Apr 27th, 2011

Those wild boys from ACS Team, better known as the Android Creative Syndicate, are at it again! This time they’ve managed to get their little coding hands on an official test build of Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Epic 4G (software version ED12) and made it available for all – rooted users. While the ROM is far from fully functional (no 4G, no GPS, and general bugginess) they were nice enough to supply a video of Gingerbread, in action, on their Epic 4G.

Once again, your phone would need to be rooted to apply this leaked update so don’t try any funny business unless you’ve properly done your research. I remember once upon a time flashing a leaked Froyo ROM for my Epic 4G about 3 months before it began officially rolling out so I wouldn’t get any hopes of a swift update from Sprint happening anytime soon.

[Via XDA]

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