An Android for Those With Insanely Deep Pockets


Do you sleep under bed sheets quilted from hundred dollar bills? Do you need a phone that tells the world you’re made of millions and like to throw money around? Then the Ulysse Nardin Chairman is the phone for you. This uber-limited edition handset for the unspeakably rich just couldn’t stay away from the green, and I’m not talking dollar dollar bills. I mean our favorite little green friend Android.


Limited to only 1,846 units, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman will have a 3.2 inch touchscreen, 8MP camera, and 32GB of on board memory. It’s dubbed a “phone with watch DNA” and apparently contains hybrid technology of the two. Available in Steel, Stealth, and various other precious metal schemes, the phone will ship with a lacquered wood charging station that will simultaneously back up the phone to external USB storage.

The exact price isn’t out, but you can bet this one will cost you a pretty penny. So which one of you is going to pony up and pre-order this one?

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  1. ooooooooo

    wait no, it’s got numb pad, now if it had a slide out qwerty and 2.2 then sure, maybe if it were plated in gold. but i think my EVO will do laps around what this guy can do

  2. When is this thing coming to sprint???

  3. It doesn’t even look like a phone I would want. I would rather have a Droid Incredible.

  4. give it a year and they’ll be handing these out as retirement gifts. tacky.

  5. ::clears throat:: hahahahahahaha lolomgwtfru4real?!

  6. *clears throat* hahahahahahaha wow. looks like there’s an anchor emblem up top: is that to make sure this failboat stays put?

  7. My dad, who works for Motorola, actually was telling me about these. He’s pretty angry because they supposedly have precious stones in certain parts of the phone (saphires)and contains gold. Kind of ridiculous for a phone. He’s mad because these hinder bonuses and don’t even bring in profit.

  8. hahahahahaha woooow. I see there’s an anchor emblem towards the top: is that to make sure this failboat stays put?

  9. That thing is so SteamPunk.

  10. why did it take so long to show those 1st two posts…. i thought it had rejected them! *facepalm* now i feel like the failboat dammit!

  11. Looks like it has a fingerprint scanner right above the keyboard in the middle.

  12. wow i would buy that phone if it was made out of plastic and not expensive metal, cause thats the shape of phone i like the best

  13. This thing looks so cheap! WTF are they thinking this phone is garbage!

  14. The most ridiculously stupid looking phone I have ever seen.

  15. Is that gold plated? with those specs i’d drop up to 1k for it.. if it has T-mobile bands of course…

    People the Anchor is their LOGO! These people usually make high end watches may I remind you…

  16. I’d put a band on this thing and wear it around on my wrist. Now THAT’S a calculator watch!

  17. They’ll be some Jack ass that will buy this phone. Always someone out there.

  18. $49,500? Is that with contract?

  19. I would have bought one but the company say they can’t match the metals to that of my mega yaught. It’s a shame cos ad I sit here in my ash resistant jet, sipping wine and getting a bj from miss world winner, I can’t help think that this phone will look good making business calls on my solid gold toilet.

  20. no contract that I know of.
    Saldly the 3G bandwidth is 900/2100. You would thing for that pricepoint it would cover EVERY freq?

    Welcome to the world of the high roller.
    Welcome to the world of Ulysee Nardin

  21. Holy shiit the phone’s battery uses kinetic energy to charge thats built into the phone…

  22. It’s actually quite interesting looking: 1. mini-dial-style battery and signal strength meters; 2. watch buttons for volume control; 3. touchscreen AND number dialing pad (say what you want about the coolness of touchscreens, but texting by touch alone can’t be done with an on-screen keyboard).

    Plus, it’s quite clever that you could charge up the battery with the winding crown and the automatic movement. Might be useful when your battery’s almost dead and you desperately need to make a call.

    Price – well, it’s not targeted at most of us in any case, right? At least, people who want a luxury-item phone can now get a smartphone version.

  23. Though this is probably over everybody’s pricepoint, it actually does bring some interesting things to the table. Things that really strike me right off the bat:

    1. Kinetic wind up charging (though I’d like some hard numbers on how power you can actually get from that)
    2. Fingerprint reader- way more convenient then a lock pattern.
    3. Sapphire glass- though its uncertain if its over the main touch screen, which would be the best. My father works for a military contractor and when I scratched one of my phones he sort of jokingly stated that if it was made of sapphire, it wouldn’t be a problem- thats the stuff they use for a lot of their optics because of their strength (also because its ideal for the infrared band).

    And say what you want, but I really like the steampunk look and philosophy behind it. Don’t get me wrong- I’d never pay that much for a phone, but the idea of having one crafted with such care and durability is appealing.

  24. looks like a phone for either a European drug czar or modern African war lord or the most interesting man in the world.

  25. @confluence13: “the most interesting man in the world”!!!
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good call!!! I love that guy!

  26. @24
    Yeah, I thought the idea of the sapphire glass and the kinetic ind up were very interesting aswell.

    The Sapphire glass for those people prone to scratching and messing up their screens would surely be a plus

    While the phone is in your pocket and the screen is off, it is not really using ll that much power to begin with. Add the fact that for every step you take slowly charges the battery? I would think it would work fairly well actually.

    If your at a deskjob, being one of those people (myself included) that just cant keep there leg still would be a plus. =))

    The fingerprint reader idea is genious. Much much better then the whole finger swipe pattern.

  27. Fingerprint reader is a great idea! Wish more phones had them! I know of one that had(has) it. HTC Sedna: P6500

  28. Not all that impressed with the gold version but the stealth black version looks awesome. I just need to win the lottery now so I can afford it.

  29. This one is coming to the fast 3G ATT network available all over the US…lol

  30. I already have one of this…

  31. Man… someone should make an affordable version for us middle class and poor people… lol oh… CHINA!can yall make an exact replica of this phone? thanks…

  32. I’m starting to think the rich and famous are starting to lose touch with style and design. This thing looks like a phone from yester-decade. But then I guess some things never go out of style, like gold and jewel encrusted brick phones.

  33. Had two.. accidentally left one at Starbucks, and the other went through the washer.

  34. One crucial fact that Engadget failed to mention about this amazing smartphone is that it features an annual service/hardware upgrade subscription for 10% of the unit’s purchase price.

    UN promises to upgrade the hardware frequently, so in the future, it should have higher-res screens, faster CPUs, etc.

  35. Did anyone else notice that this think has a winding crown on the top right of the case? I really hope that hand cranking isn’t UN’s idea of making the power source rechargeable. Then again if you can afford to pay for this phone you probably have a lackey on staff to wind it.

  36. Have a look at the source of uncell’s web page and you’ll see that it kicks out some alternate text for Russian browsers. And check out the devuschka in the photos. Point being, folks, they’re marketing these fine items to oligarchs.

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