I Spy GTV In My Android Market


If you’ve got a Google TV, you may want to head on over to the web version of your Android Market account and see if you can see what others (including us) are seeing: their Google TV officially listed as a useable device. Unfortunately you won’t be able to push apps/games to your GTV quite yet, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Google has promised a summer launch of Android Market on Google TV and this indicates they’re probably on pace to reach that goal. We’re hoping they get that Fishtank program up and running too so that by the holidays we’ve got some GTV optimized apps and games that will be sure to wow. As I said before… we might even see 3rd party partners advertising GTV as a Wii U competitor. I’m really, really high on the potential for Android Gaming with GTV.

If anyone out there can actually push anything to their GTV make sure you let us know ASAP!

[Via GTVsource.com]

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  1. I have a device showing up as “Other”.  Is this the GTV?

    1. Most likely, yes. Look at the dates last used and date registered and it will probably be the last time you used your GTV and the first time you logged into GTV with your GMail.

  2. @twitter-49169351:disqus : you’re damned right it’s about time! ;)
    Showing up for me as “other,” as well.  Still, you can be sure that I’m going to be mashing that “System Update” check option repeatedly until the update goes through, even if it takes months.  I seem to get updates earlier than most people, for some reason (I’ve broken some of the admittedly minor updates that nobody cares about; I have a Sony 42″ GTV), so I’ll report back as soon as I find anything out.Fingers crossed it’s soon!

  3. You guys I’m really excited about this but how in the hell do I get to the “web version” of the Android market? Only Market I know of is the market on my phone and all I do to get there is click on “Market”. Someone please advise because I love my GTV and I want more!!!

    1. Scratch that guys, I figured it out!!! How cool, I never knew you could access the Market Place from your PC.

  4. I can see my GTV device but when you try to select it to push an app to it it says “You have not opened Android Market recently on this device. Please open it and try again.”  Also it is listed as other at the moment(Logitech Revue).

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