Google Apps Users Won’t Be Left Out of Google+ Fun, Says Google’s President of Enterprise


One of the more numerous complaints since Google+ launched has been its lack of Google Apps support. Google Apps is a platform used mainly by small and some large businesses. With the platform, employees can enjoy many of Google’s services in a secure, easy and affordable way. Unfortunately, things aren’t always rosy for Apps users. All of that will soon turn around, though, as Google’s president of enterprise, Dave Girouard, has confirmed via Google+ that they are indeed working on bringing Plus to Apps users. They wanted to make sure it was done right, says Google’s Christian Oestlian:

Please tell your friends using Google Apps that we’re working to make Google+ available to them. Sorry for the delay – we need to do it right!

That’s noble. Unfortunately, no timeframe was given as to when we’d be seeing Google+ support for Apps users, but we’re sure it won’t be too long of a wait now. Let’s be patient, folks. [Pocket-Lint]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Google is definitely making tons of effort to make sure that Plus doesn’t flop like Wave and Buzz have.

  2. I guess I understand the wait, I’d rather have Google+ come out STRONG and blow FB outta the water rather then getting released to the public too soon with too many bugs and flopping hard. That being said though, I STILL REALLY WANT AN INVITE SO I CAN BE A TESTER!

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        1. Done. But I recommend following Google+ on Twitter to find out when they open the doors again.

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        1. Done. But I recommend following Google+ on Twitter to find out when they open the doors again.

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        1. see your googlebox ;)

          1. Thanks for the invite, I accepted, but now there’s a problem. Everything is in Ukranian and I don’t speak this language! How do I change it to English or Spanish! :(

          2. Thank you, thank you. I figured it out! Thank goodness for Google Translate! xD

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        1. Is this so we can use google apps with Google +, thanks Barb

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  3. Yey, Google Apps users are getting some love.

  4. In their defense, it is still in beta.

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  6. It’s not just businesses that use google apps. Some of us use it to have our personal domain email run through gmail. It used to be free for up to 50 accounts (now 10), so it’s a good option for personal domains who want gmail’s power

    1. Google has never released statistics on this (how many Apps users are simply “one person personal domain” apps users as opposed to large enterprises or small businesses,. I would be real curious to know the realities. If I am, as a personal domain apps users, really just a tiny fraction, I;d like to know that, so I can be more relaxed about this situation and allow Google the time it needs. If we personal domain types really as a significant percentage, then Google needs to do something to separate us out of the enterprise mix and get new features out to us sooner, since we don;t need or use all the special security, etc.

      1. I’d prefer they just gave us the option somewhere in the domain control panel to have all of the access a normal account has. I don’t need the enterprise stability, I just want gmail on my domain.

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  8. It is complete and total BS that Google’s most loyal supporters (those of us who have moved our domains, etc to google’s servers) are always left in a lurch on new features.

    1. Totally agree and they have promised Google Apps users support of new Google services in the past, yet where are they? Latitude checkins STILL don’t work on Google Apps accounts, neither does Buzz. So I’m not holding my breath for Google+ anytime soon. Disappointing.

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  10. They said the same thing about Buzz. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  24. Spammers must love Google+. Everyone putting their email address everywhere. It’s also a great time to sign strangers up with subscriptions to “lifestyle” newsletters.

  25. I just want to be able to add my Google Apps emails as alternate emails to my normal account…

  26. Invite me please [email protected]

  27. I’m confused and hoping someone here can clarify for me. When I hear Google Apps I think Gmail, Gdocs, etc… When I use those applications I have the Google+ bar at the top of the screen to show notifications and let me share content. So, what further functionality is missing? I mean I could understand bringing the Calendar into the fold a bit more to synch up event invites, but I get the feeling you’re talking about something more significant. What?!

    1. Google apps is the same but under your own domain instead of @gmail.com. Lots of people use it (not just, as the article implies, businesses) and for some reason google seem to treat it as the ugly stepchild they’d rather forget about…

      It’s particularly ironic in this case as they went to loads of effort a few months back to get everyone to centralise their google services within google apps and delete their profiles… then go and release significant functionality based on profiles…

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  30. awesome =)) – it’ll take a while to get used to it though

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  33. I have access with my apps account after implementing “the new Google Apps” as described in an mail sent to me today.
    How ever, it is only available to comunicate with ppl within my “organisation” (only me) atm.
    Somehow I still get feed from a friend I tried to add to one of my circles – but that failed.

  34. Your Google Apps account has been successfully transitioned to function more like a full Google Account! To get started, please sign out and sign back in after reading this message.

  35. Given Google’s track record (February 2010 they promised Buzz to Apps users and we’re still waiting) I’m not exactly holding my breath.

    I understand Google needs to get the kinks out before rolling out new features to enterprise users. But can’t they at least let *US* make that choice? If our domains aren’t mission critical and we don’t mind being guinea pigs, then let us do it!

    I’m still looking for an official follow-up communication from Google about this. Back in March 2011 we were promised Profiles and Google+ “in a few weeks”. I’m afraid they’re just repeating what happened with Buzz.

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