusion would be that the HTC Inspire HD is a name reserved for a variation of the AT&T branded Inspire 4G, though pinning down what exactly the EVO+ could be is a bit trickier. Sure, it could be a re-branded EVO 3D, or it could also be a non-3D successor to the original EVO 4G, an intriguing possibility. We have little else to go off of at the moment, but consider our curiosity piqued.

[via HTCSense.com | Thanks, NCX!]

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  1. It’s situations where random phones get supported while others don’t that have me moving back to iOS on my next purchase. I don’t like playing the lottery with whether my expensive smartphone will be supported by Netflix, Hulu, etc. It’s even worse when HTC doesn’t even support it!

  2. Wasn’t the evo 4g+ an evo 3d for korea or something?

  3. Wish they would add the EVO 4G

    1. They have, root your beast. Ive got HTC Hub on my EVO, its not that special tho.

      1. I would love to root it but it’s not available for 2.3 yet.

    1. I was just looking for that one, so I can post it here. I really really hope it comes out here. I’m not all that interested in 3D…not that I’d complain if I won one…far from it.

  4. They should be able to share in the love too just we are here in the states. They can call it whatever they want It’s the best device out here in the states and it will be the best device out there in Korea that’s for sure.

  5. I would bet that this “Inspire HD” is the HTC “Holiday”. I have an Inspire but if it is the Holiday, I would probably have to upgrade. LOL.

    1. The picture of the Inspire HD on HTCSense.com does not look like the picture that leaked of the HTC Holiday. The HTC Holiday has the AT&T logo up top and does not have the HTC logo on the bottom like the Inspire 4G has. I suspect that the Inspire HD is nothing more than a refreshed Inspire 4G with Gingerbread preinstalled.
      Its a shame because I would like to upgrade my Inspire 4G to something like the HTC Holiday or HTC Sensation and staying with AT&T.

  6. Goddamn INCREDIBLE S is on there, but no DINC 2, SAME PHONE!!!!!……thanks VERIZON!!!!!

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  8. JUST LOOK AT HOW MY DUALCORE MONSTER MAKES THE THUNDERBOLT LOOK SO SAD…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9qtf8GUyn4

  9. A Non-3D successor to the EVO 4G? What would that include? It would be great if they would just take Sense out of the thing.

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