Big Contest Coming Monday!


On Monday, we’re going to be one of our biggest contests ever. I drop some hints and details in the video, but really just wanted to provide with a weekend full of teasery.

Anti-climatic? For certain. Eager for Monday (and beyond)? You should be.

Have a great weekend and check back on Monday for contest details! Feel free to take a guess what we’ll be giving away and how the contest will work in the meantime.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. SGS2, obviously.

  2. I bet it’s either a family of LG or Samsung devices!!! Mmm… Nice!!!

  3. Any tablets to bestow upon us :P


  5. I see 2 boxes.. looks like an ASUS Transformer + it’s dock!

  6. A Cutco knife running Ice Cream Sandwich?

  7. I am hoping for a chrome webbook/netbook/notebook/laptop/etc
    Since I don’t want a new phone unless its the new unannounced Nexus

  8. iPhone 4? :) I kid…

  9. Any android device is good prize. Call me biased

  10. He said more cores than devices, right? Two boxes in there and cores only come in multiples of two…so….something quad-core??? A piece of preview hardware with Kal-el or something similar???

    1. No way, too early for that. If they’re both dual-core devices, then there’s 4 cores between the two of them.

  11. I WANT!!!!!!

  12. Since the GS2 just passed FCC I seriously doubt it’s that but would LOVE to be wrong. I’m guessing Moto Bionic… Time table fits the bill…

    1. Android Police is giving one away next week too. On Google+, they told me they will be able to give it away, but not be able to ship it until it is released.

  13. Can non-americans join in this giveaway? :D

    1. No. There are reasons the US is the best country to live in.

      98% of contest being open to American’s isn’t even one of those reasons.

      Making up stats on the fly is though.

      1. Do you have the same picture on Google+? I think im friends with you, Anthony.

        1. And this is why google+ will fail.

          1. Are you dumb? How does that mean it’s going to fail?

  14. OH! Forgot to guess the contest. My best guess would be the first one will go to the first person in this thread to guess the product correctly. All the others I’m not sure but will be interested in seeing how it plays out. =) Good stuff!

  15. Who cares about your SGS2? Gimme an Evo 3D ;D

  16. I could sort of make out one of the boxes and it looked too large for a phone (although maybe it just seemed large; I couldn’t spot any useful reference objects for size), and also the side of the box seemed to be white. If memory serves me correctly, both the Xoom and Tab 10.1 have white sides on the box, and I haven’t seen the Transformer or Iconia boxes.

    I think the LTE “ready” XOOM is possible because I think moto has an overflowing warehouse full of them and they surely want to rekindle some interest now that LTE XOOMs are nearly here.

    And you know the supposed “Xoom 2” with LTE? I think Motorola figured they should just start making xooms LTE enabled out of the box. Originally, Moto may have been thinking something like “lets get XOOMs in consumers’ hands ASAP to build name recognition and be first to market with honeycomb, and we can patch it up LTE connectivity when it’s ready.” But after the sales sucked, maybe they thought “we have plenty of stock. Let’s just stop making these models, and make LTE enabled xooms instead, so we won’t have as many models sent in that we need to upgrade.”

    And considering the 100 price drop on the 32 GB model, the LTE models seem wildly expnsive by comparison. I bet when the XOOM gets LTE, we’ll see $100 price cuts on all the other models, and they will advertise the LTE speeds HARD in an effort to curb interest in Asus and Samsung.

    *Hey Phandroid: I think the contest should be “who makes the longest posts on average?” I have been coming here for well over a year (that doesn’t sound very long but how old is this place, anyway?) and my comments are always stupidly long and nobody reads them anyway. I applied for your job too but you didn’t even respond… and yet I still come to this website. Now that’s dedication! Or maybe it’s just depressing. What do you think? YOU decide – ON THE INTERNETS!!

    1. You put a star on the last paragraph. That’s the only one I read. You’re right, they are stupidly long.

    2. Take it easy. Too long, didnt read.

  17. is it for non us residents ?

  18. It looks like the HTC Sensation boxes all the way to the right corner. you can make out the edge of the boxes. Those type of boxes are unique to T-Mobile. But hey its just a guess so don’t bug If I am wrong,lol.

  19. What ever happened with the tablet giveaway from the google event?

    1. It was given away……..

  20. Looks like fun no matter what it is! Thanks and props to the phandroid crew for doing fun giveaways!!!!

  21. im going to guess it will go out to one random person who comments on this post.

  22. Really want it to be the SGS2

  23. It is Monday, Monday, Monday! Did I win?
    Thanks Phandroid for the community love.

  24. Just switched from att to verizon for unlimited data. Hoping there’s something for me.

  25. It’s go time!

  26. I think I saw a Honey Badger in that box. Call me old fashion but a Honey Badger that can use an Android is one of the best prizes ever!

  27. Commenting in case that’s what wins whatever the heck it is.

  28. Hey guys??? It’s Monday!! LOL

  29. It doesnt matter what it is, im sure I wont win. I swear ive attempted every android giveaway known to man. Thats fine, ill just keep buying Nexus phones and hot tablets when they come out anyway.

  30. Whatever Phandroid gives away it’s gonna be awesome!

  31. gimme gimme gimme

  32. Monday is here! Where is the big announcement/contest??

  33. Make mine a Xoom 2 please!

  34. It’s Tuesday and I still don’t see anything. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. -_-

  35. Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!

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