HTC Thunderbolt Update to Fix Random Reboots Starts Tonight


HTC Thunderbolt users, which would prefer? An update to Android 2.3 or an update to fix the random reboot problems that have been causing a number of you headaches since the 4G LTE handset received its last update? You will be getting one of the two starting tonight, and I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Gingerbread. Nonetheless, the update should be welcomed by many.

It kicks off its roll out tonight at 8PM Eastern, and along with a fix for the reboot issues the Thunderbolt will also receive some of the same perks to be included in an upcoming update for the Incredible 2, such as a new desktop dock app. The difference is the Incredible 2 will also receive a bump up in Android version to 2.3, while the Thunderbolt remains relegated to Froyo limbo.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. About damn time. Too bad iit isn’t gb though I installed the lealealed mr2 and phone has been fine. And of ccourse more vzw bloat.

  2. F Ning sucks we aren’t seeing gingerbread yet! If my background data still disconnects itself my phone is going back!

  3. Not gingerbread but this one prepares us for it with the introduction of Sense 2.1. The tabbed app menu is a dead give away

  4. “Device power cycles” and resets? On a $250 phone? How long have they been working with Android? They’ve made smart phones since 2003. I would have expected it from a cheap phone being pushed to the limits but cmon htc this should not happen on not-jailbroken very high end phones. Maybe each company should only make a few models so they can focus on getting each one ready for prime time. It seems like each company only focusing on a few phones will still give us a choice, but give us more frequent fixes and updates.

    1. I like how it says “REDUCED number of power cycles and resets”

  5. I’ve been having these random reboots daily. It is extremely annoying and it takes like 5 minutes to boot up phone and you are stuck looking at the frozen thunderbolt cloud image which just looks tacky. I really want Gingerbread myself, it is ridiculous Verizon’s flagship 4G phone is still on Froyo after over half a year since GB release. But as someone who has their phone reboot 3 times a day, I much rather have this update at the moment.

    Oh, just an interesting thing I noticed. Usually when the phone reboots, I lose my call, bluetooth, etc. However, one time my phone rebooted and didn’t disconnect the radio or bluetooth. I was able to stay on the call for a good 4 minutes. Past the HTC and Thunderbolt welcome screen animations, until it booted the Android screen where it then reset all the connections.

    Just thought some TB owners might find that as interesting as I did.

  6. Since I have never had a random reboot on my Thunderbolt, even with the last update, I will take 2.3. It sucks that we do not have GB yet.

    I guess it just my luck. Gotta Xoom, and I am waiting for the SD support, and not interested in rooting until warranty is up.

  7. I’m really contemplating if I should root the phone. I don’t want this crappy blockbuster app and other crap on my phone. I am a bit curious if I root it, if it will prevent Verizon’s crap app’s to run when I use the market so I don’t have to force stop them all the time. It gets very annoying. I wish there was an easier way to force stop apps like the iPhone.

    1. mine is rooted with BAMF sense 3.0 gingerbread and mine still reboots here and there.. although. the custom rom has already taken out the crapware such as blockbuster, added a working netflix, tweaks such as underclocking & overclocking. It has fixed most of my battery issue though. don’t know if i’d recommend it though. i did have issues with rooting androids in the past. weird kinks involved. sometimes bad after effects.. BUT i rather keep this custom rom than trusting verizon to get on track with their crap.. your call.. i love it!

    2. New Thunderbolt, no reboots. Terrible battery life.

      I spent a good part of yesterday rooting and flashing DasBAMF 1.8.6 Stripped and the new OTA radios. Much leaner and nicer. Battery not much improved, but still seems more liveable.

      This trend of including bloatware that phones home and runs services against the user’s will, and then having the gall to charge for it: F7U12, VZW.

  8. OK – It is 8:23pm EDT and my update is downloading. Hope it works and fixes the reboots.

    1. So did it fix your random reboot issue? …Just curious. I haven’t been able to update mine.

  9. I have tried to do the update, getting an error stating service unavailable. Any thoughts?

  10. I don’t get random reboots on my TB. I’ll keep my root and current set up.

  11. The window that says “checking for new software” just shuts itself down and nothing happens. It used to tell me that no update was available. I hate this phone.

  12. I want sense 3.0…

  13. Well that did NOT fix the rebooting issues, and now the video no longer works on Skype Mobile! It won’t even let me log in. It says “Not compatible with this device”. Ugh! Just about ready to get an iPhone!! Why does some apps only work with some Androids, but ALL apps work w/ iPhone? So much H8 to HTC & Android right now!

  14. Not long after that first initial update in early may, i just decided to root it.. hence solving the problem with random reboots. Cannot go wrong with 2.3.4 + sense 3.0

  15. Just look at how my DUALCORE MONSTER makes the THUNDERBOLT look so sad…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9qtf8GUyn4

  16. all my htc phones had this problems and i guess they still do lol!

  17. I got this on Friday and it has KILLED my battery life. Even with EVERYTHING turned off, EHRPD turned off, LTE turned off, it dies within 2 or 3 hours where it was lasting 8 to 10 hours. This is no upgrade, it’s garbage. Sure, I’m not getting random reboots, and I’m getting better GPS locking, but now my phone lasts shorter than ever!

  18. When I check for new updates the box just disappears… I see I’m not the only one with this problem, Does anyone know what is causing this?

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