HTC EVO 3D Coming to Vodafone in the UK


Yesterday HTC announced the availability of the EVO 3D for European carriers starting in July, and today brings us our first word of where to expect the glasses-free 3D smartphone when drops around the region. The UK will have Vodafone as at least one of their options for the gold-trimmed version of the handset, though an official release date and pricing details have not been given. You can, however, head over to the Vodafone website and sign up for the EVO 3D mailing list to receive updates on the phone’s launch status. We’ll leave you with the below video from the carrier touting their upcoming handset from HTC.

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  1. Well another SUPERB EVO BRAND now our friends abroad can enjoy what we all have been enjoying here in the states. The EVO 3D is truly one special dualcore monster with great design and extremely great battery life. Htc clearly loves the EVO BRAND now everyone will do so with our newest member….

    1. I love you, Richard. <3

      1. I don’t get why you enjoy feeding him so much, he posts the exact same story on every new post.

  2. What’s with that Advert? No sense launcher, red trim instead of gold? Whaaaaa?

    1. Yeah, stock launcher. Odd!

  3. That isn’t sense, right? What is that?

    1. LOL! I know you’re probably unfamiliar with it but it’s called…. “vanilla” Android. Otherwise known as stock Gingerbread. =p 

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