Verizon Cuts Price of Droid Incredible 2 by $50


You know that HTC Droid Incredible 2? The one that can saw through string and clothing pretty handily? It’s still and expensive pocket knife, but it’s getting cheaper for a smartphone. Verizon has dropped the price by $50, making the handset a mere $149 after two-year contract, rebates, and other carrier hassles. It might not have a dual-core processor or 4G LTE, but it still lines up as one of the most capable devices in Verizon’s line. Does the price drop warrant a second look from and of you beautiful readers out there?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Uh-oh.  Price drops before switching to Tiered?  Well, actually, I guess that might be nice in case I need to upgrade so I don’t get locked in to tiered.  I’m going to go to verizon to find out about if I’m safe to upgrade in November.

    1. Let us know what they say, I’m curious about the same thing.

  2. In Soviet Russia, Droid cuts you!  no seriously…

  3. This bumped up the DInc2 in my priority scale. No 4G in the boonies, won’t see it for years so don’t need the 4G taxation on battery life. Would love to see a Galaxy S2 before I commit but… this is tempting.

    1. I am thinking just like you.

  4. Seems kinda moot since you can get if from costco fo $49 and on Amazon for $79 last time I checked. Maybe that’s only in my area though.

    Correction, it’s only .01 on Amazon now. And, yes I know Amazon has an additional ETF, but how many actually need to worry about that?

  5. It definitely warrants a second look. Very nice phone.

  6. So not only is the DINC 2 able to cut rope & cut apart fingers as per your previous article but it also cuts prices too?!! Unbelievable! :D

  7. Costco is selling Droid Charge for $179.99 oppose to 299.99 at VZW store

    1. What does a Charge have to with a HTC Inc2?

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