HTC Thunderbolt Set to Receive Android 2.3.4 Update on June 30th, Skype Video along for the Ride


HTC Thunderbolt owners are about to get a taste of the latest, sweetest Gingerbread, according the above leaked document and the word of one of our Verizon ninjas. The Android 2.3.4 update is about to roll out for Verizon’s 4G LTE handset, and plenty of video calling features are packed inside. Not only will the update feature GTalk video calling, but Skype Video will also make the journey to the Thunderbolt. That’s the same Skype Video that was supposed to launch bundled with the handset. The Skype Video we saw leaked but have still not seen officialy released months after the Thunderbolt’s debut. And when might we expect this treat? If the word of our tipster holds true, June 30th is the target release date. Take that much as a rumor for the time being.

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  1. Hope this fixes the constant restarting issues…

  2. Good news for all of us who were waiting for the netflix app and didn’t want to root our phones.

  3. I saw multiple claims over the weekend that this was a faked leak. I really haven’t seen proof or verification so I’m not sure what to think.

  4. Didn’t Droid-Life already report on this and found that the information was false? Or at least that advertisement is fake?

  5. That’s why we stress that it’s a rumor, folks.

    1. People see update and go crazy without reading the entire article. I guess since the word “RUMOR” wasn’t in the title in big bold capitalized letters they didn’t get it. Haha

  6. Still no update for the G2?

    1. i know t-mobile is really slow with there  update they still didnt update the g2 nor mytouch 4g two of there top phones

    2. What? Are you and Wazir118 just stupid? What does an HTC Thunderbolt have to do with a G2? What does Verizon have to do with T-Mobile? Fracking dipsticks!

  7. Where on the document does it actually give a release date?

  8. This is already debunked and proven to be fake by jcase, a real insider.

  9. Hopefully the Gingerbread update comes soon! Maybe I won’t have to restart my Thunderbolt once a day to keep it running smoothly…

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  10. I’ll believe it when I see it knowing that’s the way it’s been with all these leaked rumors about the TBolt.

  11. just confirmed with verizon and they said the end of the month for 2.3.4

  12. @Lakeman if you have been keeping up on TB news… the MR2 update will fix the rebooting issue (^_^)

  13. Its June 30th. Where is the update?

  14. july 1st and no update from HTC/Verizon for GB :(((

  15. My Thunderbolt is downloading the update as we speak.

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