Jul 8th, 2011

If you head over to HTCSense.com and elect to register for a new account, you’ll find a few curious phones listed as options in the device drop-down menu. The HTC EVO+ and HTC Inspire HD are clearly listed among a collection of currently available devices, but we’re scratching our heads over what handsets the names might refer to. The obvious conclusion would be that the HTC Inspire HD is a name reserved for a variation of the AT&T branded Inspire 4G, though pinning down what exactly the EVO+ could be is a bit trickier. Sure, it could be a re-branded EVO 3D, or it could also be a non-3D successor to the original EVO 4G, an intriguing possibility. We have little else to go off of at the moment, but consider our curiosity piqued.

[via HTCSense.com | Thanks, NCX!]

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