Tiered Data Plans Said to Infect Verizon July 7th, Will Get Extremely Pricey for Power Users


Remember when Verizon extended the free mobile hotspot promotion to July 6th for all 4G LTE users? Yea, it might be because unlimited data on Verizon is coming to an end. Droid-Life has heard that July 7th will be the day that tiered data plans would take over for both tablet and phone users. They’ll be setup almost identically to their mobile broadband plans. Here’s the breakdown for phones:

Data plans:

  • 2GB – $30/month
  • 5GB – $50/month
  • 10GB – $80/month

And for $20 more on each of those plans, you’ll get 2GB of additional data and the ability to use your phone as a mobile hotspot. Expensive stuff, no? For tablets, “data plans will now go to $30 for 2GB of data as well instead of $20 for 1GB of data that is currently available.” It’s summer and Verizon said it was coming. It’s just too bad it had to be sooner rather than later. You folks looking to switch better get a move on it now so that you’re grandfathered into unlimited data for at least another two years.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Holy rape job batman!

  2. I just want google to start their own cell service provider so I can dump these crappy providers.  Once tmobile gets swallowed by at&t or whoever eventually swallows them up, there will be no decent options for provider…

  3. fail

  4. That’s still cheaper than our carriers’ data plans.

  5. 2g for 30 dollars is a lot of money, broadband unlimited is 50 dollars at home, and their 4g isn’t even as fast.  It’s not the sweet spot in pricing, consumers should reject this pricing.

  6. Suddenly Sprint looks great

    1. Word.  My whole bill (tax and insurance included) with Sprint costs less than Verizon would charge me for data alone! 

    2. Until you look at their coverage area…

      1. If Sprint has a good coverage in his/her area and the place he/she frequents, why not? :)

        1. I was talking about how they looked better until I looked at their map…  ;-)

          As for him? Slower network, cant use it inside, cant move with it, not MUCH cheaper, more dropped calls, along with their tiny network?

          1. ok, now its obvious you are trolling.  

          2. By stating some of the MANY complaints FROM SPRINT CUSTOMERS? Or, are you claiming none of it holds any merrit?

          3. been on sprint 15 years.. had a vzw work phone.   sprint is so much better than just a couple years ago… can roam on vzw and others in obscure areas if need be.  if you are in a sprint town, vzw really has no advantage – none.  when leaving sprint areas, roaming is fine.  sprint actually has better roaming agreements in obscure upper rockie states… my sprint phone worked when visiting but vzw did not.

          4. @ Xorg Kc, unless you are in a Sprint town, that has LTE on Verizon.

          5. Wow, you are the biggest douche-bag/troll I have ever seen.  I wonder what you look like in real life?  Maybe a turd sandwich.

          6. And I am the troll.

        2. Exactly. I switched to Sprint (from Verizon) last week to give it a 30-day test drive and both the voice and 3G coverage (no 4G here for either) at my home and office for Sprint is essentially the same as it was for Verizon. So I’m happy I switched, especilally if these data plans are accurate.

      2. Hey Nisme, didn’t take you long to try and spin this to be pro Verizon! Just put your verizon pom poms down for a minute and admit they are rippping people off! You are such a blind VZ fanboy!!!!

        1. Really? These RUMORED prices WONT effect me. STFU,troll…

          1. It will affect millions of people, not everyone is grandfathered in so why dont you STFU and stop kissing VZ ass. You are the least objective person here. You are so in denial its scary…

          2. In all seriousness. Why are you so mad? Does your contract end in august or sometime after these changes? Lol anyone can be grandfathered in if they are willing to pay the price. I’m not kissing anyones ass! I’m just a very satisfied customer who doesnt piss and moan about the prices because I realize the value of quality service and a constant signal!

          3. Millions of people? The vast majority use less than 2 gigs, so there goes the “millions of people”. Everyone on Verizon with a data plan will be grandfathered, so there goes the “not everyone”. Hell, even after you use you discount for the upgrade, according to the same rumor. If you have no plans on going to Verizon, how about you stfu, because it doesnt affect you. Least objective person on here? Says the guy with “verizon blows” as a name.

          4. I’m actually going to Cal Tech for computer science, but thanks for your sincere efforts to offend me. Your attempts to make yourself look better are futile.

          5. Just because most don’t go over 2 gb routinely, that doesn’t mean it will never happen. As technology grows, people do more and more on the web, and VZ is gonna slam you with overage charges that people won’t even realize until the bill comes in. Your beloved VZ made 24 billion in profit last year, I doubt they need you doing their PR work for them. They are way overpriced, and suckers like you just smile while they rape you. Continue worshipping at Ivans altar….

          6. I would say 24 billion in profits is a lot better than continual losses?  Way overpriced? By a whopping $12. What do “I” get for that $12? SERVICE. And, just as you like to talk about the future, Sprint WILL eventually go the tiered route as well. OR, they will go bankrupt. What are you gonna do then? And, in the rare occasion one might go over, what is the overage charges you will be slammed with? $10!!!!

          7. They don’t affect me either men…I’m in two year contract bro! :D lulz

          8. @Realham and Nlsme: If you like spending your money on your phone bill, why not. The argument here is that there are people who prefer to spend less with “ok” service. Now, you can’t argue with that. I am satisfied with my Sprint service, and that’s all there is to it. I honestly had a few dropped calls, but my area is mostly “dead zone” anyway, even when I had my Blackberry Storm (a horrible, horrible device!) from Verizon. Even switching to another device, thinking it’s just the BB’s radio that’s messed up, my (ex-) Droid didn’t help much. Sprint, on the other hand was kind enough to offer me the Airave for free. Now I don’t get dropped calls, and I have unlimited minutes to call to and receive calls from anyone in the US.

            Again, if it works, then it works. Happy customer here! :)

          9. @Evo3D2B I completely understand your message and I respect that. Some places have better service with different carriers! That is an undeniable fact. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being content with other companies! I just don’t like when people such as “Verizon blows” tell us we are fan boys and kiss asses for enjoying the service we work hard to pay for. You feel me?

          10. Your excellent use of grammar and I quote “when our you” is a clear sign of intelligence if you ask me. Haha I guess MIT is not as prestigious as it used to be, or maybe someone is just making up stories ;)

        2. Men…you is totally confuzzed bro. Verizon fucks the world. You’re just mad jelly bro! It’s not our fault your allowance doesn’t cover the Verizon bill bro… I’m a part time worker and a college student and I can pay for it men and never lose signal! What a concept bro! You’re just mad cause your mama chose sprint over Verizon bro:P LULZ!!!

          1. I find it dubious that “Verizon blows” graduated from MIT. I’ve graduated from MIT (majors 8, 18, and 22). Aside from the fact that his or her vocabulary and punctuation are atrocious, EVERY MIT student knows that Cal Tech, not “cal state” have always been our rivals. It goes without saying that (s)he would know that if his/her statement were true.

          2. @Sevenstars Indubitably. I could not agree more! Thank you for providing some much needed affirmation! I am glad to hear that someone around here knows their facts!

          3. Same here i am a college student and part time worker and have been paying my cell bill since we first got it when I was 15. if you get unlimited now most likely they will grandfather you and if not who cares because in 2 years who knows it could be back to unlimited again.

      3.  Sprint’s great in civilized places.

        1. I am an hour outside NYC, and it is far from great. In fact, it is non-existant. BTW, I am less than a half hour to the state capital. 10 minutes from our old state capital.

          1. do you have sprint today or did in the past?  they’ve upgraded many sites over the last few years and have added cdma to many nextel sites.  they will be rolling out 800mhz cdma later this year.

          2. I am going off of their map. As well as the people I know that have it. Everytime they come up from the city, all they do is complain about their data not working. Their voice still works of course, because they rely on Verizons network.

      4. One nice thing is that the sprint map is actually mostly right, whereas Verizon map just blankets entire areas regardless of whether you can actually get signal in that entire area or not.

        1. Really, I can say Sprint’s map is pretty accurate for my area. They have none. Now, Verizon’s, I can tell by their map if I will have 3 bars or 4 for my area. I can litterally look at the map, drive a certain route, and where they say they have coverage, they do. Where they say the coverage isn’t as great, but still there’ it is.

  7. You should note, this is a rumor…

    1. Not wanting to open a can of worms, but does this change your view of Verizon’s (non)tethering policy?

      1. If they moved to tiered plans, you should have every right to tether that data. I said that all along. However, if you have unlimited, the carrier has every right to forbid it. Considering I will still have unlimited, this won’t change anything for me.

        1. We might continue to have unlimited. Just like when they did away with their NE2 program.
          I have to brace myself for the worst case scenario. 

  8. That’s pretty terrible. I’m glad the UK is a nice small, densely populated place (for the most park). Our mobile internet bills are pretty good! 

  9. if they stick with unlimited data, Verizon need to increase their revenue to maintain their servers. people keep complaining but they have no idea how a telephone company work. 

    i support verizon for going limited data not because i am their customer, but i think from their point of view. 

    1. Seeing how they stated before it was cheaper to operate on 4g network I dont think they need to do this to keep up their servers as you say. I mean I wont complian because I am deu for an upgrade and will just get in now to be safe but I think in the long run it isnt about needing more money its that they are greedy like every corporation in america.

    2. ok you want to announce it one more time that you see it from their point of view? It’s all the same..greed. They have plenty of profit and money to maintain their servers this isn’t the reason they are doing this. No response is needed hop off of the verizon teet and realize its all about the money nothing else.

      1. Except for Sprint, wich carrier is not concerned with making money?

  10. damn, these Verizon prices are ridiculous. 

  11. now i wonder if theyll do the thing where they auto drop you to 3g when you reach your cap. Or will they molest more of the monies from you in overrage.

    I’m able to upgrade on the 6th, please let the galaxy s 2 announcement take place before then.

    1. Im sure they will wait and announce it right after they announce these plans. And from what the CFO or CEO said there is no cap just overage charges.

  12. Im waiting for the official release before I judge.  Verizon had mentioned introducing Shared Family Data plans when the new pricing structure hit.  If they do I may come out okay.   

    1. The prices aren’t bad if it’s per account instead of per line.

      1. Agreed.  We have 3 smartphones and possibly a 4th around the corner.  2 of them use next to no data so if we can share across all, we may stay cost neutral or go down a bit on our plan.

        But otherwise…

        1. ….otherwise, your prices wont budge.

  13. I wonder how much bandwidth is used by ads.  Flashier ads get more attention, but tend to be larger.  It’s one thing to have to deal with advertising, but quite another to have to pay for the annoyance of it.

  14. Welcome to Canadian cell data plans.

  15. Any word on whether or not data plan changes will differ for 3g v 4g?

    If I renew on a 3g phone then change to 4g will I still have unlim data?

    1. No. If you read the Droid-Life article there is no difference. You will be charged exactly the same if you use 3G or 4G.

  16. Let’s hope that they released this information pre-emptively to gauge market reaction to it, and then adjust it officially later…

  17. Verizon,

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

    -your now ex customer

    1. You do realize, your prices wont budge, IF you are already a “verizon customer”?

      1. Haha these people can’t read bro:P

      2. Ya of course but I still dislike Verizon & their bs pricing tactics to screw over their customer. I know they have the best coverage, but it’s no reason to bend over their future/plan changing customers like this.

        1. So, you want to change your plan? The only way you will lose your unlimited is to ask for it to be tiered. You can change your minutes, without it effecting your data. According to the article where this rumor comes from, you will still be able to use your discounts on a new phone, and not lose your unlimited data. Sure, it might suck for a small minority of new customers. But, remember, the vast majority use less than 2 gigs anyways. In any sense, this change wouldnt effect you, unless you want it to.

          1. But doesn’t it affect you when you renew your contract?  For example, I can’t upgrade my phone until November.  When I do so, won’t that mean that I’ll be tiered?  Count me out.  I’ve used almost 15GB just this month.

          2. I’m going to Verizon later today, and I’ll be sure to ask.  I’ll let you know, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll be ready to acknowledge this move. 

          3. @0ab74bde56120c295fd84786219fed78:disqus , yeah… it wouldn’t let me reply to you.  Anyway, I’m going to go to Verizon as well.  But I think maybe I’ll just use hypotheticals and see what I can get them to say.  And if they don’t say anything, I’ll just call the tech support.

          4. My highest monthly usage in the past 3 months was 202MB (yes, that’s megabytes).  WTF are you doing with 15GB in one month?  

          5. Not according to the article that brought this rumor to lite. According to that, you will still have unlimited even AFTER you upgrade at the discounted price.

          6. @045c8e1c577eb3d21de65b58d7d9d631:disqus , again, it won’t let me directly reply.  Anyway, yeah, I’m a tetherer.  I just recently got a user account here at work, but before I had to tether for all of my internet usage, and I used a lot of data with Pandora and the likes.  

          7. They are doing it because people like you. Sorry to say but STOP DOWNLOADING TORRENTS

          8. @9ce6b70f5e50e0fb997d839b101e7adc:disqus I don’t download torrents.  I tried once, a year ago, but it didn’t work at all.  This is just my day to day usage.  Mostly just importing tons of data for work.  

          9. @9ce6b70f5e50e0fb997d839b101e7adc:disqus If you really think they’re doing this crap because “excessive use” then you’re slightly naive. They’re only doing this to extort more money out of you for no good reason.

          10. Droid, why do you assume people are tormenting just because they use more data than you. I use on average 8-10 gb a month and have used as much as 16 gb in a month. I have never tethered or downloaded torrents. My usage will go up once I get decent 4g service and can use Skype, HBO GO, and Netflix. 2 gb is barely any usage, if that’s all I had I’d just cancel my data plan because it would be pointless (i say 2 gb because they are crazy if they think I’m paying more than $220 a month for two phones, my bill would be well over $300 with this crap)

          11. Thats a false statement the majority users now use more than 2GB in fact some as many as 5 and above especially with all the new apps and advanced technology now a days

        2. I use Slacker about 10 hrs a day. I use about 8-10 gig a month.

      3. Unitl your contract is up.

        1. You must not know what grandfathered means. And, according to the article, even AFTER you use the discounted upgrade, you will STILL be grandfathered in.

          1. I know what grandfathered in means, I know this is still not official, I know what Verizon’s track record is… I won’t hold my breath.

          2. In your contract, it explains that even after it is up, you will be able to keep the plan structure on a month to month basis. This article is a rumor, but in that rumor, is the mention that they will still let you keep the pricing structure, even after using the discounted upgrade. I say, if you are going to assume that these prices are correct, you must also assume that to be correct.

          3. Also if u read the very last part Nisme it says if ur lucky for at least another two years so eventually they will up the price on ur plan yes they offer unlimted but at a very high unreasonable price I dont even know why u defrnd them they suck as a company altogether. They make u wait forever to upgrade, phone insurance sucks, I can just go on & on

          4. If you were to read the droid life article, the one where they got this rumor, you will see that it says that they are also hearing from the same people, that EVEN AFTER you upgrade at the discounted price, you will still be grandfathered in. But, that means you actually have to follow the source link provided IN THE ARTICLE, and read that article. The one this article is based on.

            At a very high price? $12 more than Sprint!!! Wait forever to upgrade? Same as every other carrier. You can upgrade whenever you want. Insurance sucks? Thats not Verizon it is assurion, and you are free to use other means… I’ll admit, they arent “cheap”, neither is Sprint. They don”t have the “best” phones, but, I would take my charge over Sprints/ATT&T’s best phone.

  18. Time to buy or dump VZ ?

  19. too bad there is no real 4G phone on Verizon I would want to switch to right now (and live with for 2 years)  The new pricing plans seems a little out of touch with the market. I might have to consider a move back to Sprint *shutter* 

  20. Just a preview of things to come if At&t is allowed to buy T-Mobile. You know At&t will be raising prices to match Verizon’s. I’m sure Verizon will conveniently charge you another 3o bucks if you go over 2 gigs just like At&t will charge you for going over as well. Glad I left Verizon for T-Mobile, for now. 

  21. Sprint has been looking great the last few months after finding out verizon charges another $20 for unlimited text since their voice and data plans do not include this.  As much as sprint’s coverage is a little more spottier than Verizon’s I think with what I am using it for, it looks a lot cheaper but still effective.  Verizon’s tiered plan is also more expensive than other carriers.  Why are we paying a premium for phone service? How often do you actually use your phone for voice calls to encounter a dropped call anyway? Most ppl text and Sprint’s service is good enough for this.

    1. “a little more spottier”, you must mean half the size?

      1. If “half the size” works, then why not. Nlsme…I don’t know why you’re so angry with Sprint. I’ve had both services, and I still prefer Sprint’s even with “half the size” service coverage, as you put it.

        1. I was poitnig out the fact that ” a little spottier” is not really accurate. Looking at their map, half the size is a lot more accurate.

          1. the point is, if you live in a sprint area, there is no advantage to have vzw.

          2. As long as you never leave where you live. But then, whats the point in having a “mobile phone” anyway?

          3. I knew what you were referring to, but what I was asking you is why you point things out quite…negatively. Anyway, I already figured you out, and like I said earlier, I do understand you now. Verizon works well with you. Sprint works well with me (and coldprincess among, I’m assuming, many others). We’re all good! Cheers!

          4. Not trying to be negative towards Sprint.

          5. However you may want to put it, your comments towards Sprint always sound negative. But like I said, I already figured you out. No need to explain. It goes back to what I said…Verizon works well with you, and we’ll leave it at that. :)

            Did you see the new post by Quentyn regarding VZW?

      2. Seriously do you work for Verizon?? If so I get it….but if not, then do us all a favor and hop off their man meat…please…it’s quite annoying. You’ve already made your point like several hundred times it seems…move on!

      3. it’s literally not possible for Sprint to be half the size in voice 3G coverage … they cover 90% of the US:

        1. “THEY” do not. They ROAM on Verizons network. THEIR network, on THEIR map, is the area that is NOT grey. As in, half the size of the area that is grey(Verizon’s network). And, it is ONLY for voice, of wich they will cap you IF you use it to much. Considering we are talking about SMARTPHONES, the data is relevant.

          1. …in the end what does it matter?  My ISP isn’t providing fiber to Europe but I browse those websites fine.

            The whole system is interconnected and arguing who owns what is arguing silly semantics that doesn’t matter to me one bit.Sprint doesn’t charge roaming charges so I get all of that coverage.  I don’t get half of your verzion coverage.  I get all of it.  I get Verizon’s 3G, Clearwires 4g, and any other back-end contracts they can negotiate.

            Governemtn passed a law  some time ago (and amended it jsut this year to ensure it covered data) that simply states that if you are using public frequencies you have to resell the service fairly to everyone … meaning there’s no way verizon can legally lock sprint out of that service.

            So yeah … my coverage is 90% of the US.  and cheaper than yours.  Plus it will legally stay that way.

          2. You DONT get Verizons 3G. You ONLY get voice on Verizons network. All that grey area in that map, that where you DON’T get data on Sprint, but you do on Verizon. Legally stay that way, until Sprint goes bankrupt after yet another 5 years w/o profits…

            Edit* Looking at their “updated” map, I will admit I was wrong. They do allow you to roam data on Verizon’s network. However, they still have the disclaimer that they will throttle you if you use most of your data/minutes off of their network. I am not able to use their network, so Sprint is still not an option for me.

          3. yeah, and roaming works pretty well… i have sprint and had a vzw work phone… vzw had literally no advantage and i travel everywhere.  now they just want to suck your wallet.

          4. I can guarentee you have never traveled here. Therefore, your “everywhere” statement is a little hyperbolic. BTW, if you have traveled to an LTE market, you would see one advantage Verizon has.

  22. This would be freaking insane. Honestly I really hope since I am paying for unlimited now that I will be grandfathered in and keep my $30/month data. I already pay $190/month for 2 smartphones to have 700 minutes, unlimited text/data. This would raise that over $200 and I will then be dropping Verizon all together. My 20mbps high speed internet is only $47/month! This is getting way out of hand. This is why I left At&t 2 years ago because prices kept going up. If verizon is going to pull this same shit then fuck them.

    1. You’re already paying $60 a month for your data service.  *If* these prices are per-account, you’ll actually be saving money as long as you use less than 5GB per month.

      I thought I was a pretty heavy user of data, until I actually looked at my account to see how much data I actually used, and my wife and I combined use less than 1 GB per month.  So right now I’m effectively paying $60 for 1 GB/month.

      1. If these were per-account, I would go switch INSTANTLY. I use ~1GB/month and my girlfriend uses ~500mb/month. If I could knock even $10 a month off this bill I would be happy. That being said I think this will be per device.

      2. You fall in line the vast majority of users.

  23. Show it in terms of dollars per gigabyte.
    2GB – $30/month ($15 / gigabyte)
    5GB – $50/month ($10 / gigabyte)
    10GB – $80/month ($8 / gigabyte)

    With these prices they should do away with the separate tethering charge.

    These prices are still high compared to AT&T.  Therefore, AT&T will have to raise prices accordingly.

    When a market works like it is supposed to and has sufficient competition, the lowest priced provider tends to force others to lower prices.  When the market is broken, the highest priced provider tends to suggest to other providers that they can get away with raising their prices.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I would not mind this pricing if it included tethering. However, VZW would lose money on me, since I have a separate 3G hotspot for my computer. For the little amount I use my hotspot, I would ditch the hotspot altogether and just tether on my phone. 

    2. Yup, and there will be even less competition once AT&T swallows T-mobile.

      1. But not really less than when DT dissolves T-Mobile…

  24. Sprint ftw. Hehe.

  25. I think Verizon’s pricing will effect most people sooner or later. Even if you are good for 2 more years eventually it will catch up to you just like Sprint’s yearly upgrade fiasco. I agree with some of the users here that I cant wait for a company like Google to jump in to Cell services or Vonage or anyone and offers good service for 50-70 for unlimited usage. For me usage is Avg 5-10 GB. All these blood suckers smooch my aaaaannnnnnnnuuuuuuuusssss.

    1. According to the article, you are still grandfathered in AFTER you upgrade at the discounted price.

      1. People don’t read thats why any rumor that is posted blows up in a sec

  26. Also these companies get people hooked on the unlimited usage and perks than people are so use to using more and more than all of a sudden there is an Plan revamp. Come on. People use to gwet yearly upgrades with most not anymore. They lock people in 2 yr contracts which has never benefitted any of the folks at all. For $100 less when you buy the phone. Non sense and FAIL. Cant wait for Moto Triumph or Something similar on non contract plans

  27. I listen to Sirius, Pandora, and ESPN all the time and never use 2GBs.  I dont have a problem with people that use tons of data paying more.

    1. My “non-fanboyish” response,
      “But eventually, Sirius, Pandora, and ESPN will use more data, and you will go over…” /S

      1. HA. Well, I’m using my thunderbolt for to tether on the road, and I’ve barely passed 2GB. 

  28. Some people are saying that the vast majority of users don’t go over 2 GB per month.  However, as faster networks become available (4G), more bandwidth-consuming content will be delivered to mobile devices.  More videos will be streamed in ad space, more high-res pictures will be utilized on web sites (CNN and the likes).  The carriers know this, of course, and certainly expect to see people go over their data plan limits and/or pay for much higher data plans.  Anyone that doesn’t believe this to be the case (Nisme and other fanboys) need to wake-up and smell the burning coffee.

    1. Like that you call me out. I will just point out, I have unlimited data. And, according to the article this rumor came from, I will still be able upgrade at the discounted price and keep it. Now, I know this might sound a little fanboyish, but eventually, ALL carriers will be tiered.

      1. Because all home ISPs are tiered, amirite??

        Sorry to burst your bubble but no:  there is no reason to believe all wireless data will be tiered as long as the market is regulated to remain competitive and all the competition isn’t bought out.  Dont try to pass some BS lie that propping up a cell tower is somehow more expensive than running fiber up and down every neighborhood so you can provide broadband.

        1. Because they have all SAID AS MUCH. Even Sprint.

          1. Pretty much what he said… T-Mo is tiered, ATT is tiered, VZW is about to be tiered… and Sprint can’t afford not to go tiered. Game. Over.

      2. Here is the letter from Droid Life’s article in it’s entirety. If you would, kindly show me where they say that you can upgrade at the discounted price and keep your unlimited data.

        The Next Generation of Data Pricing – Our Evolution Amidst an Industry RevolutionJune 20, 2011Greetings team, it’s [redacted], your Area Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations. As we approach the summer solstice, I wanted to reach out to the team and overview what I believe represents a significant and exciting evolution around how we package data solutions to our customers and the marketplace.The Revolution is Upon Us…
        In what has been a year of amazing performance by the [redacted] Area including company leading year-over-year churn improvement, successful introduction of the iPhone 4, strong post paid gross and net adds and industry leadership in launching our 4G LTE network; we find ourselves entering into a period of transformational innovation within Verizon Wireless and the wireless industry as a whole.Our ability to out execute and deliver upon the promise of The Credo everyday has allowed us to maintain the industry leadership. At the same time, accelerated market expectations coupled with the introduction of many emerging solution categories has created new opportunities for us to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.Data Pricing Evolution…The Present
        Our legacy data pricing structure was designed to address a somewhat different customer need profile than what we are seeing and can expect in the future.Consider this. Data usage has more than doubled over the last three years. Consumers and business users alike are doing more and more with their mobile devices. The notion of “send and end” has migrated to “managing multiple aspects of one’s lifestyle through mobility.” Whether it’s social media (85%+ of Smartphone users), mobile internet (88%+ of Smartphone users), or email/applications (71%+ of Smartphone users), this usage has one thing in common—dramatically increased demand for data and media consumption.As a result, we are evolving our approach around how we package our data solutions and pricing to our customers. Coming soon, Verizon Wireless will move from our existing pricing format to a structure designed to allow customers to choose the right data solution that best aligns with their needs.The Value Benefit Equation…
        With the new usage based pricing plans, the vast majority of our customers will be able to enjoy their typical level of data consumption for the same value that they outlay today. Additionally, for those who have greater requirements for data, we will have solutions that they can tailor to their unique needs.Perhaps more importantly, given our strong desire to continue to provide enhanced capability and value to our customers, the new data pricing will apply to both our 3G AND 4G LTE networks. So in essence, for those customers in our ever and rapidly expanding 4G LTE network coverage footprint, users will gain the benefit of the fastest and most advanced 4G LTE network in the U.S. all for the same usage based value. More speed. More functionality. Same value.Let’s Do What WE Do…
        Our expectation to extend our market leadership will be largely dependent on our demonstrated ability to “operationalize” in the face of an ever-changing environment. The successful launch of our new data pricing solutions represents a key milestone in our continued march to excellence.Over the next few weeks, you will be receiving much more insight, information, and learning opportunities around this significant evolution in how we provide our industry leading best solutions, to the right customer, that best satisfies their needs.I have every confidence in our ability to execute this flawlessly because it is the Verizon Wireless and South Area way. Our customers expect and deserve nothing less.
        To paraphrase a quote from a favorite cinematic masterpiece of mine from the 80’s, Top Gun, “Verizon Wireless is engaged. The South Area has the lead…” Let’s do what we do.They mention nothing about what happens when you upgrade. I have a family share plan, 5 lines with 3 smartphones on it and the other 2 wanting to upgrade. If they don’t do something better for family plans, I’d be looking at around a $300 bill just to use the lowest tier of data.Yes Verizon does have great coverage. BUt at some point it’s just not worth it. We may very well be going back to dumbphones as I can’t justify spending $3600 a year for cell phone usage. And at that point I might as well switch to something like Straight Talk. Unlimited everything for $45 a month, no contract, and they run on Verizon’s network. Even though no LTE, I’d be saving $900 a year.

        1. Please point out to me, where in that letter they have the pricing mentioned in the article!! Btw, I said the Droid-Life article mentioned it.

          “*Note 2 – And I should probably clarify that these new prices should not affect anyone that is currently under contract.  Major changes like this concern only new customers and possibly those that are up for a renewal.  We have even heard mention of current customers being allowed to upgrade to a new device after July 7 though, and continue to keep their unlimited data”
          Hush now

          1. You tell me that pricing isn’t mentioned in the letter, or in other words, it’s a rumor. Then counter with the note 2 quote, which is also not in the letter but is also speculation by the writer.
            While I maybe getting worked up over a rumor, your telling everyone that they will be able to upgrade without worry of being switched to the tiered prices is no more factual than the alleged pricing.
            Finally, “Hush now”. Really? Trying to make yourself sound like an adult doesn’t make it true.

          2. I am pretty sure, I said RIGHT FROM MY FIRST POST< it should be noted it is a rumor. I have said it numerous times. Including in a direct response to someone who wanted to know if they were going to be able to upgrade after the Seventh, from a 3G phone, to a 4G, and be able to keep unlimited. The hush now was because you were trying to make it sound like what I was saying, that according to the DL article, you can still upgrade, and keep your unlimited data, was pulled out of my ass. Like I said, it is IN THE DROID LIFE ARTICLE. You didn't disprove that, even with your lengthy "letter".

          3. In fact, lets look at my response to Chris R. from 3 hours before you posted the “letter”,

            “Really, your getting mad over the rumored prices? But, you havent even realized the same rumor says that you will be grandfathered in, even AFTER you upgrade at the discounted price?”. So, before you say what I am doing, at least look at what I am doing. Or, expect a hush now.

            Another “in fact” the post you replied to, I mentioned it was RUMORED.
            Hush now…

          4. Your post to Chris R is after our posts here. Sorry if I stopped to eat. I have since gotten caught up and saw the afore mentioned reply.

            As far as the Hush now, I guess I still can’t understand why you’d do that if not to start something. It’s akin to “Go away, adults are talking.” Maybe if you’d showed some respect some would be shown back to you. When I asked about where in the letter the text was, I asked because the article with the letter does not have the notes. I read that article you were referring to earlier today before there were updates. This article on phandroid is talking primarily about the Droid Life article with the letter, so I assumed that is what you were referencing. I will leave it at that.

          5. Wrong, my first post, the one where I noted it was a rumor to begin with, was a FULL five hours prior to your “letter” post. My response to Chris R. was a FULL 3 hours before it. I said no less than 5 times, that it was all a rumor, BEFORE you posted the letter. And, before your first post concerning this article here, that note was on Droid-Life, in fact, it was there before my first response to this article was posted. Before the letter was even the article. Five hours prior to your letter post. That’s why I said “hush now”, because of the tone of your post. Considering, you were trying to say I said something that I made up, without even reading what I wrote, and checking to see if I was wrong in making the claim in the first place. Plus, your comparison with Straight talk, and your plans on switching. When, IF you use less than 2 gigs/month, your pricing will be the same, yet you are going to use a phone that wont even really be able to use 2 gigs/month. How about, just don’t gluton the data, and keep the far more capable phone if it bothers you that much? Like I said, a vast majority of users dont even come close to 2 gigs/month. Or switch, but just dont pretend that the increase in data price, that won’t even effect you, has anything to do with it.

            Here is one from 4 hours before the letter post, it is pretty clear that I say that it is ALL a rumor.

            Nlsme 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
            I am going off of the Droid-Life article that brought these rumored prices to lite. Keep in mind, it is ALL rumors at this point. But, according to that article, there is no differance in 3G/4G pricing. It also says that even after you use the discounted upgrade, you will still be grandfathered in. So going off of the article, you should be fine to upgrade at your normal time to a 4G device, and still have unlimited data. However, and I cant stress this enough, ALL of it is just rumors for now. My advice, when Verizon makes an official announcement, call them.
            Edit Reply 6 hours ago in reply to Mehdi Jaffery 0 Like F

          6. WOW, ok you win. Hope you can get on with your day now.

          7. And as far as Straight Talk, the pricing would be cheaper. WIth our current plan, if we went to smartphones on all lines, we’d be looking at around $60 per line. Dividing it equally between the 5 lines, that’d be 280 voice minutes, unl. txt, & 2GB data per line. WIth Straight Talk that’d be unlimited everything for $45 per line. The only reason I have not gone to them is their customer service isn’t the greatest. But if Verizon doesn’t get some kind of data pool for family plans, a $900 a year difference would be worth it.

          8. Again, if you feel Straight talk is the better value, go for it. But, dont act like the price increase that doesnt affect you has anything to do with it. They are going to be any cheaper for you, than they are right now.

          9. Because we currently have one line who goes over the 2GB mark. She is deaf so data is her main way to communicate with others. On top of that Verizon plans to go to Voice over LTE, which means texting & voice will ow draw off of data. And do you think that things are going to be more or less data intensive in the future.

            Look at it this way. Compared to what’s coming, most everyday users could today get by on 1-2GB per month. Now they give you faster speed & push services that use up data quicker but now they cap the data use.

            As far as how I feel about Verizon, I’ve been with them since ’97. They usually find a way to get you off of grandfathered features. For example they got me off of a plan that was great because I wanted to get 3200 Nights & Weekend minutes, before it was unlimited & free like it is today. They will be sure to offer something that people will give up their unlimited data to qualify for. Look at what they’ve done already in 2011. Dropped the NE2, 1 year contracts, annual upgrades, shortened trial time to 14 days, & now unmilited data – gone. The only positive thing they have done is lower the retail price on their phones by $30-$50. Call me crazy but I’ll bet these prices will be the rumored or worse.

  29. I’m actually thinking of dropping data for my phone and home and switching to a mobile hot spot from Clear.  If Clear can manage offer reliable data at all times of the day then I don’t see a reason why not to switch and tell the carriers to f#(k off

    1. I’m using clear in SLC and only have the home wifi now due to the hotspot’s lack of ability to pick up and hold a strong signal. Maybe the new puck looking hotspot works better, but the oval shaped one was mediocre to good depending on how close I was to a tower. The home wifi continually loses signal and has to be reset; pain in the arse. The speeds are good enough compared to basic DSL. FYI.

  30. All you can eat is going away for mobile devices, carriers can make way too much money this way. Carriers own version of having a market, features and apps did not pan out as expected, they are really truly going to be just a pipeline and they are going to milk that aspect of it. Makes we wonder why cloud service is being pushed to consumers as they are the ones who won’t really be able to afford it. 

    In the end cloud services will probably end up for businesses. Funny how it seems to have come almost full circle, years ago we got away from the big server dishing everything up to end users, albeit they had dumb terminals, to getting personal computers and breaking away from the big server, and almost back to the same. 

  31. This is why I bought a Thunderbolt. I’m grandfathered in, and if a phone really wows me in the future, I’ll simply buy it. I was hoping over the next two years that someone else would be actively expanding their network (that ISN’T AT&T; I’ll talk with soup cans and string before I use them), but VZW are the only ones who seem committed to expanding their network. With technologies like LTE, and services like Netflix, or even YouTube, I doubt that they’ll actually charge that much, unless they want to hemorrhage potential profits due to people avoiding them like plague because they don’t want to spend $80+/month to watch a few movies on a tiny screen. Personally, I’d love to see a company like US Cellular go nationwide and expand at even half of Verizon’s rate, and get a chunk of the 500MHz spectrum because they have great prices, but their coverage isn’t anywhere close to me, much less nationwide. I understand that you (usually) “get what you pay for”, but those prices are ridiculous, regardless of coverage area. For those who think that it’s fine, or a good price because you pay x amount of money in y country, or some rationalization about profits, network expansions, etc., please don’t hesitate to refrain from pointing out price differences in various countries, or what it costs to expand and maintain a network.

  32. Charging for tethering on a *capped* data plan is absolutely ridiculous. Do they really expect to get away with this? 

  33. Will be interesting to see how they will gradnfather

  34. Thinking more seriously about taking them up on their early upgrade offer.  That way I can extend my unlimited plan for another 2 years….


    1. I’m going to was gonna wait for bionic but ill just get tthe charge and if bionic is worth it ill sell tthe charge and get that.

    2. Thinking more about this…I just downloaded a game called Contract Killer.  It had to download data to my SD card…over 1GB of data!!!!  Thinking of that plus netflix, plus google music, plus pandora; the more I add it all up, the more this pisses me off.

      1. Really, your getting mad over the rumored prices? But, you havent even realized the same rumor says that you will be grandfathered in, even AFTER you upgrade at the discounted price?

        1. My upgrade date is 6 months away.  True the prices are rumored.  But so is the grandfathered in statements.  Yes, I know nothing is concrete right now.  Unless a Verizon employee who is in the know clerifies things for us.  

          But this has been hinted at for a while now.  And if this does happen and when I go to upgrade in December, and if I’ll have to switch to a tethering plan; they are going to loose a customer.

          Again, a lot of “ifs”, but it’s sounding more and more certain as the days go by.

          1. Something else I just thought of last night.  My fiancee is going to be going on my plan soon.  She was going to get an iphone (unfortunately)…if she’s being added to my current family plan, would she be grandfathered in with me or would she be considered a new customer.  She technically would be new, but the plan she would be joining is not.

  35. In my area my choices for service are Verizon or AT&T.  Sprint and Tmo don’t have enough coverage.  So I guess I’ll be using the 14day return policy to bounce from one 4G phone to another until a worthwhile one actually comes out.

  36. Considering just two and a half Netflix movies busts past 2gb, that alone can tell most common sense folks that tiered data is pure stupid. ESPECIALLY with 4G. Kind of a contradriction in premise.  People thinking otherwise are either low data users or VZW suck ups. 

    This WILL backfire on VZW.

  37. Well they were to release the Droid Bionic before the Data price update July 3 If so I will stay with VZ if not there are many others with nice phones unlimited data pains, So VZ get it out Or loss lots of us I have been waiting to up date for the Bionic Don’t want the Thurderbolt ;o(
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  38. is it worth adding another plan just to get the 4G plan before this happens

  39. Also in my current contract I have a Droid X unlimited data. So I want to know if I get a 4G phone when my contract ends in 2012 can I upgrade to a 4G phone and will I have unlimited data or will I have to use the tier plan

    1. I am going off of the Droid-Life article that brought these rumored prices to lite. Keep in mind, it is ALL rumors at this point. But, according to that article, there is no differance in 3G/4G pricing. It also says that even after you use the discounted upgrade, you will still be grandfathered in. So going off of the article, you should be fine to upgrade at your normal time to a 4G device, and still have unlimited data. However, and I cant stress this enough, ALL of it is just rumors for now. My advice, when Verizon makes an official announcement, call them.

  40. Double post

  41. Here’s some perspective: If you would like to watch Netflix at all on your device, it takes about a 1.5 MB per second data transfer for viewing, or about 1 GB PER HOUR.  These are rough approximations given by a Netflix Representative.  DO THE MATH AND BEND THE HELL OVER.

    1. According to the Netflix Chief Product Officer, it is more in line with .3 gigs an hour FOR A TV.

      And, from their FAQ,
      “Supported Android devices may stream content over 3G and 4G connections at a reduced quality. For higher-quality streams, connect your Android device to a WiFi network.” So, explain to me how the “reduced quality” stream on a phone is nearly three times higher than to a tv…

      1. This is a really great response, but the fact is, if you’re able to use Netflix on a cellular device from the Verizon network, you’ll blow 2GB of usage in under 6 HOURS of service.  Also, the link you’re referring to for people who don’t check it out, only shows that it’s for the lowest quality speed.  So to reiterate, if you have 4G, and are capable of seeing videos in high definition (which kind of goes hand in hand with a 4G device) you’re eating up 2GB at a rate of 2 HOURS.

        1. If you can afford a smartphone, and want to watch Netflix for that much, my advice, buy a TV. Yeah it is for the lowest quality, the “default” quality, FOR A TV. You should note, however, that your figure, is for the highest quality, for a TV The FAQ link also states, that not matter if it is “3G or 4G”, it is streamed at a lower quality. There is NO adjustment there.

          1. Okay, well if they don’t want people watching movies on their phones they why do all their ads feature people watching movies on their phones?

          2. Netflix doesnt care what you use. They, however are not a carrier. The carriers don’t care if you watch Netflix, but I can see why they don’t want you to do it on an unlimited basis. Keep in mind, at the rate a tv streams, you will get over 6 hours on the phone, minnimum. Probably closer to ten, considering it is only a 4in screen, as opposed to a 50 in screen. Now, lets look at what Sprint, the value carrier, gives you for $30. 21/2 hours of talk. Considering it is a phone first and foremost, for the same price, you get less time to talk. Just some perspective….

  42. Just in time for music streaming.

  43. bull shiiiiiittttt

  44. Bulllll Shiiiiiitttttt

  45. I think all carriers should move towards tiered data, but allow tethering at no additional cost. There’s definitely a need for tiered data on cell phones especially with people tethering through phones flashed with roms, and the coming of netflix, hulu, and hbo. I would say $30 isn’t too bad for 2gb of data if they at least get off people’s backs about tethering through hacked phones. I have no pity for people who are using 15gb a month while my mother probably uses 200mb and pays the same amount for her data. Sprint has an opportunity here to continue to be the most preferred carrier when it comes to data plans

  46. This basically means that if you are not a current Verizon customer, you’ll be stuck with a Droid Charge or Thunderbolt for the next two years if you want to get grandfathered in. For me, this means 200 for the ETF, and 200 for a phone that’s already behind the curve that I would be stuck with for two years. I’ll just stick with Sprint (I live in a 4G city), and keep using my Epic 4G until I get my upgrade in about a year.

    I’m still mad at Sprint for removing yearly upgrades, but the unlimited data, mobile to any mobile, free visual voice mail, free roaming on Verizon’s network anyway, and getting the best phones (Evo and Epic has aged well) for only 80 bucks per month is a great deal tio me. Although, I hear that if I call the customer loyalty, and complain, I could get my upgrade regardless.

    1. I would say the carrier with the best phones isn’t Sprint. Not saying it is Verizon, that would go to Tmobile IMO. IMO, Verizon has better phones than Sprint. Engadget agrees with me too, btw.

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