Tag Heuer Introduces the Link: A $6,700 Android Monstrosity Clad in Aligator Skin


Luxury watch makers seem to have a thing for making particularly gaudy Android handsets. Take Ulysse Nardin, makers of the Chairman handset. They clad their handset in your choice of precious metals and priced it at $50,000. The Tag Heuer Link, on the other hand, seems like a bargain comparatively. For €4,700 (about $6,700), you get an Android 2.2 smartphone with a 3.5-inch display, 5MP camera, and 256MB of internal storage. Also included is an 8GB microSD card and 1400mAh battery. What you’re really paying for is the clunky case made of a selection of materials including steel, 18K rose gold, titanium, leather, alligator skin, and rubber. Did we mention alligator skin? And diamond accents? Dress it up however you want, but this thing still doesn’t stack up internally to handsets priced at one tenth of the Link’s value. At least it looks kind of cool in the below promo video…

[via Engadget]

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  1. What a POS !

    Froyo, SRSLY ? 256MB of internal storage ? Promotional clip with the old Market ?

    1. And only an 8gb SD card. They choose to skimp on the stuff that actually matters, that makes a lot of sense.

  2. That thing is absolutely hideous.

  3. This is amazingly awful to beyond regret to human nature. 

  4. I would have bought it if they had some real specs, and maybe if they removed all the aligator piss.

  5. Gonna take me out a loan and get this iphone killer!

  6. It’s shape reminds me of the WP7 Nokia phones, if you can look past the brushed metal and alligator.

  7. anyone else notice the superuser app at about 1:18 mark?

    1. Yeah!  That’s what they mean by luxury, it comes rooted!

  8. obnoxious

  9. alligator skin? someone call PETA!and its pretty sad that an alligator was killed just to cover up a phone of crappy spec. at least make it high tech phone for that price.

    1. Plenty of places also harvest the meat. Most gators aren’t killed just for their skins anymore.

  10. I would love if they would make Android devices made of HUMAN SKIN!  no seriously… kill them alive and while even screaming from pain, just skinning….  

  11. The only good thing about the entire ad was the shot of Lewis Hamilton…that’s all…

  12.  I can’t wait until they come out with the Mink Fur Edition

  13. This phone is for really stupid people with money, maybe rappers will buy it. They always seem to buy the stupidest shit on the market. 

    1. So rappers = stupid is a pretty stupid dumn sterotype.

      1. not really. they generally are quite stupid.

  14. I’d rather buy my next ten or fifteen android handsets at full retail off contract. Seriously what kind of person spends money on something like this? It does nothing better or differently than any other android device. Slapping a TAG emblem on it and throwing it in a fancy case isn’t what makes it a TAG. Looks like even the TAG themselves forgot what put them on the map…

  15. So sorry Tag!  This phone should have come out in 1984 with a built in lighter with ashtray and a flask.  Also this might be portentous but doesn’t it look like a coffin?

  16. Can’t polish a turd folks. That’s all.

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