Jul 1st, 2011

One of the nastiest instances of Android malware uncovered as of late, DroidKungFu, is “evolving” to become trickier for antivirus software to detect. The method of deployment remains the same, with the bad software hidden inside apps that seem otherwise legitimate. Two new versions of DroidKungFu were detected, but both essentially contained the same changes. Malicious elements have been reprogrammed in native code, making it more difficult to sniff out. The exploit is also becoming more difficult to reverse engineer and analyze, according to Dr. Xuxian Jiang of NC State, the man who first uncovered DroidKungFu.

Though the malware is becoming more difficult to remove after the fact, there are still steps you can take to insure you avoid downloading malicious software in the first place. Steer away from black market app stores and stick to the more respectable app markets, though this might not even be enough. Make sure the apps you download are from trusted sources and check the user ratings and comments to insure you are getting legitimate APKs. It could go a long way to protect your security.

[via NCSU]