Jun 17th, 2011

And how could you blame them? With all of these awesome phones with awesome capabilities beyond what a phone should be able to do, how can you not eat those megabytes up like a pig? As the title said, Nielsen, in a data usage report, found that, on average, Android users consume more data than iPhone users. Specifically, Android users used 582MB per month in Q1 2011 opposed to 492MB per month by iPhone users.

More than Android users beat iPhone users, though, Android remains at the top of the chart when it comes to data consumption. With Android phones on certain carriers who don’t care how much data you use in a billing cycle, this is to be expected. And we’re sure all of you rooters out there have played a huge part in driving this average up with your tethering and what-not. Long story short, we’re big fat data-hogging pigs over here and we don’t care. Now let me get back to my Netflix. [Venture Beat]