Android 2.3 Gingerbread Leaked for Samsung Epic 4G


Those wild boys from ACS Team, better known as the Android Creative Syndicate, are at it again! This time they’ve managed to get their little coding hands on an official test build of Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Epic 4G (software version ED12) and made it available for all – rooted users. While the ROM is far from fully functional (no 4G, no GPS, and general bugginess) they were nice enough to supply a video of Gingerbread, in action, on their Epic 4G.

Once again, your phone would need to be rooted to apply this leaked update so don’t try any funny business unless you’ve properly done your research. I remember once upon a time flashing a leaked Froyo ROM for my Epic 4G about 3 months before it began officially rolling out so I wouldn’t get any hopes of a swift update from Sprint happening anytime soon.

[Via XDA]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Bah to you. why link to XDA? i posted it on yalls forums before k0nane even finished posting the stuff on xda! anyways i tipped yall with it so perhaps you guys can link back to your own site instead of xda :P

  2. I’ve so forgotten Samsung and the Epic…

    1. I haven’t favorite phone so far and I had plenty of androids.

  3. No 4G, no gps, buggy? Just like when the epic “fail” G was released

    1. Screw you buddy! Epic rules! I dont have 4g in Phoenix anyways so hah!!!

  4. if ur so over the epic why are u on this page trying to get information?

  5. yesssssss!! hurry and release that isssshh!! im still gonna get the gs2 though

    1. Not me S2 looks like the S1?

  6. Hey guys – k0nane of ACS here. GPS is actually functional, thanks to a quick fix discovered by a user. Just grab GPS Status on the Market and reset AGPS status. This fixes native (non-Wireless Networks) GPS.

    1. Hi, Ho, over to XDA!

      1. >.> its posted on the epic forums here as well…

  7. What the furck? Where? Link now please!!!!

  8. I got the rom!…its awesome

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